2015 Cadillac Escalade Price Increases $7,950


The base price of the Escalade is, well, escalating in the new model year. Cadillac announced that the latest version of the luxury SUV will start at $72,690, including a $995 destination charge. That's nearly $8,000 more than the base price of the outgoing 2014 version and a whopping $9,145 more than one of its competitors, the 2014 Infiniti QX80, which has a starting price of $63,545 including a destination charge, but still nearly $11,000 less than the 2014 Lexus LX 570, which starts at $83,540 with destination. The 2015 Escalade is set to arrive at dealerships in the spring.

2015 Cadillac Escalade: First Look

The reason behind the dramatic spike in price is that Cadillac dropped the previously available base model, which started at $64,740, including destination. Donny Nordlicht, a Cadillac spokesman, said that model was sold only in "extremely limited" quantities and discontinued in the first month of the model year's production (Cars.com shows just 31 base-model 2014 Escalades available in its online inventory out of over 4,000 available). The 2015 starting price applies to the lowest trim level, now called the Standard, which comes with a host of equipment not available on the 2014 base model.

There's no indication that the 2014 Escalade's top Platinum level is returning for 2015. Standard is now the base level, with Luxury as the midlevel offering and Premium the top tier. For the 2014 Escalade, Luxury and Premium were the first and second trim levels and started at $68,965 and $73,245, respectively, with Platinum at the top starting at $81,515 (all prices include destination).

Prices for 2015 Escalade's trim levels are not yet available, but we do have details. The Standard trim includes Magnetic Ride Control, LED headlights and taillights, 20-inch dual seven-spoke chrome-plated aluminum wheels, a backup camera, front and rear park assist, a hands-free power liftgate, the Cadillac User Experience multimedia system, leather seats with power adjustability for the driver and front passenger, heated and cooled front seats and a heated second row, a power fold-flat third row, power adjustable pedals, a heated and power tilt/telescoping steering wheel, and adaptive remote start.

Moving to the Luxury trim adds 22-inch seven-spoke premium painted wheels with chrome inserts; the Driver Awareness Package with a Safety Alert Seat, lane departure warning and forward collision alert systems; blind spot warning; lane change assist; rear cross-traffic alert; IntelliBeam headlamps; second-row power release fold-and-tumble seats; a sunroof; and a full-color head-up display.

The Premium trim includes the Driver Assist Package with front and rear automatic braking, Automatic Collision Preparation, adaptive cruise control, illuminated exterior door handles and a rear entertainment system with a 9-inch overhead screen.

The 2015's 6.2-liter V-8 engine, standard across all trims, is up 17 horsepower for a total output of 420 hp, while torque increases to 460 pounds-feet, up more than 10 percent. Power is channeled through a six-speed automatic transmission. Rear-wheel drive remains standard and all-wheel drive is an option.



What a dumb vehicle.


Excuse me, Matt.

According to Cadillac.com, the MSRP for the Escalade is starting from $67,970.
And $72,690 - $67,970 is not anywhere close to $8,000 that was stated in the article.

Would you mind to let us know what went wrong with the math?



According to cars.com, that price is the starting price for the "Luxury 4x2" model. The "base 4x2" model is showing at $63,745.



I would still stand correct as Cadillac.com clearly shows that the 2014 model does not have the standard trim as this is written. The base trim for 2014 is the Luxury trim.

Matt Schmitz


Happy to help you clear up any confusion. All of the information you seek is contained in paragraphs 2 and 3, but let me try to sort out the details for you:

In 2014, there were four trim levels, a limited-production Base trim, followed in ascending order by Luxury, Premium and Platinum. For 2015, that lowest base model is not returning, nor is the Platinum (at least not yet), so you're left with three trims instead of four: the newly christened Standard trim (which as I stated in my post "comes with a host of equipment not available on the 2014 base model," followed by the Luxury and Premium, the latter now being the highest level.

As Rock correctly stated, the nearly $8,000 price hike represents the difference between the 2014 base trim and the 2015 Standard trim, which is now the least-expensive Escalade one can buy for the 2015 model year.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.


This cost is absurd for a warmed over Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon. I could understand if it was built on a dedicated platform that was geared for a luxury vehicle but this is just crazy.

Have you seen the prices on Tahoe/Yukon? They arent cheap so its not like the escalade is based on a lower end product. All 3 entries can be equipped like luxury SUVs, the Escalade just has MORE stuff and a nicer interior plus the 6.2L V8. If warmed over means completely different interior and exterior, more power and nicer materials than it is indeed warmed over.

I think the confusion comes in because the base trim is no longer referenced on the Caddy website. So if one looks TODAY the gap is not $8000. It sounds like the base trim hasn't been available for ordering for a long time and thus its really not the base trim for 2014 any longer.

Matt Schmitz


It is not listed on the Cadillac website, that is true. But as stated in the post, there are still 2014 base models available, as listed on Cars.com's inventory, so you can indeed still purchase a base model new for $7,950 less than the 2015 Standard trim.


If the manufacturer is not listing the vehicle, that simply means that it is no longer in production. In other words, yes, you can find one in the dealers' lots. But they are left over from when they were being built.


What, no 8 speed automatic?


What, no heated window switches or heated/AC blinker stalk? Well then, no sale! Seriously, the exterior looks as squared and linear as you could possibly make this. I think they used a compass to design the wheel arches, but I'm not sure. Clearly I'm not in the target demographic for this expensive truck, but the exterior puts me to zzzzz.

Jim Hilbrant

I was one of those with the 2007 ESV base model. The improvements alone are worth the $8000 approx. increase. If you have never driven one you have no idea what you are talking about. This is the ultimate family cruiser. I get 19 MPG at 65MPH all day long. I will keep the 15 for another 8 yrs. and all of you dreamers, greenies can eat bark!!


I purchased a Premium model last month and traded in a 2011 Platinum. There is so much difference in the ride and the amount of equipment. It is a very nice car. Lexus, Mercedes and all the others do not even compare to this car. And George it does have an 8 speed transmission. Best car I have ever owned and much better ride and more comfort than my 500SL.


By the way this is the 6th Escalade that I have had. They get better every time I trade.

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