All-Weather Floormats A Must For Our 2014 Chevy Impala


All-weather floormats are a great addition for protecting any car's interior from the elements. We knew they were a must for our recently purchased 2014 Chevrolet Impala long-term tester, especially considering this year's abnormally nasty, wet and grimy winter that's showing no signs of relief even into March.

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The WeatherTech FloorLiner product we purchased to protect our long-term 2013 Subaru BRZ's carpet were a quality set and available across a wide range of makes and models. The molded floor pieces are pricey, however. For the Impala, we went bargain hunting.

Before a flake of snow touched them, the best attribute of the Chevrolet all-weather accessory mats is we only paid $99.95, including shipping, for the set of four that retails for $130 as a dealer-installed accessory.

Knocking $30 off the retail price meant heading online where we found a Chevrolet dealership in Missouri selling the all-new set. Our Impala itself was a deal considering the 13 percent we saved over MSRP, so it was only appropriate to continue that trend.

The Chevrolet accessory floormats are similar to WeatherTech's all-weather offering ($99.95) in layout and price while significantly less expensive than the more protective molded $179 FloorLiner set. The difference is the automaker's all-weather mats don't mold to the footwell like the FloorLiners do, and they are a rubberized version of the standard carpeted pieces on the Impala 2LT.

Our BRZ's First Casualty: Factory Floormats


The Impala's all-weather mats are deeply ribbed to collect debris and easily washable once they're overflowing with junk. While it doesn't improve the mats' usability, the "Impala" molded into the center is a nice touch. Installing them is a breeze as they snap into the existing holder once the carpeted mats are removed.


You can see just how badly the carpeted floormats had already been abused after only a month or so in rotation during a brutal winter, which included a trip to Detroit from Chicago and a backseat loaded with people. Even though we may have been a little late to the game for that trip, we still have plenty of foul weather to test these all-weather mats in going forward.

20140131_142729 photos by Joe Bruzek


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