2015 Ford Focus: First Look


Competes with: Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, Mazda3, Honda Civic

Looks like: Una Fiesta muy grande

Powertrains: 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, optional turbocharged 1.0-liter EcoBoost three-cylinder; six speed manual and automatic transmissions

Hits dealerships: Fall 2014

Ford has seen tremendous global success with its current Focus compact sedan, with the company claiming that it has become the world's best-selling nameplate for the last two years (Toyota may disagree, however).

More Ford News

To keep that momentum going, Ford has unveiled a freshened Focus that will appear at the Geneva International Motor Show in March before making its stateside debut at the New York International Auto Show in April.


The styling is evolutionary, and at first glance you might not realize much has changed. But compare pictures of the redesigned model to the current one, and you'll realize that the Focus really does get a very different look. It's not a different look for the Ford family, however, as the new Focus resembles nothing so much as a big Fiesta in its front-end styling. It wears the smaller car's lower headlights and trapezoidal grille, which make up the de facto face of Ford on everything from the Mustang to the Taurus. It's a good look for the Focus, which retains the side character of the current model and sports new taillights with a bulb pattern meant to give the rear a more horizontal design. It's a clean update and should nicely carry the Focus a few more years until a bigger redo.


Here's where the big news is: The buttons are back! Badly stung by negative press and plunging initial quality scores, Ford has been slowly reversing its design direction. It went from traditional interior controls to flat touch-sensitive panels and voice controls, but the new Focus finally comes full circle. The interior, even in Focuses equipped with MyFord Touch, is completely conventional - buttons on the dashboard for climate control, audio, ancillary systems and more. A big touch-screen remains in the center console for navigation, entertainment and the four-quadrant Sync system, and that's as it should be. But no longer will customers suffer from the distraction of having to locate a touch-sensitive pad for vehicle controls, an excellent move on Ford's part.

As for the rest of the interior, not much has changed, dimensionally. Some new seat trim, an improved Ford AppLink program with more developer-created applications for Ford Sync, a heated steering wheel and a redesigned, easier-to-access glove box round out the updates.

Under the Hood

While Ford has not released any horsepower figures for the Focus' powertrains, the company has announced that two engines will be offered. Standard is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline direct-injection engine, but coming to the U.S. for the first time in the Focus is the company's novel turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. It will be the lineup's fuel-economy champ, and while Ford has not yet produced any numbers to go with the car, company officials point to the current 40 mpg highway target and hint that it will be better than that. There's just one problem: The 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine will only be offered with a six-speed manual transmission, which will severely limit its appeal among the Millennial generation that Ford says it is targeting with the new Focus.


The nature of the Focus' electronic systems means that Ford can offer a significant level of advanced safety systems in the compact car. New for 2015 is a lane-keeping system; it uses onboard radar and the car's electric power steering to help prevent the vehicle from wandering over a lane marker, first through rumbling warnings in the steering wheel, then through active torque application to the wheel. Radar-based blind-spot warning will be offered as well, and a rearview camera will be standard equipment.

It is still too early for pricing on the new Focus, but Ford says that the models will begin appearing in volume at U.S. dealers this fall.

Manufacturer photos

2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus



Optional 1.0 liter engine? wow. My Camry's 2.0 liter sounds so massive by comparison. Any bets this little 3 cylinder turbo will go over 300,000 miles like my Camry? Not from me...


With a 0-100 kph (62 mph) run of a mind numbing 11.3 seconds the fuel economy better be good* to make me forget that Ford might screw up the launch by not offering projector headlights or HIDs to go against the Kia Forte's option list.

(*it's projected to be 47 mpg highway [5 L/100 km] not taking into account the difference in the Euro driving cycle which tends to be optimistic numbers wise)


OK read the full PR.

The new Focus equipped with the automatic transmission and award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine that also will be introduced next year will offer a 17 per cent improvement over the equivalent powered engine it will replace.

So why does North America not get the option (of 1.0+DCT) or the option of the 1.5 ecoboost to replace the 2.0 in power and fuel economy? All they have to do is drop in the engine/transmission/ECU from the Fusion and they would be golden...


I see Ford is sticking with that awful center console design. Fail.


