Recall Alert: 2003-2007 Saturn Ion; 2006-2007 Chevrolet HHR, Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky


Vehicles Affected: About 588,000 2003-07 Saturn Ion compact cars, 2006-07 Chevrolet HHR SUVs, and 2006-07 Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky sports cars.

The Problem: An issue with the ignition switch could allow the key to unintentionally move or switch to the Accessory or Off position, shutting down the engine and most of the vehicle's electrical components, increasing the risk of a crash. Five crashes, resulting in six deaths, already had been attributed to the problem, for which GM earlier this month recalled 619,122 model-year 2005-07 Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 compact cars. This expansion, GM says, raises the number of reported incidents involving frontal crashes in which the recall condition may have caused or contributed to the non-deployment of frontal airbags to 31, with 12 front-seat fatalities. The automaker says the total affected number of U.S. vehicles is now 1,367,146.

The Fix: GM will notify owners directly and make the necessary repairs for free. Dealers will replace the ignition switch to prevent "unintentional or inadvertent" key movement. On Monday, GM said it submitted a detailed chronology to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlining events that happened during the time that elapsed between receiving the first field reports and issuing a recall. USA Today reported on Wednesday that at least one GM engineer had experienced the problem a decade ago while testing the Cobalt before it went on sale in 2004 as a 2005 model.

"The chronology shows that the process employed to examine this phenomenon was not as robust as it should have been," said Alan Batey, GM North America president, in a statement. "Today's GM is committed to doing business differently and better. We will take an unflinching look at what happened and apply lessons learned here to improve going forward."

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call GM at 800-521-7300 or NHTSA's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236, or go to, for more info. The automaker advised that until repairs are made, owners should use only the ignition key with nothing else on the key ring.

More Recalls

Editor’s note: This story has been updated on March 13 to reflect GM lowering the number of deaths tied to the recall to 12



Before any GM haters begin, let it be noted that the vehicles in question are all "old, pre-bankruptcy" GM models, discontinued prior to or just after the restructuring. These cars were garbage when they were new. No doubt the cars have gotten better since then.

And before attacking ME, know that I'm not a GM apologist. I'm just saying know the facts before condemning the company entirely.


You talk like a full IDIOT saying these cars are garbage just maybe that's all us poor folk can afford.


If GM knew they were garbage..which they ARE. Why don't they stand by their brand and replace the junk. I hate my 2007 HHR. Its been nothing but trouble but nobody wants the dumb thing so it isn't worth anything!


The ignition is the latest in a list of issues inside this vehicle. Oddly enough only thing engine wise I have had problems with was the fuel pump. the door handle broke off , the motor to the power rear window is trying to go out, the radio only plays my front mini speakers near windshield half the time, and nearly ever HHR I see has a cracked or air pocket in the rear emblem. (least of my worries but still) This car is a piece of junk.. and in my opinion the door handle is a huge safety issue. If you were in a wreck you would have no way to get out as you have to roll down the window to pop open the door. I really wish Chevy would stand by their product and fix these very common flaws of this vehicle.


I went to and couldnt find anything on this recall...


I have a 2011 HHR and I haven't had any problems with it. Sorry for those having problems with their HHR's and for those that don't like the vehicle.

Bob Alexander

Have a 2006 HHR with chrome package. Only problem I have had is it does not start sometimes when you first turn the key on. Acts like it is not getting the fuel. Been doing this for 2 or 3 years. I turn the key off and count one thousand one and turn it back on and it fires right up. It does this mostly after being driven. Usually starts right away after sitting all night in the driveway. Have 80,000 miles on it and like it just fine, very comfy for a small vehicle. Repair shop wanted $745 they said to fix it.


I love my 2006 HHR. The only problem I've had is the shifter not shifting to park correctly and letting me remove the ignition key. I have 167777 miles on it now.


I just bought a used 2003 Saturn ION, with 89,777 mileage. I was looking up the issues this car has and found that the Saturn cars ignitions needs replacing because it turns off the car or won't start. And it said after it was replaced it fixed the issues. My ignition gets hung up,I have to wiggle the key to get it to start. And my door look needs to be replaced. I just pray I don't have any engine issues in the near future. Check out this web site CARCOMPLAINTS.COM


In the news report it's stated that the reason the ignition cylinder fails is due to heavy key chain (too many keys hanging from it) that alone will give GM some defense and place burden on driver/owner. However these American car manufactures have a long history of avoiding responsibility, with them is buyer beware.


As others have mentioned, maybe they can address that chronic issue of Ion ignition switches jamming up while they're at it! Nobody should have to spend 15 minutes jiggling the key & wiggling the steering in order to get the key out while you're sitting in the parking lot of your workplace! Your boss quickly gets sick of hearing that as an excuse for being late in the morning!


I can't find any recalls on my 2003 Saturn ION either. Don't know if they need to update the site or what.

HHR attackee

Tell my broken back and metal cage that replaces the vertebrae to hold my spine together that this isn't as serious as it seems. Tell the families of those who have died the same. My HHR hit a pine tree head on. Not one air bag deployed. This was in 2009. GM's answer was that the impact must not have been hard enough to trigger them. Really? Because it was a hard enough impact to snap the frame, knock the wheels off and shatter my vertebrae. They have known of this issue for far too long. These vehicles are now 8-9 years old. On a better note, my Ford Edge that I now drive has been spectacular. Actually, every Ford I've owned since the GM garbage has been great. Just maybe they should have declared bankruptcy sooner instead of building inferior third world rate vehicles. In truth, I know I'll never see anything from this recall as the car has long since been gone since it was totaled in this "accident" that should have never occurred.


