2014 Honda CR-V Review


In Cars.com's Chicago home base, options abound for our famed deep-dish pizza, but one in particular, Giordano's, stuffs enough universally accessible qualities into its pies to make it a down-the-middle crowd pleaser. Therefore, it's the one out-of-towners always seem to know. Well, the best-selling Honda CR-V is the Giordano's of crossovers, and the 2014 version is no exception. Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays touts a sprightly powertrain, improved ride quality, and competitive mileage and cargo space. Could a poor crash-test performance quell buyers' CR-V cravings? Read Mays' review and decide.

2014 Honda CR-V Review

Cars.com photo by Kelsey Mays.

By Matt Schmitz | February 14, 2014 | Comments (6)



"Characteristic of Honda models, the CR-V's seats are supportive, with more generous cushioning than is the automaker's norm"

Kelsey, this is big over-generalization. I am not impressed with Honda sitting. Honda makes seats supportive but too hard. Mazda nailed sitting much better.


Owning one of these puppies tells an inside story.

Honda keeps skimping out on the headlights by using dual beam H4 on these are compromising the visibility during night time or bad weather.
The JDM has HID or projectors. The EU version has quad headlamps. Yet, we are getting the short stick in the US and Canada.


I own a new CRV and it's a great vehicle. Typical Honda quality and reliability, which is to say, top of class. There's a reason why it outsells all it's competitors.


Can't stand the design of the grille or c pillar. Looks like a chickmobile. Rav4 looks more like a man's vehicle.


"Typical Honda quality" - which one is that?


Haters will always be haters largely because they're uneducated and ignorant.

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