2014 Buick Regal Review


If you're in the market for a near-luxury sedan, Cars.com reviewer Jennifer Geiger says you'd do well to show the classy, respectably performing 2014 Buick Regal the admiration it commands. The compact-to-midsize sedan's lightly refreshed exterior, exemplified by its waterfall grille, lives up to the Regal's name, as does its comfortable, generally well-appointed cabin, nicely isolated from outside noise. You won't exactly find the large turning circle awe-inspiring, but for the price you may be willing to accept some less-than-regal attributes. Read Geiger's review below.

2014 Buick Regal Expert Review

Cars.com photo by Ryan Peterson



$40,000 for a Regal. NOW THAT'S FUNNY!

A few things that don't make sense:
1. TSX only makes 201hp but that wasn't mentioned in the review when comparing mileage. A4 only makes 211hp. Regal s slightly less efficient but is most powerful of the 3. The TSX isn't even in the ballpark.
2. It's noted that $40k seems like a lot for a "small" car but cars like 328, S60, IS250, etc. all can cost over $40k and none of them are really spacious.
3. It says the cabin fails to live up expectations but no details are offered. Why does it disappoint? The review seems to praise the materials and build quality so its not clear what comes up short.


For that amount of money you can do a lot better than a Regal. The Lexus IS 350 AWD or the BMW 328i xDrive are much nicer and will outperform any Buick.

First of all at $40k you will get stripped versions of both cars. A 328i equipped like a loaded regal is over $50k. And if you mean "nicer" in terms of having a different badge than you are correct. Aside from that good luck finding any objective reasons why those cars cost many thousands more. It certainly isnt on the inside where the BMW in particular is forgettable and dull. IS has a nice interior but its hardly in another league vs Regal. Both cars should outperform the Buick considering they start at nearly $40k vs $31k for the Buick.


Starting price for a Regal GS AWD is $39,270. That is a mere $30 less than the $39,300 starting price for a BMW 328i xDrive. What a meant by nicer (I really shouldn't have to explain this) is that both the Lexus and BMW are more refined, have better handling and a much better track record for reliability. They are also both designed to be sports cars, where as the Regal is more of a grocery getter with a turbo slapped on it. If you want to save thirty bucks and buy a car with a resale value that will plummet instantaneously, go right ahead.



You are comparing the 4 cylinder NA engine with this 4 cylinder TURBO engine.
Bring in the TSX V6 and talk again...


Only a blowhard would compare a Buick to BMW, Lexus, or Volvo. Something tells me the kool aid guzzler probably drives a Buick and likely paid list price.


I looked at the Regal at the the recent Chicago auto show and couldn't believe how cramped it was for a midsize car and when I opened the trunk I was shocked how small it was. Interior parts were hit and miss as far as a quality feel goes. I like the styling but because of reliability problems I would have to carry a rabbit's foot on the key chain and that may turn off the airbags. Pass.


Did you read the review? The mileage number she quoted for the TSX was for the 2.4L model. I dont even think the TSX is in production anymore anyway. The TLX comes out in a few months. The TSX V6 gets 19/29 I believe, not 22/31- the EPA figure mentioned in comparison to regal. So the regal is slightly less efficient than the 201hp 2.4L in the TSX which is a fair trade off for 58 more hp.


The trunk is 14 cu ft which is slightly smaller than the volume leaders in the midsize segment. Most midsize cars have 15-16 cu ft of trunk space. What are the reliability problems BTW? Do tell.


Just thought I'd chime in here. I can see the reason for buying all of the cars mentioned in the comments. But, you're not going to get close to 40K for an IS350 or 328 with the options the Regal in this review has. You'll get one with all the excitement that BMW offers and the refinement that Lexus offers but to get the options listed in this review, you'll be up over 50K. That's 10 grand more. 10 Large is a lot for someone who is shopping in this market.


First of all the standard regal was recently compared to the CLA, CC and 320 and it came in 2nd place. Secondly, you obviously know nothing about the handling of the GS vs its peers. Without the sport package (which you wont get on a $39k) 328i that car can't even match the GS in handling or grip. With the sport package the 328i is on par with the GS. Check instrumented testing on car enthusiast magazine sites for verification. You can check skidpad, figure 8 and slalom test results. The other stuff you mentioned (nicer, more refined, etc.) is purely subjective. Anyone can say any car is nicer than another car based on their personal biases. I personally think the 3 series interior is anything but luxurious and the design is dated. Not sure when black plastic and vinyl dashboards became the epitome of luxury and refinement.

A 328i with similar options to this loaded regal (HIDs, premium sound, keyless go, heated seats/wheel, leather, moonroof, radar cruise, etc.) is over $51k. Even the loaded GS can be had for $6k less than a loaded 328i without even adding the sport package. Throw in M Sport to equip like a GS and you are sitting at $55k+.


The Regal is an ok car as I get them a lot as rentals. Sure it's a little cramped and has the typical array of cheap interior plastics parts but that's common to GM. I just had no idea they could cost $40,000. That explains why I see so many on rental lots.

you do realize that a fusion can cost $38k and an Accord hits $35k right?



So you just prove that you are so biased against the competition...
A refreshed vehicle versus a just dead one.
A turbo vs a NA.
More power vs less power while pointing out common sense that one gets better mileage than the other...


A fully loaded Regal GS with AWD is just north of $45,000. With tax and licensing you will most likely drive away from the dealership at least $50K poorer. If you can live with that decision, knowing that your new ride is basically a Chevy Malibu with a few upgrades, go for it!


did you read the review? The TSX was mentioned in the review- that's why I mentioned it. I understand you hate the regal but don't call me biased for comparing two cars that the author compared. The TSX has always been one of regal's targets since it debuted in 2010. It is common to compare turbocharged vehicles to NA vehicles when they occupy the same slice of the market. Per your ridiculous logic you can't compare the fusion to the camry or accord simply because the Ford has turbo engines.


The ES350 is an Avalon with a few upgrades (which is a camry with a few upgrades) and you can spend over $50k on that car. What's your point? Platform sharing between brands is industry-wide. VW/Audi do it all the time.


ShethJ, I had previously mentioned the IS350, not the ES350. The IS350 does not share a platform with any Toyota model.

The IS is RWD so obviously it doesnt share anything with a Toyota sedan. My point was that all automakers share platforms. The IS350 is not comparable in price to the regal so Im not sure why you mentioned it. Even the base Is250 with 204hp costs more than the base 259hp Regal. You are not going to get a well equipped IS350 for the price of the regal- but perhaps for $5k-$10k more.



You are the one who was singling out the TSX. That is what the issue was.

Does the Fusion offer NA engine in the price range as Camry or Accord?


The starting price for a Lexus IS350 AWD is $41,850. Only $2,580 more than the $39,270 Buick Regal GS AWD starting price.


Lexus, Acura, BMW, and Buick. One of these things is not like the other because it's overpriced and has negative cache. Well done GM. Well done. LOL

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