Obviously this is a problem and GM better fix it ASAP. Sorry to hear about people's accidents knowing GM knew there was a problem with the switches a decade ago. Yeah, I would call that "dropping the ball" on this one. Not good GM.


GM said notices will go out in April 2014

Kathy Tedford

omg I too have a 2006 hhr and my radio don't work I had to pull the fuse for the overhead light wouldn't turn off I have had the keys lock in the ignition 3 times I soon realized what CAA was all about since I bought this car. And the worst of it I financed the car when I bought it and have paid for it 3 times over, what a nightmare I'm having over this.


 You would think the large donations that the UAW makes to the Democrats would be enough to hush this up.


GM is worse now than prior to the bankruptcy. Their product development was frozen due to the bankruptcy. Their technology is dated. They are tossing new products together faster than ever which probably means more problems in the future. It would have been better if GM went away. It would have been painful, but a future with GM around will be worse.


Does this fix power steering I have a 2005 ion..


I wonder, besides trucks, why one would buy GM car designed by Daewoo or Opel when there are Hondas and Toyotas?

Captain Steve

I purchased a 2006 HHR LT2 back in Nov 2005...brand new.
I now have 104,000 miles and have no major issues. The only major problem was a ball joint in the front end. Other repairs were routine maintence such as brakes and tires. One other item...the car's suspension tends to speak in the cold weather. Over all has been very reliable.

Linda Elderkin

I just bought 2006 ion from an individual a week ago..keys stuck in ignition 5x already, srearing is tight, ticking noise, humming tire, thumps alot..worried about my familys safety now!! Thanks GM for making a piece of crap!!! Yes I said piece of CRAP!!





GM said the notice goes out on the week of March 10.

edward ferguson

I have a 2007 satern ion the key got stuck and it cost me 900.00 to replace the whole ignition switch wii lgm reimburseme

Ben Montag

I own a 04 Saturn ion and the only problem I really have is when it gets cold the car won't start unless the ignition switch is warm. So during the winter my car Doesn't start. I have had to go as far as using a hair dryer to get it to start. Other than that my 04 gets 30 mpg and it has 194000 miles on it. Regular maintenance can go a long way. I don't know if this retains to the recall but it's always good to check.


I have a 2006 HHR. I have owned it going on 8 yrs. I have had a recall on airbags. I had very expensive fixes with a unit that deals with timing and was told I would be reimbursed because there was a recall on it..6 months ago. I have had an ignition problem for 4 years, I can't afford to fix them all.. help? Jerry


you need help of psychologist, here you not going to find help. Here is why. To buy a car as HHR, the idea has to come from compulsion on one individual. Because if you do research on the company, previous reliability records and feedback, you would uncover all the mess. But you probably did research. And still bough into it. This means that your compulsory power is overwhelming your rational mind. This is not a big problem but a problem that keeps rich... well... rich and poor... poor. so, the problem is not in your cor, its in your mind. Read Adler, Alexander - that will! help.

Karen Brinkmann

I bought a Ion 2 in Oct 2012.
I was having problems getting the car to start for the first time of the morning or after parked for longer than 3 hrs. I have told them over and over. They take my car give me a loner car (very nice of them). They say the problem was fixed never telling me what they fixed but what *wasn't* the problem. We went thru hell trying to find the problem. Always fixing something and having it work. I drove it up here from McAllen Tx. 1100 miles. It only did it once while we drove north. We got to my daughters home and parked the car. We would unload the next day. So I get in the car the next day to go shopping. It started right up. Get to the store and do our business and load the car. The car doesn't start. At all. We call the tow truck. Then I found this site and problems with the ignition. They replaced my ignition and this is the odd thing...when I bought the car it would start on a Chevy key. I questioned that and they said it came that way to them. Anyway the key they gave me after the ignition change was an Ion key. That's kind of odd too. I called a Chevy dealer and they won't touch fixing Ions. And that wasn't the first time I had heard that about the dealers. And that's why they put the original ignition back into the car. Then they said it was a wire from the stereo
was replaced as the one in the car wasn't working.
(Nice thing to do). Anyway the wire is grounded to something it's not supposed to. So I find out about the recall. Never got a notice about a recall for ignition problems. So how do you find a GM dealer that will do the work?

That seems a little harsh to criticize someone's mental well being based on the car they drive.

You may not ever want to buy a GM (and I for one don't either because of cases like this), but the reasons behind someone buying one are many.

A lot of people buy it because it's American and it's a feel good purchase and is loyal to the local economy.

Or it could be cirsumstantial; someone chose the car for them, or it was the only car they could find or afford that met their needs.

I agree with you that not enough people do research on their second biggest purchase. But to kick them when they are already down seems cruel


Ryan, I don't kick no one. I just explained how it works. Everything you do is driven by brain. And your purchase of car, including of what you said, "buy American". As a matter of fact, to get mentally "healthy" one needs to do exactly opposite of what brains tell to do. Especially during car purchase


We have a 2006 HHR and other than this have had only 1 recall tha I fixed myself with the part GM sent me and now with more than 96,000 miles we have had no troubles.


For those that say this is why they do not buy Domestics or GMs, realy need to look at the recall numbers from everyone else.
Look back to the top 10 recalls and you will only see 1 from the Domestics and 4 from Toyota, 2 from Hyundai/Kia 1 from Subaru and Honda were was Ford or GM?

