Recall Alert: 2012-13 Ford Edge


Vehicles Affected: Approximately 27,933 model-year 2012-13 Ford Edge crossovers equipped with 2.0-liter engines; only vehicles manufactured between Sept. 2, 2010, through April 25, 2013.

The Problem: Due to faulty manufacturing, a part of the fuel line housing could crack, leading to a possible fuel leak; this poses a fire risk. Ford said that as of November 2013, it is aware of 24 warranty claims related to a fuel leak. There have been no reported accidents, injuries or fires related to the recall, Ford said in a statement.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect and replace the fuel line for free.

What Owners Should Do: Ford will notify owners starting Feb. 28. Owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 888-327-4236 for more information.

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"What Owners Should Do: Ford will notify owners starting Feb. 28." ?????

Is that a typo? Shouldn't they Begin notifying owners immediately.


They should do a recall for all the cars with Ford MyTouch - This system is driving me crazyyyyy, freezing all the time stoping to work when ever im trying to use it.
I recently got told by my brother to join a lawsuit against ford - this is the website currentlegalcases com
if you have the same issues do not wait one more second


This happened to my car in was BAD. Because I had it in before the recall I was without my car for a week. When I got it back it still reeked of gas...they ended up power washing the material in the firewall. It's fine now, except my gas mileage has gone down. Further problems with the electrical now have me very disappointed with my edge. And SYNC, don't even get me started!


Anyone else experiencing a power steering fluid leak in 2012 Ford Edge. I was told it would cost $1700 to get mine fixed. Naturally I just passed warranty mileage.

Bill Slaughter

I also have had power steering problems with my 2012 Ford Edge. I too was told I have a steering hose leak at 45,000 miles. I have the complete 5 year full service warranty. Still I was charged $100 deductible. I have complain from my first service that the car was hard to steer. When I picked up the car and drove less than 2000 miles the Engine light came on and I still hear a power steering whine, high pitched. I returned the car and was given a rental for 3 days while they worked on both the power steering and red light showing engine problem. I picked up the car on Monday by Saturday of the same week, (one tank of gas the light is back on and the power steering still whines. It's Monday morning and I am waiting at the Dealership while they inspect????? 4/28/2014.


I have power steering issue as well. Considering the number of folks who experienced this problem and the safety issues it's poses, I'm amazed Ford hasn't issued a recall. More people need to notify Ford customer care of their concerns.


I have the same power steering leak. At the dealership now getting fixed for around $450. This is really annoying and shouldn't be happening on a 2 year old vehicle!


This is the second time I had my 12 edge in for a whine. Last year they replaced the power steering line and filled the fluid. Whine never disappeared. Today just picked up from dealership same result. And I only have 35000 miles so both times under warranty. I asked why the line was leaking again. They didn't know about 1st time. I save my receipts I showed them there dealership did the same thing last year. Did not fix issue. It is less noticeable now but still whining


Took my 2013 Ford Edge in for a regular service about a month ago and mentioned that I noticed a small leak, possibly the power steering line. They "fixed" it and now it's worse than ever. It is making a loud humming/groaning noise anytime I turn the wheel. Took it back in a second time and was told it was the power steering pump - so they replaced that. Still no improvement. Took it back in today and was told the belt had a long split in it, so they replaced that - still no change. They claim to be at a loss. My vehicle is less than 2 years old. I'm told a call is being placed to the Ford Canada hotline on Monday to get direction on what to do next.


I've started hearing this groaning and whining in my power steering to. 2012 SEL with about 40k miles. Does the powertrain warranty cover this?


I have a 2012 Ford Edge SEL with 32000 miles. I noticed a low fluid level in my ps reservoir, crawled under the vehicle and spotted a small leak in my power steering hose. The car's steering was super quiet at the time. Took it into Ford dealership & they replaced ps hose under warranty. Noticed a whining noise immediately upon leaving the dealership. The next week took it back to dealer & they replaced hose for 2nd time saying whining noise was from a defective hose and Ford working thru bad batch of replacement hoses. Drove off and noticed the whining noise still present but not as loud. Don't know what to do next. The car steers fine but the whining noise is irritating & should not exist in a $35K car.

Mary Beth Caporelli

My 2012 Edge, with 24,000 is in the ship for the Power steering pump and lines!! UHG!!

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