2014 Toyota Highlander Cars.com Review


After aiming low for a spell, Toyota has put the Highlander back on the high road with a crackerjack 2014 redesign. Gone is 2013's yawn-eliciting exterior style in favor of a bold, bulked-up appearance. Likewise, inside are classed-up materials and flourishes, a handy one-touch folding second row and a massive center storage bin. And while Easy Speak allows stereo-assisted admonishment of misbehaving kids, parents may want to consider whether the tykes are just annoyed at being roughed up by the "sporty" new ride. Read Cars.com reviewer Joe Bruzek's review below.

2014 Toyota Highlander Review



BatDad would have a blast with the intercom...


The styling is a definite step back in my opinion.

Frank Gallagher

Yes, The " New styling of the grill is poor and illdirected, leavig the designer alot of room for the future e.g. for horizontal rows of starlke LED lighting in rows below the new chrome crossbar. This vehicle is otherwise sensational with 6 speed auto, 270 HP, 28 mpg highway, standard rear view advisor for parking. Nice V6 engine for no extra money. Put Yellow driving lights on the grill and you're all set!

The luxury from Toyota is just a master piece especially when its come to traveling a long way.


WTF are you trying to say Frank Gallagher?


why does Toyota use that DRL off mode for the headlights?? Now they also have it on the Hyundai Elantra. Makes no sense to me.


My Jeep has DRL off mode and I like having that option.

nice car, but does not exist in Indonesia :(


I hated my DRL with no option to turn them off. Wait until I cut some wires when it is warmer to completely disable it.
This is not required in the US and the study did not find it conclusive in improving safety and visibility.
At least leave us with the option to disable it. Unlike automatic headlights, this is not as useful...


" Base pricing starts at $30,075" and this is where problem starts. My 2009 was under 25

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