Brenda Marchman

Hello, I am just learning of this recall in the 2005 Saturn Ion. I purchased a used one about 5 years ago with 41,000 miles registered. I have about 120,000 miles now. I have traveled to Kentucky many times and 3 times last year. I have a trip planned for April 2nd. Would any of you make a trip of 12 hours alone knowing about this possible defect? Havent't had any trouble with it before and have always maintained my venhecles and taken very good care of them. No problems with ignition up to this time.


We own 3 Saturns. A 92, 02 and an 07. Being a fan of plastic panels I was not happy when GM killed Saturn.
I will get the 07 recall done and keep the cars!
Buying a GM is not or never will be in the cards.
If I must buy steel panel cars then it will probably be a Japanese model.
Thanks Saturn fan!!


I have a 2004 Saturn ion and my key started getting stuck in the ignition until one day I could not shut my car off...only the mechanic could plus 300.00 later. When I read up on the Saturn's and any recall at that time there were none but there were tons of people complaining about the ignitions having to be replaced. This is definitely not a surprise to anyone and this will be costing GM and I don't think they will get "bailed out" of this. No offense to "the workers" it's always the corporate guys who make the mistakes but pay the least when it comes to consequences.


In addition I should have said I luv my 2002 Vue.
4 banger, 5 speed stick and fwd. does all we can throw at it. Camping (tent trailer), towing utility trailer (almost anything) and goes where cars fear to tread.
Its highway competent and comfy for 4 adults!
Im sure the Equinox is equal to it; except NO plastic panels....sorry for any venting! Chris


I, too, have a 2007 Saturn Ion. I took it to the dealership January 30, 2014 to have the ignition repaired. For the past 2 years the key has stuck in the ignition after I park my car. It will turn off as far as accessory, and I can't get my key out. It doesn't do it every time....but at least 50% of the time. The GM dealer replaced the cylinder, charged me over $500, and it still doesn't work. I bought this car new in 2007, and it only has 18,500 mi on it. I called the dealership regarding the fix that didn't fix it. The GM said I should speak to the Service Manager. I called the Service Manager, had to leave a message on VM, and he has not returned my call. If the recall letters do not go out until April, it appears to me they do not give a hoot if there is another death or two here and there. What a sorry excuse for a company.


If you are dumb enough to buy American GM then you deserve your punishment.Almost ever American brand is lowest quality at highest price you can get the dumbass consumer to buy it at.


I have a 06 HHR 125,000 miles
Brat car I ever had
Btw no problems


I have a 2003 ion on occasion I turn the key and it's dead if I wait 8 minutes it most likely start right up. 15 minutes and it's sure to start. I have been told it's the battery and they could try it or replace the ignition to see if that's what's wrong or the starter I have replaced nothing and just wait the 8 minutes. My key only got stuck once and it happened when my son had it


I have a 2009 HHR with 36000 miles on it and my keys get stuck in the ignition and car wom nt turn off ,other times I put the key in ans it wont turn seem to get stuck and rhen it wont release the key ,twice I have put wd-40 and seems to help had it check once and the replaced something inthe ignition that broke or woen out anyways its got my wife a little scare ,thinking of tradeing,it in for a japanese car if gm doesnt take care of it ,bought the car to help GM from going out of business when their company was haveing problems in 2009,hope gm,does the right thing and start takeing better care of their customer,or next time I will refuse to purchase gm products ,for the rest of my life

Roger Groot

We have a 2007 SATURN ION that has been a very good car.Twice I have had the gas pedal stick and both times in the last 5 years I put the car in neutral and turned off the ignition.102,300 miles with original brakes,and the only thing replaced are new tires.I wish Roger Penske would have bought the SATURN factory as the SATURN is a dependable car.31 M.P.G highway.


I have had my 2004 Ion for 3 years now. N since last year, only wen it's cold it takes me at least 10 minutes to get it started. 95% of the time it won't start n cold weather. But it seems to b gettin worse now, a couple of days ago it was n the 50's n it wouldn't start. Anytime I have an appt to b somewhere I have to leave early jus to get my car started. I was told it was the batter, changed that n it didn't help. Then a wire connected to the started fixed that it didn't help. Told it's the fuel pump but haven't changed that. N finally was told it was an alarm issue. Then I found out bout the recall. I'm told this week they're sending out the recall info. I called GM for a loaner n was told I have to bring my car in for diagnosis so I set up an slot for Monday. We will c how this goes.


I am tired of hearing about this recall on the news. It makes me nervous. I don't need the reminder or the false information. My local news as well as The Today Show said GM is offering a free loaner to their customers until the parts come in. NOT TRUE. The free loaner is only being offered on the day of the fix - which should take no longer than 2 to 3 hours. If anyone got that loaner while waiting for the part. Please let us know!

This is my third Saturn and will be my last GM car. I was very sad to see Saturn get the ax. GM knows how to kill a good thing.

I would love to know what my best options are now. Between Nissan, Toyota and Honda, or even a Kia? Experienced opinions welcome.


In my 2006 Saturn Ion I have replaced the ignition 4 times and the driver's window motor 3 times. The leaking sunroof was fixed when it was under warranty and is now flooding my car again every time it rains. At the very least it would be great if I could get reimbursed the (more than) $5000 in repairs..... ( that apparently the car wasn't with in the first place.


