2014 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Cargo Capacity Breakdown


The 2014 Ford Fiesta hatchback negotiates city streets and tight parking garages with ease; that's largely because the Fiesta is so small and spritely. The hatchback's small stature isn't as helpful when the time comes to load up the cargo area with goods, however.

2014 Ford Fiesta Review

Cargo space behind the rear seats measures in at a skimpy 14.9 cubic feet. The 25.4 cubic feet of total cargo space is also tiny for the class, and the rear seats don't fold into a flat cargo floor like many of its four-door hatchback competitors. Check out our cargo animation of the Fiesta to see what it looks like when golf clubs, suitcases and a stroller are stuffed into the hatchback.



Editor's Note: This story was updated Feb. 19. The animation now includes frames that were omitted from the previous version.


The Fiesta is a fun car, but this is one major weak spot (along with the cramped passenger quarters as well).

It shocks me how Ford was able squeeze such a small amount of space in this car, while similar sized (and smaller) competitors are roomier

For anyone who is looking to use the Fiesta as their primary car, this is a major turnoff if it's not that versatile

Charles Sample

Check the owners manual. The rear seats do fold down flat. Like others in this class, the rear headrests may need to be removed or front seats moved forward to do this.

Bill Gorman

Looking at the numbers, the Fit is a couple inches taller, and longer, with a half inch longer wheelbase. This helps interior package space. The Fiesta is one inch wider, but is lacking hip room in front and back, although rates better in side impact tests. Hmmmm. The exterior styling plays a big part in the interor volume. Say if the rear hatch is more upright there is more volume inside the vehicle, but may not look as nice as this design and sell as well (sort of important) and if the rear quarters do not sweep in for improved drag, which contributes to the Fiesta better fuel economy numbers as well as it's looks. All these things contribute. It's not magic, every vehicle is a series of compromises. None are perfect. If you need more cargo space + fuel economy get a Focus, or C-Max.


We just bought a used 2014 fiesta hatchback and it seems impossible to locate a cover for the cargo area. Did ford even make one? Any ideas about what other models' covers might fit, or where to get one, would be appreciated.

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