2015 Honda Fit at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show


Competes with: Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris, Mazda2, Chevrolet Sonic, Nissan Versa
Looks like: An evolution of the current Honda Fit
Drivetrain: 130-hp, 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, six-speed manual or CVT
Hits dealerships: Spring 2014

The Honda Fit is a popular choice for small-car fans, urban dwellers or anyone who wants efficient, smartly packaged, fun-to-drive transportation. But Honda has faced problems importing the diminutive subcompact into the U.S.: The Japanese-built car isn't profitable thanks to exchange rates, so Honda limited the number it brought in to the U.S.

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That's all about to change with the redesigned 2015 Fit, introduced at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Now built in Mexico, Honda can build as many Fits as Americans want — and with the all-new model shown here, Americans are likely to want quite a few.


Outwardly, you might be hard-pressed to tell that this is a new Fit, but it is. It rides on a new chassis and has all-new sheetmetal, but it's styled to look similar to the old model. Still, there are some differences worth noting, like the larger headlights and taillights, a bit more chrome and a more aggressive grille. The new Fit is shorter overall than the one it replaces, but is slightly wider and rides on a longer wheelbase, meaning interior volume is up this year. Wheels are standard 16-inchers.


The Fit has always been about two things: a fun-to-drive spirit and a ridiculously versatile interior. The 2015 looks to have an even more special passenger cabin; passenger volume is up by almost 5 cubic feet. Up front, a redesigned dashboard is attractive, well-built and features materials that feel more expensive than you'd expect in a car this size and price. There's plenty of room for front passengers, and headroom feels positively cavernous.

In back, rear passengers are likely to praise the legroom improvement of nearly 5 inches over the outgoing car. Despite the Fit's dinky overall footprint, four full-sized adults can fit in the new Fit with surprising comfort. When the needs turn to cargo hauling, Honda's "Magic Seat" feature, which offers multiple seat configurations, makes for a cavernous storage space of 52.7 cubic feet. By comparison, Nissan's Versa Note hatchback manages 38.3 cubic feet with the rear seats folded, and at 26.0 cubic feet, the Ford Fiesta doesn't even have half the cargo volume of the 2015 Fit.

Honda has upgraded the car's electronics as well, with standard Bluetooth connectivity and a backup camera. Options include Honda's LaneWatch technology, which uses a camera below the passenger-side exterior mirror to display the car's blind spot on a screen in the dash; push-button start; heated seats; a 7-inch touch-screen audio system; and HondaLink smartphone interface. For the first time ever, the Fit will have optional leather seats.

Under the Hood

A new, more powerful 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine is the only one offered in the Fit, now making 130 horsepower, 13 more than the outgoing car. It's mated to a standard six-speed manual or new continuously variable automatic transmission, driving the front wheels.

Extensive use of high-strength steel in strategic places means that Honda expects the new Fit to retain its top safety ratings and come in lighter than the car it replaces. Despite the bigger engine with more horsepower, Honda says that the CVT-equipped Fit should achieve class-leading EPA mileage ratings of 33/41/36 mpg city/highway/combined.

The new Fit looks to be quicker and roomier than the old one, which wasn't a slouch in those departments to begin with. If Honda holds the line on price and increases availability, the Fit could be a popular player in its segment when it goes on sale in spring 2014.

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit



Throw in a sunroof (assuming the structural integrity isnt compromised) and I think many Americans will fall in love with the fit.

Jon S

They need to make a model as a hybrid to go against the Toyota Prius.


According to Autoblog the 2015 Fit will be available with a moonroof...whether it's an option or standard on the top of the line model that remains to be seen. Honda suits have been listening to our pleas for a moonroof and finally they produce.
Bravo, Honda!
AladdinSane :-)


I only have one word that describes the interior compared to the JDM version:



Any news on when the sedan will be released? I want to replace my Yaris sedan with a new sub-compact sedan.

beautiful portland

Any specs on the RS version?

beautiful portland

I have been driving a Honda Civic HB for 18 years and over 200,000 miles and it's still going strong.

The FIT-RS, seems like a ideal replacement.

Fast, sexy and affordable.

Luv My Honda


Where did the article mention anything "RS"?

Bill Hennessy

You got to be in la-la land with the sunroof. The most worthless thing a car can have. What are you going to do when it starts to leak? Hail storms will break them too.

Leroy N. McGee

Upgraded interior and sun roof needed badly for several years with the CVT transmission will be a very competitive small car. Driving a 2008 Fit Sport ready for the new 2015 loaded.

Chris Martin Honda PR

Hi, Chris Martin with Honda PR here. I saw a question about a potential "RS" model for the US. While there is a RS model in Japan, the US Fit utilizes the same 1.5 liter engine as the Japan RS model standard, instead of optional, as in Japan. Thus, the US Fit is pretty equivilant to a Japan RS trim. Just wanted to clear up any confusion. I wonder if anyone here knows what RS stands for on the Japan model?


Bill Hennessy: To each their own...
A sunroof isn't your thing, then so be it.
Others don't agree with you. I don't.
Let's agree to disagree and BH: let it go!
AladdinSane :-)


Chris Martin Honda PR: Will the '15 Fit be still available in the current version's exterior color of deep purple? Please inform. I'd appreciate it. Thanx!
AladdinSane :-)


Driving a Fit EV and loving it .... with the exception of range. This car has a lot of utility with 2 adults and 2 emerging. Only wish the magic seat made it into the EV ... but next round? Give me 150-200 mile range (v 60-70 today)


I went to the Honda web site, 2014 data not there yet. I live in a sunny area of the American Southwest, and I strongly prefer to not be forced to have a black interior. Will Honda offer other choices for the Fit Sport Manual Trans in 2014? They didn't in 2013. Shall I go to the Subaru dealer rather than bake?


@RandyVT - I heard that they are skipping 2014 model year and will be releasing the 2015 model instead.

I'm hoping that the base model will stay around $16k, and it will be a great value if it does.


Too bad there is only one interior color choice: black. Have relatives in Florida who would buy this if not for the black interior whether it be cloth or leather.
We're not talking Model T's here.

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