In early January my mother was involved in a serious car accident while driving a 2003 Saturn Iron. "I had no control over the car and it all happened so fast" my mother said. She hit a telephone pool then proceeded to roll down over a small hill and flipped, coming to a rest on a concrete divider. When responders arrived her ignition was off and the air bags did not deploy. She was hanging upside down for almost an hour until they were able to cut her out of the car. I have contacted GM and they confirmed that her car is part of the recent ignition switch recall. It could have ended much worse, so I'm certainly not complaining however, this could have been avoided. Everyone needs to take this recall very serious!


Here's a head's up - if you live in Vegas there are two dealerships that will work on this car. Neither WANT to give you a loner car. Findlay Cadillac in Henderson danced around it completely and just told me to use only the key but never suggested to bring the car in and leave it. Just to "check back every week to see if the part is in", which apparently they think will be in early April. So at least here in this corrupt sh!thole town of corrupt Las Vegas, the dealerships would rather you risk your life driving your car. I flat out asked "so I'm safe to drive this car, correct?". Made them a bit nervous, had to put me on hold.

For the record, I'm one of the Ion owners that for years have had:

1) Key stuck in the ignition after turning it off. Even got a blister once from the work I had to do to get it to release.

2) The "failure to start" problem which isn't the battery, but you have to watch a magical number of minutes (mine is around 8) when the car will start again. I avoid this usually by making sure as soon as I put the key in I turn it on, if you tinker around or take the key in and out or don't give it an immediate starting turning thrust, the "I'm not going to start, please wait 8 minutes and try again" problem will quite possibly surface.

3) The locked-wheel issue. That one sucks, if you tires aren't parked straight when you park, good luck getting your keys out.


Well I went to the dealer today to get a diagnosis on my 2004 Saturn Ion to c bout a loaner. I was immediately told no loaner cars r being given out n parts will b available n April. They wudnt even look at my car. So I called this 800# I found on a website n complained. They claimed they will escalate my complaint n contact the dealership within 24 hours and someone will get back to me. I was told loaners r case by case basis but they're not supposed to outright deny me. I also contacted the media, help my Howard helps consumers who've been duped, deceived or victimized so we will c what happens next.


Got my post card in the mail a while ago. Called to get it done and dealer said there aren't and replacement parts available. Tried again this morning and still no parts. They said it will be a while before the parts come in. And now they're saying it is dangerous and there have been deaths because of it. Look like a big lawsuit coming. And while this car is out of service, where is my replcement car? Never again a GM product.


Ok after several calls, I was given a rental vehicle until my car is fixed. As per the rental company a $250 hold had to b held on my card until I return the vehicle. It's insurance shud I run off n never return the vehicle they said. Once the vehicle is returned the money goes back on my card. So I can't use my saturn it must stayed parked n once the part is available they will tow my vehicle to b repaired.


Why would anyone buy an HHR? As if the pt cruiser wasn't ugly enough. Terrible thing happened here and i wish nobody got hurt, i think the best solution is to destroy all HHRs. Then we must destroy all evidence the vehicle ever existed so future aliens take us seriously as intelligent beings.

I had a Saturn ion 2006. It was involved in an accident an blame the accident on my so. When he try to explain it was not his fault the insurance company would not listen. The airbags did not inflate. It seem as the car just stopped an he ran into the back of a vehicle because car wouldn't stop. The Saturn ion 2006 was total.


I have a 2007 HHR. it has been great. i have 180,000 miles on it.
only problen has been thr starter went out. got that replaced. ever since been running perfect. i keep up with all the other things such as oil,brakes,tires,etc.



Jami M

I have a 2007 ion. First my key got stuck in ignition. Had to pull the battery wires to get it to shut off. Dealership fixed that under "warranty".

Next the power steering went out. If I turned my car off and back on, it would work temporarily. Dealership also fixed that under warranty.

I live in Las Vegas where it's hot, and my back windows do not roll down anymore. (Electric). Dealership can't "find the problem".

I have a weird knocking sound (3 knocks to be exact) that comes from my trunk at exactly 8 min after I start my car. Dealership had no idea what I was talking about and "didn't hear anything".

And here's the big one...back in October my gas pedal got stuck to the floor. I was accelerating on a steep incline and my car took over and I went from 55 to 80 very quickly. I had to throw in neutral and eventually park, while the pedal was still to the floor, engine reving, and still moving at 30 mph. Dealership told me it was my floor mat and the pedal for stuck in the floor mat. I don't believe it for one second. I've had the same floor mats for 3 years and this has never happened. Also after the incident while I was waiting for (another) tow truck, I noticed the pedal was still stuck all the way down. The mat was nowhere near it, and the pedal actually popped up and made a loud sound when it happened. There is no doubt in my mind that pedal wasn't stuck to the mat!

I'm curious to know if anyone else has had their accelerator get stuck?! Toyota lied about it, why wouldn't GM. The scary thing is I am pregnant and have a small child. This car is obviously a ticking time bomb and I would like to know the truth.


My 2005 Saturn Vue has had this happen in the past and last night to test it, we yanked the keychain while sitting in the driveway (not in park) and the entire car shut off and locked up. This DOES affect the Vue! Our other car is the Saturn ion which is also in the recall! I think its time for a loaner on GM's bill...


My husband and I purchased a 2006 Saturn Ion in 2009 after my husband totaled his 2000 Saturn SL1. The SL1 was always a great car, very reliable, and had nearly 140000 miles on it when my husband wrecked it. We had no intention of getting rid of it before the accident. It was natural we'd look at Saturn again after having so much luck with the original.

