Cubby Conundrum: 2014 Ford Escape Suffers From Lack of Storage


The 2014 Ford Escape, a five-seat compact crossover, is flexible when it comes to hauling people and larger items, but during a recent test drive, it seemed my kids in the backseat had the same amount of storage that I did in the front. That meant I had less than I'm used to.

2014 Ford Escape: What's Changed

I struggled with the lack of storage for my random, everyday items. There are two cupholders in the front row, but you can just eliminate one of them from the get-go because there's no small cubby for a smartphone or the Escape's enormous key fob. Reserve a cupholder for those items. Yes, you can keep them in your purse (if you carry one).


Front-row occupants also get door pockets that can house a water bottle and some smaller items like a wallet or a small purse. These pockets fill quickly as they're forced to pick up the slack when it comes to holding your items.

The glove box is a standard size, but once the owner's manual is in there, you're pressed to fit in a travel pack of tissues — forget about room for a pack of baby wipes or a spare diaper! The center console can be used to hold a few things, but it's also small.

My kids, ages 9 and 11, have learned to live with their things strewn all over the floor or backseat, so the lack of storage in the Escape or other test cars rarely fazes them. The backseat offers the usual amenities: a seatback pocket, two cupholders in a fold-down armrest and a bottleholder in each of the rear doors, though if there is a bottle in there you won't be able to store anything else. Fortunately in the Escape, there's also under-floor storage in the backseat.

While the Escape keeps reasonable expectations for passenger and cargo space, I was let down by the lack of reasonable storage for myself.



We have a 2013 Focus and we have the same problem. No where to put your phone or the key fob. So annoying.


I've never understood why people like to store their phone and key fob in the car. I keep that stuff in my pockets, but maybe I'm just used to it. Maybe a key fob holder makes sense if you have a mess of other keys, but last time I check it's still pretty dangerous to fool with a phone while driving. I have a phone cubby in my car and the few times I attempted using it I forgot it in the car.


I have a '13 Focus Titanium and I totally agree. The smart key is stylish and I love it, but it is too big to keep in your pocket while driving so you have to put it in the cup holder. I put it in the door pocket sometimes, but the speakers make it rattle against the plastic in there. I guess this is a non issue for women (or men) that carry a purse or manbag- I don't. I honestly don't think there is a fix for this unless there is a built in spot to insert the key like volvo and volkswagen (there may be others) have.

This is not something that you are thinking about during a typical test drive and yes, it's a first world problem, but still annoying, lol.


Since the car has Bluetooth, I just don't see why do I need to keep the phone out in plain sight...

Doug Bradley

I have a 2010 Escape after owning it for 4 years I thank it is the finest transportation I have owned.
You should buy an expedition if you need more space.


Phone - on my belt unless I'm charging it (yes, I am a geek).
Key fob - in my pocket. What's the point of keyless entry/start if you have to take it out?

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