Chrysler Extends Fuel-Tank Warranty on 2006 V-8 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Magnum


Following an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Chrysler will extend fuel-tank warranties on 153,817 V-8 cars from the 2006 model year. The extension applies 5.7- and 6.1-liter versions of the Chrysler 300 and its Dodge Charger sibling, plus the now-defunct Dodge Magnum wagon. Dodge, like Ram and Jeep, is one of Chrysler's brands. After receiving hundreds of reports that after refueling the V-8s in all three cars may stall at low speeds or when stopped, NHTSA opened the investigation. 

2013 Chrysler 300: Family Review Checklist

The agency found that when you put in higher-ethanol gas, a malfunctioning shut-off float in the cars' 19-gallon fuel tanks could swell into a stuck-open position and allow fuel to enter what's called a "purge line," NHTSA said via the Detroit News. That, in turn, could make the cars stall shortly after you refuel. You can restart the car after it stalls, and NHTSA said the problem never represented a serious safety threat. Chrysler addressed the conditions with a new fuel shut-off valve that's more resistant to changing shape, spokesman Eric Mayne told us. NHTSA deemed the solution adequate, the Detroit News said. The agency closed the investigation today, and Chrysler said it will extend fuel-tank warranties on the vehicles involved to a lifetime provision.

Our friends at the Detroit News have more; read it here.



I'm confused on this one: Why is Chrysler to blame when It's stated that Ethanol is the culprit.

Mandy Griswold

I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 hemi. I filled up at gas station a couple months ago & right after fill up pulled into car wash line car died..Took a few try's to restart then restarted, been running fine until today. I filled up again at Shell gas station took off, went onto freeway to merge over car died!!! I coasted onto shoulder, I had my two young children in the car!! Tried to restart car 4-5 times finally started and went home... This is a major safety concern & I am calling Chrysler first thing in morning..
Hope this can be recalled before someone gets hurt!!

May be there was some technical issues regarding the functioning of the engine like it's fuel efficiency, the fuel type you are using or may be the type of fuel you have filled from the fuel station. I suggest to go for a routine check for your Chrysler which can make it error free and you can enjoy the smooth driving. As far as the Chrysler's extended warranty on the fuel tanks benefits it's users and shows the caring nature of this company for it's customers. It's a good news for the Guys having Chrysler.

Dave M

I have a 2006 Dodge Charger Police Package with 3.5 engine. I has lost power on several occasions.. and yesterday stalled while driving 55 mph on highway. Pulled to righthand lane and was at the start of a construction zone.. car came by and clipped my mirror.. nightmarish. I googled Dodge Charger stalling and found this is a huge problem.. with numerous complaints for Chargers, Magnums, and 300s.. I could have been killed - the car would not restart.. police pulled up behind me for safety, and a tow finally got me out of there. Filed a report at the NHTSA - if you have a problem it's not because you filled up the car and many think. My car had 3/4 a tank.. no fill ups. It's a serious problem I hope they fix before someone gets' killed.

Robert Blackmore

Should be noted Chrysler is only doing this for owners who put claims in with NHSTA before the file was closed in Jan 2014. Less then 1500 owners, the rest of us are left to deal with this problem on our own. I have placed 3-4 calls to Chryslers 800 number and met by very rude people.

Carlos Vargas

I literally just took in my car again today for this same reason. I am being told that the total work will be $1700 for a new tank and carbon filters. I wish this article would have come out prior to Jan 2014 as Robert Blackmore stated above. I wonder if I can fight the issue with Dodge.

Charles DeVries

Chrysler is not making good on the investigation by the NHTSA. I had the same exact problem and required the same exact fix and they still refuse to cover the faulty tank design. With the first misdaignosis of a bad fuel canister and the eventual tank replacement I am out a total of about $2500. More people that have the 2006 chargers that are having this issue, and the number appears to be growing, need to go and file a complaint with the NHTSA to have the investigation reopened and the VIN range expanded.


Yes it does need to be re opened cause when I called Chrysler they acted like they knew nothing!!

Joe Mullarkey

This is like one big joke. I have a customer that has this exact car with this exact problem (I run a shop) When I asked if the owner had been notified of this as he is the original owner and he replied no and he was also told they did not find anything wrong when at the dealer svc dept. I also have a similar 5.7L half ton truck with the same symptom and diagnosis. It needs a tank and Update to the beat up Evap system (it had to process a lot of fuel from the stuck valve that could not take the alchohol laden fuel due to the plastics involved in the tank valves) so what is one to do now that the "agreement" that was just announced is long been ceased (lifetime warranty but only to a few's lifetime as theirs failed first) when theirs is just starting to fail? One could also look at the tank as a mechanical part that ones liftetime may require replacement do to wear and tear (storing and processing the fuel material) and why should something so important not be replaced at some point just to be safe? It is a tough one and it looks like a lot of tanks will be changed in the future, I just hope they improve as they can. As a tech I will enjoy the work, it is amazing watching the automobile evolve and improve, and the process is a very interesting thing to witness so close up.