We had some issues with the key getting stuck in the ignition pretty soon, and the problem gradually got worse and worse until one night around 10 pm the key got stuck and my husband ended up getting the key out, but the engine was still running! We frantically googled what to do but were concerned about doing more damage, and eventually found a mechanic who could help us out. We fortunately have two vehicles, so I followed my husband across town with our 3-month-old in tow. The mechanic helped us out but we ended up taking the car to the dealership after finding out that others had the same issue and contacting GM, who warned us that the only way we could potentially recoup our money was to have the dealership do the repair. We followed the advice but they eventually told us that they would not be paying for the repair because the issue was not part of a recall. They did give me the b.s. advice about how I needed to not have a bunch of keys on my key ring. Not sure why the ignition switch is so sensitive that a key ring that weighs no more than a few ounces can bring it down, especially in light of the fact that this hasn't been any kind of issue with my 1998 Ford Escort, despite the fact that I've been using the exact same set of keys with that car. 500 bucks and three years later, the key still occasionally gets stuck.

I also would like to know whether we'll be getting a refund for the more than $500 we spent to repair the issue that they, at the time, maintained was an isolated incident for which they were not responsible or liable. For now, I am just grateful that we haven't had any issues with a wreck, considering we've been driving our 3-year-old and 18-month-old around in this car since they were both born.

@Jami M - Our car does the same knocking thing. The first time it happened, I was at a stoplight and actually turned to look behind me because I thought someone actually came up and knocked on my trunk. It's completely weird.

Traci Campbell

Could this recall make your check engine light come on for a 2007 Saturn ion? The check engine light is saying throttle position sensor


I also have a 2007 HHR, and i have not received a recall letter when will i be receiving one, concerned....


I have a 2005 Saturn Vue and i am having the same problems with my ignition. I have already replaced it once. I just wonder why they are not looking into this issue with all of their models?


My 2006 HHR door handle broke last year. I took it to the dealership and it was going to be around 500 to fix it because you have to buy the whole interior door panel. My mechanic rigged it and it lasted a year. When it broke again, I took it in to see if he could do something else. He then told me they have since made a repair kit for those handles, which is less than 100.

Amy Whaley

I have a 2004 Saturn Vue, and have also experienced problems with my keys getting stuck in ignition to where I had to wiggle back and forth while turning the steering wheel. This happened so much that you could see tiny metal "shreds" around the ignition from trying to get my key out..and my car key was worn down. I got a new key made and that has helped until just recently it has gotten stuck again (2x so far) Also, while driving, sometime if my knee happens to brush against my keys, they fall out of the ignition COMPLETELY and I have to wait until I come to a stop and put them back in. I think GM needs to check out these cars too in their recall. Other than those issues, I love my Saturn Vue!

martin up

people should take care of their mode of transportation. GM is awesome it is affordable and reliable. the defect is trying to be too safe.aka computers. and not teaching common sense. I have been told, with any model vehicle not to over load your key chain, it put strain on the ignition. ps I hate traction control, in any vehicle, and if you can not parallel park you should not drive. 13 tragedies is sad. but not the worse statistic over 9 years.

history teaches us others mistakes cause there are too many to make in your own lifetime.


Just like Jami M (March 24 comment)
My 2006 Saturn Ion (4door) also knocks on the rear right side.. It's the weirdest noise, just like knocking on a door, but not as loud.. Lol
Second, I don't know if I can get reimbursed but in Aug 2011 & Dec 2012 (Christmas Eve) my ignition literally broke with the car started.. First time I drove to Midas and they fixed it for $700... Second time, being Christmas Eve, nothing was open, so my neighbor disconnected the ignition coil then battery and I had it towed to The Chevy dealershipne. on the 26th.. Spent $800 there.. I never had key issues like getting stuck or any warnings ahead of time..
I was told by the dealership to call them the week of the 7th to make an appointment..


Jami and others: my 2005 Saturn Ion also does the 'trunk knocking' thing. Always when I turn the car off in parking lot or car port. Knock, knock, knock in the truck.

I bought the care in 2005 and have always struggled to get the car turned on. The key jams and will not turn. I wiggle the key until it turns on.

Mike, I have the same trouble as you with the locked wheel issue. If I don't pull straight into a parking spot and straighten the tires, no way the key will come out of the ignition.

Everyone be safe.


Okay, it's 4/4/14 and I have a 2009 HHR. The recall has been extended to this year. I have had some problems with the HHR like rear windows won't come down without of fight and radio only uses front speakers but sometimes out of nowhere uses them ALL and although jarring - I try to enjoy this brief time. Well I am nervous about all this ignition switch airbag recall stuff. I called gm yesterday and they said I am definitely on the recall list using my VIN. Tjhey suggested I try and get a loaner from a few dealers they gave me their numbers. They will not even consider giving me a loaner. Well apparanetly the dealers do not have updated information and said I am not on the recall list via VIN but they should have updated data by 4/7/14. Grrrr - I said okay thanks I will go ahead and take my chances in gm's death car. Anyhow, I feel things will be okay but hate the anxiety and stares other people give the now "cursed" HHR. No resale value whatsoever - looking at possibility of joining some type of class action suit for loss of value.


I have a Saturn 2007 ION, bought it used with 54 thousand miles on it. Clean car.. have had issues with ignition,key not coming right out after I turn car off. AND yes the knocking... weirdest thing, no one else ever hears it.. just me, when I start it up. I have an appointment at my dealer to take care of the recall. I will ask about the knocking noise.. But all and all it has been a good solid car for the 4 months I've owed it..


