2015 Acura TLX Video

Acura's new sedan has to fill some big shoes; the 2015 TLX replaces the TL and TSX in Acura's lineup. At this year's Chicago Auto Show, Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays got a closer look at the prototype version that debuted at the 2014 Detroit auto show. Mays said Acura played it safe with the car's styling, including using a toned-down version of the brand's shield grille. Check out the video for more.


HJ Simpson

Good video. I hope this model remains very close to the prototype shown here.


It won't acura will bland it down no exhaust tips smh I'm buying an Infiniti next year trading in my 09 accord coupe v6

Yes more bland and boring. After holding on to my 2007 TL, a great car, in anticipation of the new model, I give up. Another stupid beak and exhaust pipes that will not show, Honda seems to have lost its way.


"toned down" version of the shield grille? Not toned down enough. And it's a beak, not a shield. Acura is not even in the discussion until they change their styling.


DI engines coat chrome tips with soot. I like the clean look. Not buying because of this is silly.


This car looks great but I agree, it needs tail pipes. I have a 2007 Type S and Will not buy this if exhaust is removed. Sport sedans need a sport look..period.


Another boring version of Acura. I have the 05 tsx and loved it but they are becoming outdated with the style and options. Same boring 2.4 engine. Should be 2L with turbo charged and all wheel drive.


The super bright chrome on the lower grille and tail accents have got to go! I own currently 05 TL and need to replace it BUT IF this cheap look stays at Acura I will not!


Accord looks more expensive and it's the lower end brand


After seeing the prototype, I got all excited because it was definitely a step in the right direction but the production model pics are a major letdown... The same ugly BEAK and the lack of dual exhaust tips makes it a deal breaker for me... I will be headed over to the Lexus/Audi showrooms when my current TL lease is up later this year.

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