2015 Subaru Legacy: Concept Vs. Reality


It is rare that any production car carries over completely from its concept precursor. However, Subaru has been taken to task the past few years for unveiling enthralling concepts only to follow them up with considerably more sedate production cars.

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The 2015 Legacy seems to follow that tradition, but there are some interesting similarities. Check out the comparisons below, and let us know if you think the production car went far enough in terms of design to steal some stares from midsize-sedan shoppers.

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22015 Subaru Legacy Concept vs Reality

22015 Subaru Legacy Concept vs Reality

22015 Subaru Legacy Concept vs Reality

22015 Subaru Legacy Concept vs Reality

22015 Subaru Legacy Concept vs Reality

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears; Cars.com photo illustrations by Paul Dolan

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Whoa - the concept car looks soooo much better. Another boring looking Subaru. Almost previous generation Accord boring.


I agree this car looks dated before it even hits the showroom.


My God...what a homely-looking automobile. This thing makes a Camry look sexy by comparison. Ugh.


Do not waste your money just keeping the same model you have, this one is as a no triller as the one it will replace.


concepts are the way forward


So disappointed. The car is very slab sided and has a very tall hood. (As flat an dull as Kansas) I purposely seeked this car out at the Chicago auto show, because my Altima is getting long in the tooth and I am always impressed with my wife's Forester. If the Legacy is going to sell it will be based purely on practical reasons; a nice interior and AWD. Beauty in no way factor into the equation.

I would not be surprised to see a quick refresh on this cars's exterior very soon. Perhaps that is what the rumored turbo/sport 2016 model is supposed to bring. A bit of aggression with some ground effects, 18 inch wheels, and perhaps better colors. The showcar's boring silver paint is not doing the car any favors.

Honestly the new WRX looks way better than the Legacy.


At the car show the 2015 Subaru Legacy concept car might have been the best looking car. I have a TL and I would trade in my car to get a 2015 Legacy if it looked like the concept car. When I saw the actual 2015 Legacy...WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! It looks like an old Accord. Terrible!
I want no part of this car.


Saw the concept Legacy at the Philadelphia auto show. WOW!!! Then I see this... What a let down. I guess I'll have to wait a few more years until I see Subaru let loose with styling to match the superior engine features.

Tom Summers

Concept car looks ridiculous and no class. People looking for a space age design should go buy a Ferrari, another absurd car for the eccentrics.


most would love to buy a ferrari, the only problem is price.

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