Just called my local GM dealer to put my name on the list for the Saturn ignition replacement. I own a 2005 Saturn and have received a recall notice.

I was speaking to the Service Manager and in hushed tones he told me that what the media is not telling us is that all of the victims that died in Saturns were not wearing their seat belts. My mind immediately visualized an official "memo" from GM Corporate to all Service Managers that read, "Tell your Saturn owners that are concerned about their safety that deaths have occurred because the victims were not wearing their seat belts."

I actually burst out laughing when the Service Manager offered me this explanation as to why victims were dying. I used to date a Commercial Airline Pilot and he used to say, "Dead pilots cannot defend themselves." The same applies here.

What a joke.


I was also told by the GM Dealer Service Manager that the new ignition will not correct the key jamming. (Its refusal to turn in the ignition.) The recall is specifically to address the issue of the key (apparently) falling out of the ignition. (?)

Recall notice suggests "removing all items from your key ring, leaving only the vehicle key."


My car does the knocking thing too! I had no idea other people were having the same trouble, for the longest time I just thought i was hearing things. Also, my car wouldn't turn off one time. Happened on a Saturday night, so I had to deal with an emergency repair place, obviously couldn't take it to the dealership.


listen up GM,i have stood by Chevy's all my life from new to classic, I have never driven anything else and i must say when i brought my 12th Chevy,a 2006 HHR, i was happy..but then little things started to take place which i have never had happen to any chevy that i bought...and this thing with the key is really driving me crazy..when i called the dealer they said the order has not come in yet..i never heard this from any dealer when getting my vehicle fixed the part is always there..and in previous comments the issue with the emblem fading cracking is this really how you got yourself in the bind you are in now i am trying to contact all the dealers in my i can get my car fixed after that i guess our long time relationship will come to an end i am not happy with the whole issue GM you really need to think about the loyalty to your customers like myself, my mother,father and brothers we all owned Chevy's this is making me sick to my stomach, i really stood by Chevy and now they have let me down in the worst way thanks GM


this is how to get the key out of the ignition..under the steering wheel there is a little square where the cover comes out so you can get to the safety switch to release the key(on the left) you have to put your right finger to push the button in and the key will come out easy...found this out after about an hour and half trying to get the key out..


I have a 2007 hhr 148,800 miles. Problems I've had my radio likes to change languages written a lot. Other than regular maintenance, tires, breaks,oil changes, battery,starter, and my cat, I haven't had a problem I love my car. Since this recall I'm worried to drive on my the highway just in case this recall play's out.


OMG! I have a 06 HHR Junk too! Both front door handles broke which is a death trap problems with the power steering and the ignition. I am really afraid to drive it now. SHAME ON YOU GM!!!!!.


@Jami M

HAHA!! The three knocks in the trunk. My kids have been knocking back to the "ghost in the trunk" since I got my 2007 Saturn Ion. I BELIEVE YOU!!

My power steering sensor also had to be replaced less than a year ago.

It is currently at the dealership with a check engine light issue and a "popping sound" on the right rear side (when I go over things like speed bumps). Still waiting to find out what is what. A preliminary diagnosis determined it may be a computer issue.

As far as the ignition switch recall, I drove my car brand new off the lot and drive it daily. I have always dangled a lot of keys from my keyring and never have had any issues.

I have a Saturn ion 2003 and my keys get stuck in the ignition when starting the vehicle and it takes about 15 mins of wiggling the key while in park to release. I'm finding this a safety hazard for my family and I. Recently while driving on the freeway the car just shut off and steering wheel locked in the middle of traffic.


Did anyone else have a problem with the key getting stuck in the ignition and the car wouldn't shut off? It happened to me n I had to drive it to the shop to have them disconnect the power n it costed $500 to fix. The recall is mainly about the ignition problem when the power shuts off but the other problem with the ignition is the key getting stuck n the power staying on. I was told by GM that I maybe will get $ back for the ignition
repair I paid for in 2013 and my ignition still has to be replaced again when the parts are available.


I have a 2004 Saturn Ion and I have dealt with the key getting stuck, car cutting off, as well as the knocking trunk noise. Recently my car has gotten worse. I have to play with the switch in order for the car to start. And now it won't stay started. I had the battery, starter, and alternator checked. They said it will be 4wks before parts are available. This car is my only mode of transportation.


I bought my 2007 Saturn in 2006 for 18,099 cash I love this car it has over 100,000 on it and the only thing I had to fix was the transmission last month. So screw you people who say these cars are cheap or garbage


Wow. Reading all these comments about the HHR, I don't feel alone. Two of my door handles are broken driver inside and driver side back seat outside the car. Key gets stuck a lot won't come out of the ignition, steering wheel sticks. The car always pulls the the side, even with all four tires filled properly with air. Had it aligned and was told by the mechanic all hhr pull. Wish I could get rid of it but it's jot worth anything anymore.. The other day went to get I. The car n it won't open, it won't then on nothj g was left on and battery is not old. Had it jumped and it works but weird... Not sure about this car but what can u do when it's not worth anything g t get a trade In


I have had a 2007 HHR since new...happy to report I have had 0 problems with this car and it is one of the better cars I have owned..whoever is calling these cars garbage is mistaken. In spite of the ignition recall I am and will continue to be a GM fan.


owned a 2007 HHR since new. Absolutely 0 problems with it and enjoy driving it..I have had many new vehicles over the years and this HHR is one of my favorites..anyone calling these cars garbage is spite of the Ignition recall I am still a big GM fan

crystale swager

I have a 2006 hhr and have been a rental for about 2 months now (prius) I dropped my car at the dealer and enterprise picked me up there.althiugg now I can't seem to get my dealership on the phone to find out what is going in with my vehicle.i have contacted enterprise rental cars and they have assured me I will have no out if pocket cost for the loaner.