Lynn M Smith

I am the only owner of my 2006 Chrysler 300 with a Hemi. I know this car like a person would know its child and I know when something isn't right.

Back in September of 2011 when the car had 115260 miles on it, I had been having issues for some time with the car not shifting into higher gears when trying to pass someone on the road. The car seemed to want to stall but then would pick up and drive fine but it got to the point where the car would stick in a lower gear and not get over 58 miles per hour even if I had it floored. That was scary.

They replaced the valve body imput speed sensor for this at a tune of $1041.99 and that issue stopped but only for me to have other issues down the road as you will read.

Next issue with this car was a tie rod on the passenger side of the car. I kept hearing a knock noise that I just couldn't put my finger on but I told the guys at the garage that it sounded like it was coming from the front tire area on the passenger side. The mechanic came out and hugged me later and said that the tie rod was getting ready to break and if I ever heard anything again to insist that it be found.

The current issue with this model for me is the fuel.

I just had a Vapor Canister installed that did not solve the issue but it did get rid of a few of the problems.

When I first started having problems with my car shutting down after a fill up, I thought the gas had water in it but it's not the gas. No matter what station I fill up at, I have the same symptoms.

The car will drive fine for about 3 car lengths, then it will hesitate, choke, jump, try to die, jerk forward and then finally stall and shut itself off. Then it will take 3 or more tries to get the car to restart and it may do the same things over again for another block or two. The bottom line is, in the first 3 blocks of driving this car after a fill up, I can expect just about anything and I know for sure it will die on me IF I fill it up.

If I only put in 3/4 of a tank of gas or less, I am safe but if I let the pump kick off on its own, I'm in trouble.

The only thing the vapor canister did was stop it from jumping and jerking, all the other symptoms are still there.

This is very dangerous in traffic and about 80% of the time, this car will stall in an intersection where people are nuts and instead of seeing that you have an issue with your car, they try to run over you.

A Salerno

I just came back from the dealer today for my 2006 Magnum R/T that stalls whenever the fuel tank is full. They confirmed it's the shut-off valve and checked my VIN against the lifetime warranty on the fuel tank. No warranty on that VIN, even though I have a 2006 Magnnum with a 5.7 liter engine. Dealer wants almost 2K to put in a new fuel tank.


Its been months and Chrysler either isn't going to warranty the tanks or they are being very selective on which tanks they consider defective. If you, like thousands of others are being told your VIN is not covered by this warranty even though it meets all the qualifications, file a complaint with the NHTSA. Reference PE13-016 in the comments and tell them Chrysler isn't meeting its obligations. Dead easy to submit complaint


Its been months and Chrysler either isn't going to warranty the tanks or they are being very selective on which tanks they consider defective. If you, like thousands of others, are being told by your dealers that your VIN is not covered by this warranty even though it meets all the qualifications, file a complaint with the NHTSA. Reference PE13-016 in the comments and tell them Chrysler isn't meeting its obligations. It only took 1262 complaints to get the NHTSA to investigate the first time. Your complaint will make a difference!

Very easy to submit complaint:

Original NHTSA Investigation:


Just got off the phone with Management at Chrysler Customer Care. It took a few days but they finally called me back...

It's official, if you own a 2006 V8 Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300c that has this stalling problem and you haven't been notified of the extended warranty by now or your dealer is saying your VIN was not included in the extended warranty granted to vehicles based on NHTSA Investigation PS13-016. Your screwed. Of course they didn't say that but they did say all owners were informed way back when just after the intial announcements weeks ago.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE file a complaint with the NHTSA. Reference PE13-016 in the comments and tell them Chrysler isn't extending the gas tank warranty on you car and your car stalls after filling with gas. It only took a couple of hundred complaints to get the NHTSA to investigate the first time. Your complaint will make a difference!

Very easy to submit complaint:

Original NHTSA Investigation:


When I contacted my local Chrysler dealer, the service manager told me he has never heard of this problem in anyone's car and has no knowledge of Chrysler extending the warranty. He did not care about NHTSA PE 13016 and refused to even look into it. 153,817 2006 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Magnums affected and I am the only one to bring the problem to him? I don't think so. I filed another complaint with NHTSA.

Michael Dalton

I spoke to Chrysler this morning and contrary to the article they have not extended the warranty at this time and there is no guarantee that they will and do not know at this time when a decision will be made. Also, I was told that it will go by VIN# so just because your 2006 is having the same symptoms doesn't mean your car will be entitled to repair. It is based on where it was made, etc....


I went to my Dodge dealer in Southern California today and after looking it up on the computer and speaking with the service manager and with someone at Chrysler on the phone he told me that the extended warranty program literally started yesterday.

I would suggest to all who have had no luck to try again with your local dealership. I was told I will be called as soon as parts are available. They also said they need to verify the condition (easy enough, fill it up and see it stall).

The "fix" as many have described is to replace the gas tank.

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