I personally don't like the latest trend that all cars, from Subcompact to Large carry same looks. Boring. I think this is money saving stuff. Designers don't have to create 3 different looks. Only one and then do some adjustments.


Steve, the Focus is not the Ford equivalent to the Camry, that would be the Fusion. Or the Corolla on the Toyota side.


"buttons are back"......As the old saying goes "If it ain't broke don't fix it"! Some just have to learn the hard way.

I have a 2005 Focus and I really, really want to like the current Focus. I love my old one, and the new one drives even better, but is nowhere near as roomy. My biggest complaint with the 2012-2014 Focus has been that the uneccesarily wide center console eats into knee room. No matter how many times I've sat in the new one, the boniest part of my knee that doesn't have much padding is always rubbing against the hard plastic. It's my biggest gripe, and a deal breaker. Looking at the fourth picture, it looks like that hasn't changed on this one either; you can see how intrusive that console is in the driver's seating position. Too bad, I love the look of this new Focus and am so glad that they've reverted back to regular buttons


Great to see real buttons make a return!


I see that Ford is still trying to cheat the system by EcoBoast...

It is going to look good on the EPA sticker, but won't work in real world driving.

The tiny turbo engine will make sure the turbo is constantly spooling.

Why do they even bother with a 1.0L? Just make the car drive by pedal power and they should get great mileage...


Finally we are getting here some cars that are sold in EU. I would go for 1.0L turbo, with manual transmission, BUT it has to be MUCH better than 40MPG highway. Current Chevy Cruze is getting 42MPG with 1.4L turbo. 40MPG is not that magical any more for this car segment.


I agree. No small turbo engine unless it delivers. My guess is a manual tranny 1 litre will deliver close to 50 MPG on the highway, unless you're driving up into the mountains. I'm sure it will match the cruze diesel, the current best mileage non hybrid, without the diesel costs and hassles.


Makes the Civic look hot by comparison. I can't wait to see how much they've updated the ST model, though.


MPG: You do realize there are old "tricks" to cheat and get impractical "highway" mileage rankings? Low rolling resistance tires, an impractically tall overdrive, special "lightweight" parts only available on special models (like removal of sound dampening material)

Just because you can get ONE better MPG on the NHSTB fuel economy test doesn't mean you'll see it in the real world. Just like a good driver in a 14 second car can beat a bad driver in a 12 second car.

Love this new style! The sleek design is a major push for future models, making for more interior space and gas efficiency.


Well as I have said in other posts we bought the 2014 Focus. The 2015 is a bigger Fiesta & a smaller Fusion. We like the looks of the 2014. It rides well, good MPG , comfortable & love the way it handles. We have no issue with the center console Or the 6 Speed DCT transmission. We made the right choice for us.

David P

beware of the chronic transmission problems of the Focus, 6 sp auto trans; has transmission leaks, shudder & chatter and the dual clutch had to be replaced on my 2012 and now, after warranty I get an extended warranty from FMC because of transmission seal leaks. There is no inidcation Ford has fixed the poor application of a racing design transmission, i.e. the "dual clutch"


Automatic Transmission comment is interesting. Started getting hesitation on take off, and within the first 500 miles got a transmission error light. There is still hesitation after dealer cleared codes and "patched" the computer programming. Worried this car has a bigger issue with the automatic transmission already. Taking it back in. Always nice with a brand new car.

Joe Mac


You can charge your new Focus at home in under four hours and drive up to 76 miles solely on electrical power.http://www.waldorfford.com/2015-ford-focus-waldorf-md.htm


Ford makes garbage.

Gene Caampued

I rented a 2015 Ford Escort. Being an wise "Old Guy" I would highly recommend not to buy this car. The engineers need to go back to school and learn something from other car makers. The transmission on this car or the electronics that manages the Trans is terrible. The car had about 12k miles on the OD...so "adaptive" learning was not learning. I wanted to trade in another Ford Escort at Avis but they initially told me that all Escorts drive that way. What? It shuddered so bad I thought the Trans was going stay in a parking stall @ Walmart. No respect Ford, you do have other good products. But I think your engineers need to redo Elementary level schooling. Uall buy another small car from other carmakers. From the wise OG...sorry for the misspelling...typing in a rush

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