I have an 05 Saturn Ion. Bought it brand new with only 7 miles on it. I now have 182,xxx miles. the only problems I've had with it was I hear a knock coming from the rear whenever I shut it off, never while running. I've always had a bunch of keys hanging till I got the ignition recall, so just as a precaution I took all my keys off the ring, even the key fob. The car has never shut off on me. About 3 weeks ago I took it in to have the ignition switch replaced, since then the car has just completely shut down on me every single day. Normally whenever I go to start off from a stop light and I'm in 1st or 2nd gear. had the transmission checked and still nothing wrong with it. I called the dealership that replaced the switch, they said that since they replaced it once since the recall, I would have to pay for a new one out of pocket. Also since I bought the car I accidentally tried using one of my 97 sl2 keys in the ignition (was tired and dark out) the key fit but wouldn't turn. Since they replaced the ignition and all locks, and gave me 2 new keys, ANY key will work for starting it and unlocking my doors. That's really scary knowing that anyone with a key in their hand can come up and get in my car considering there is alot of money spent in upgrades to the stereo equipment, new seats, and lights on just the interior. Since I rolled over about 120,xxx miles, the check engine light has come on, read the codes for it, and its saying throttle position sensor failure. Went to auto zone to get a new sensor. Come to find out, the throttle position sensor is a part of the whole throttle body, you cant replace just the sensor like most other cars. I cant afford almost $400 just to fix it. But since the light came on, I still haven't had any problems with it running. Other than that I love my car. I keep up with some of the maintenance, (oil, air filter cleaning(cold air intake), coolant flush, belt, and tranny flush, and plugs)but have never had a major problem out of this car. And believe me, I am hard on my cars, and I have a major lead foot. but not one drop of oil in the driveway, clutch still feels like new, still even has the original brakes with about 60% left on them. I would definitely buy another gm, considering this is my 7th Saturn. All my other ones I've either blown the motor with more than 200,000 miles on it, or have totaled. So for those that talk bad about gm cars but have only researched them instead of driving them. keep your thoughts to yourself cuz for the way I drive my cars, and the price I have paid for them because that's what I can afford, it is an excellent car


Recall on recall...I have a 2007 G5. Two days ago they change the recall ingnition. But the new key open all doors..but not the trunk..and for a reason the trunk button does not work anymore. When I called them for that problem..they told me that the key old lock on the trunk was an old part and it was the reason. They also told me, that to fix the problem it would cost me 140.00$...I told them that before them touching and changing the ingnition recall everything was working well. They don't want to take responsibillity. But she also mention that she had almost hundred people with that problem now..this is unbellivable...but real...


Today (7/23/14)my ignition switch in my '07 ION was replaced free of charge, even though it never gave me a moment's problem. HOWEVER, this car replaced my Saturn 2000 SL2 which stopped dead on the highway twice and had the constant problem of the key stuck in the ignition. Here's the scary part: as far as I know there has been no recall of the SL2.


I got my car back in 2010 as a graduation gift from my grandfather. Before I even knew it was my car, I was driving it around in Texas courtesy of my grandparents. That's when the first issue occurred. All power steering was lost on a very busy road in a town that I was very unfamiliar with, especially as an unexperienced driver at the time. I wasn't too aware of what the actual cause or issue was at the time considering my lack of concern. But, I'm fairly certain after speaking with my grandfather that the steering wheel was replaced. If not, the ignition switch. The car was fabulous to me at least the first 1 1/2 years. I was pretty good at maintaining my car as well. One day, my key got stuck in the ignition and my wouldn't even turn off. It was scary and I didn't have much money so I was afraid I'd run out of gas. In that case, I drove it to my fiance`s house and called AAA which they were able to replace the ignition switch; therefore I was able to turn off/on vehicle with out any issues. The next big issue that came up was just last year if I remember correctly. I was leaving work a little after 11pm and my car would not start. My fiancee`s father works with a lot of cars buying/selling so he came out to look at it and give me a lift home. He was pretty furious to find out that my car had no oil in it which was my fault. The one time I neglected to have my oil changed on schedule, it bit me in the ass. I ended up having to leave it over night and for the following 2-3 days. Might I add, it was extremely embarrassing to have my car parked outside of my workplace for that long. Even after he put oil in it, it still wouldn't start. He claimed I needed a starter which I couldn't really afford but I had to do it. Bought a brand new starter, and nothing. You can only imagine my frustration. My co-worker's husband happened to be a mechanic and was able to run a diagnostic test. Turns out, I needed a battery. This was only the beginning of the issues I've had with my Saturn. Less than a year ago, I went to start up my car for work and nothing. Again, I had my friend's husband come out with his mobile mechanic vehicle and run a diagnostic's test. This time, I needed an alternator. This time I learned the lesson to never buy an alternator from the junk yard. Wasted money on that and then went to another mechanic whom put in a "used", possibly new alternator in; my car worked fine. Up until about 3 weeks my car was okay. I should mention that my car was given to me at 167,000 miles and 4 years later is now at 233,000. Anyway, 3 weeks ago my car wouldn't start again. This time it wouldn't even crank but instead make a slight click, almost as if the motor oil isn't reaching the starter or something. I have no clue, I'm not a mechanic and I really hope someone can give me a clue. At this point, I want to fix the issue and get it sold and buy myself something solid. The problem is I won't have enough money for another 6 months and I don't want to blow any little money I have now. I'm young, underpaid, and my bills outweigh my income. Sorry, I just went on a little rant. Three weeks ago when my car wouldn't start I had it towed to a mechanic and he said it was my battery. I was shocked considering it seemed as if I just bought the battery that I mentioned earlier I had only bought about a year ago. Unfortunately I did not save my receipt so I had to buy a brand new battery from NAPA. A week later, my car had the same exact issue. I'm pissed at this point. I knew about he GM recall considering a few letters they sent, so I called the Maher Chevrolet in Saint Petersuburg, Florida. I was able to tow my vehicle and they gave me a loaner vehicle for a day, to my surprised it was fixed fast. They said they wouldn't be able to tell me anything else about my car without charging an $89.00 diagnostic fee. The mechanic told the service advisor that it was a little rough starting up but it was running. He mentioned it might have something to do with the starter. Once again, I'm confused because as you read earlier; I JUST REPLACED THE STARTER WITH A BRAND NEW ONE LESS THAN A YEAR AGO. ;( Anyway, I was happy it was at least running. I should've gone and got a diagnostics test immediately but I worked 3 doubles in a row after that. And here I am today, I was supposed to be at work at 11 am but I have to miss work because my car is fucked. I have just enough money to pay my car insurance and none left to spare to fix this thing, let alone find out what the issue is. At this point I don't know what to do, I feel hopeless. I feel like GM should have at least done the test for me. It shows how much they care about their customers. It's not like Saturn even exists anymore so what do the vehicle owners matter? I'll tell you one thing, once I get this thing fixed and sold...IM DONE WITH GM. Worst experience of my life. Good thing I'm still young, you live and you learn. In the meantime, any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my novel. :)


