2014 Winnebago Travato Is Perfect Escape Vehicle for Winter-Weary Northerners


The 2014 Chicago Auto Show is the perfect venue to show off the 2014 Winnebago Travato, a Class B motorhome based on the Ram ProMaster chassis. Why Chicago? Because the record cold temperatures and near record snowfall this very, very long winter have pushed us Chicago natives over the edge, and we're ready to pack up our belongings and get the heck out of here.

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We'd have to leave the kids behind, though. This motorhome is meant for just two people. Roughly the length of a full-size pickup truck, the Travato motorhome could sit in the driveway off to the side and once the thermometer shows negative temperatures, this home would be pointing south. Just reading the Travato's feature sheet is a giant tease for Chicagoans in February.

The outside has exterior speakers, a retractable power awning with LED lighting and an outside-facing TV jack and household AC jacks that are a recipe for a giant picnic we can't attend for another four months. Although if the Bears were still playing, it could easily be used for tailgating — no matter the weather.

On the inside is a kitchen with stove, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, stainless-steel sink and 22-inch TV. There is also a bathroom with toilet, shower and sink. The bed in the back is quite small, though. The Travato's size does make it easier to park at a hotel than a traditional RV, if you need a night on a real mattress.

After seeing the motorhome on the show floor, the roughly $85,000 Travato looks like a good home away from subzero home, especially when imagined being parked somewhere in the Florida Keys.

Check out the gallery below; Cars.com photos by Evan Sears.














By Joe Bruzek | February 7, 2014 | Comments (10)



Nice, but $85K?!


Expensive compared to what? You can spend close to that on an Escalade, Suburban or the largest Lexus, Toyota or Infinity luxury SUV's.


Hilarious - its a five year old design that started life as a Citroen.


$85k is about 20% cheaper than most other comparable motorhomes on the market...


$85k, really... what a joke! That money can be far better spent on a nice, used C-class or even an A-class; both of which provide a lot more comfortable living conditions. Absolutely would not consider something like this and I love traveling and camping!

It looks like a great competitor to the Roadtreks in some ways. The thing is that most people who want a camper van need to get past association rules, like having an a/c on the top. Roadtrek nailed that on some of their van models, they are as inconspicuous as one can be in one of those.

On the other hand, what were they thinking with that bed. It does allow for some cargo uses, but I wouldn't buy a C or an A with a corner bed either. They are too small and it's no fun to butt scoot out of bed or crawl over the other person.

One big plus may be that the side step looks lower than most which is handy for those who are older or less able bodied.

All in all, it still needs some work on the useability factors. We've had one of almost every style in over twenty years of rv ownership. We are loving the current camper van for just the two of us, but we'd like to see some competition and more of the Canadian and European styles available here too. They have more smaller models, even on a mom-van chassis.


Everything else looks very nice except the nose of this thing. Do they make paper bags large enough to cover vans? I don't know how anyone could make an uglier grill/nose than this one. Oh wait, I just noticed it is a RAM, or Fiat or whatever.


I just got a price of 66k from two different dealers on the 2014! 2015 coming out so you can get a great deal now on 2014.


Its a Polish vehicle Steve.

We bought our Travato right at the start of 2014 when it was fresh off the production line, and we've been living in it full time ever since. At the six month mark we'd clocked up over 20,000 miles.

If you’re looking for a great combination of small and self-sufficient, the Travato is brilliant. But it’s aimed at a specific type of RVer - one who prefers mobility over space! It has its fair share of design flaws and issues too.

We have loads more details, of the good points and the bad points, on our website: http://travato2014.wordpress.com.

With the Travato’s floor plan Winnebago have done something wonderful. They’ve taken a floor plan only found in the class C View 24J (aka Navion, if it’s an Itasca) or the class B+ Via 25P (Itasca: Reyo), and ingeniously crammed it into a Ram ProMaster chassis. This floor plan has four great features:

1. Self-sufficient — We wanted to be able to go at least a few days without hooking up, and not by relying on campsite showers either
2. Mobile and discreet (relatively!) — We didn’t want to look too much like an RV. Yes, partly this was a strong desire not to feel too middle-aged! But it’s also practical. Big white curvy lines scream “RV”; the extra width of a class C’s coach makes tight parking impossible.
3. Permanent bed — We’re full-timing, so we couldn’t be doing with turning our table into a bed every time we wanted to sleep.
4. Booth-style dinette — We’re not just travelling, we have things we want to do. Things that require laptops, or pen and paper. Tiny little removable tables perched uncomfortably far from leather sofas… Not going to cut it. We wanted a permanent table, with the extra space afforded by the booth-style.
5. Corner shower and corner bed — We’re young. We prioritise mobility and style over queen-size beds with a foot of space around it. Anything other than a corner bed with a corner shower room squeezed in beside it is a colossal waste of space by our reckoning.

Check out our website: http://travato2014.wordpress.com

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