Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show


Looks like: VW gives its cute hatchback an edgy off-road look
Defining characteristics: This Beetle was raised 2 inches for more ground clearance
Ridiculous features: VW engineers bolted a pair of skis on the back … for dune skiing?!
Chances of being mass-produced: Similar to a desert mirage, it's likely this car will exist only in your imagination, though Volkswagen said, "the Dune concept shows the potential for a new production version of the sportiest Beetle ever." 

If you thought the only look the Beetle could rock was cute, think again. The Beetle Dune concept debuting at the 2014 North American International Auto Show reveals the hatchback's rugged side with a raised body and all-terrain-looking exterior treatments. Volkswagen says the look harks "back to the VW Bugs that conquered beaches and dunes in times past," but engineers had a different climate in mind — they bolted a pair of skis to the roof. 

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The concept was built off of the sporty R-Line Beetle and uses the model’s 210-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder engine and six-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission. This new concept builds off of the New Beetle Dune concept that was unveiled at the 2000 Los Angeles Auto Show, and VW says the 2014 version is "a lot more feasible," though VW has not confirmed production plans for the Beetle Dune. 



I think "Dung" Beetle would have been a more appropriate name. :)


Does VW do the whole "dealer installed accessories" thing that other companies do?

Other than the 2" lift (really?) is there anything about this concept that isn't a bolt-on application?

I figure VW-NA could probably mass produce about 3000 kits of these for their dealer network and anyone that really wants it can have them added to their new or existing Bug for about $4k.


And why would anyone want this over the plethora of small crossovers available today that never existed in the heyday of the vw based dune buggy?


This is nothing but a pale imitation of the true Dune Bug. It's as bad as Jessica Simpson singing "Maybe I'm Amazed". It's crap. I would never buy one.


My old nickname was the Bugman WTF is a Dune Bug? They're too clueless to call it either a dune buggy or Baja Bug or is it their idea of mash up? Funny thing it doesn't come close to looking like either one.

I think it's cute.

College students can still fit everything they own into a VDub... and it only takes 20 min. to get a cube-shaped chair into the back seat.

Easy to park, too.

Great car for young girls.

James Demestihas

I could see its usefulness in parts of the country that experience snow if and only if they make it a 4Motion (vw speak for awd).

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