I've had several older Saturn and GMC Suburban vehicles. Best cars we've ever owned. We bought a Saturn SL at about 100K miles, put another trouble free 100K miles on it and sold it for $500 less than we paid for it. Our '99 Suburban has just blown its transmission at 300k miles, which is about 100k miles past expectation. We knew the transmission was a weak point so I've had it serviced every 80K miles. When you take care of a car, they will serve you well and keep their value. I don't sympathize with the GM bashing. Many of the worst critics have never even changed out the factory oil.


I have 2005 saturn ion quad coup with 120k miles. I also just started getting a TPS code with engine revving when I clutch. AN AC Delco throttle body from amazon is only $125. I hope this fixes my problem.

Deborah Cano

I have a HHR chevrolet and the key gets stuck and the car won't start the machanic said it's the veil pump.

my 2006 hhr has had so many stupid issues, several people in my family owned the same car all had simaler and or the same problems ugh, drivers side door handle broken have to roll windo down to open door, back hatch hydrolics out, back windo washer hose was never attached so washer fluid was pooling up spot of roof and back door,god forbid battery dies cant jump from front of car because it blows power stearing fuse, and ignition fuse have to get jump from battery in back.random engine reduce power every so often,key does not come out without sticking finger in steering column and pushing a button obviously made because they anticipated the problem? Also let's not forget the shifter that shifts without foot on break or car being started! Why is this not a recall issue? This problem almost wrecked car and kilked my daughter! She was reaching from back seat to change radio car was off she cought shifter with jacket shifted into reverse car started rolling wtf chevy??? Service engine light always off and on when hitting bumps,check gas cap runs across dash over and over got new one even tried greasing for a better seal no fix.... Only 138,000 miles these cars are definitely money pits!!! Now car is really pissing me off started acting funny every time I get gas it does not want to start have to give it gas rev it a bit and keep foot on pedal or it stalls, now it is happening even without getting gas not even first start of the day after car has been driven, go to restart and chuggs and gotta give it some gas.... Also now acting as if it is power surging while driving heat will almost come to a hult lights dim, then if stop at a light power restored... Help there is just way to much wrong with this car for it to just be normal has to be some recalls needed for sure Chevy???

Eileen Glaholt

We purchased our 2007 Ion 3 in 2006 as a tow car for our RV. Had no problems until the key started to jam when I tried to turn it off. My husband had no problems turning it off using brute force. We waited to have the recall fix done and had the steering wheel recall done at the same time. Since the recall work the key operates smoothly. But now our check engine light is coming on. It had come on before until we had the transmission fluid changed out. Anyone know if there is a correlation to the ignition problems? When the light came on before we noticed a lurch when it shifted out of first (automatic tranny). After the fluid was changed the lurch disappeared.

Julia Olsen

I have a 2006 HHR that I loved when I first got it but wasn't long and things got bad. First the ignition recall, got it fixed (or so I thought) then it started sticking on when I started it (going back to ship for that) then fuel line leak on drivers side rear, shirt in the dash, drivers side door handle broke, what's next, and I am still paying on this piece of crap. I have always been a chevy/GMC girl. I am disappointed in GMC and really loathe my car. Costing me lots of money and I bought it so I wouldn't have to keep putting tons of money in it so soon.


I have a 2006 hhr. I love my car but I also face similar problems such as the driver side door handle. The other problem is the ignition recall the local dealership never got my part in and I am still waiting. I went over a railroad track at a very slow rate of speed and my car shut off well when I rolled in median it was the ignition switch. Call dealership and nothing and I still waiting.

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