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The "It's a Jeep thing … " crowd doesn't need convincing, but converts will be made by the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Cars.com reviewer David Thomas was wowed by the all-new compact SUV's "daring design" and sophisticated interior, and he gave high marks to the performance of the groundbreaking nine-speed automatic transmission when paired with the 270-horsepower V-6. Thomas wasn't smitten, however, with the Cherokee's ho-hum profile. While he found the expansive tailgate a head-scratcher, he suggested a creative use for fans of British boy bands, so watch the video and learn.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Cars.com Review



As if there isn't enough ugliness in the world already...


I wonder how this new body style will age? To me, the front looks futuristic, the side profile looks like any SUV from the past 6 years and the rear looks like it belongs on something from the 1990's. The interior looks fantastic, but the nine speed/4 cyl. appears to be mediocre. I think they over complicated the transmission just so it sounds cutting edge. I'd take the Equinox ANY day over this SUV. Now, a Wrangler...that's a different story.

dont like big brother

i have seen three of these monstrosities on the street and i really dont know how jeep sells any the rear end of this vehicle is the ugliest i have ever saw and i have seen plenty of ugly ones in my day and its silly that the powers to be would approve the release of this design because just about all the other parts of this vehicle are nice looks like a certain midseason makeover to me


Trailhawk Down!!

Dec 23 2013: My wife took delivery of a brand new, fully-loaded, 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. Yay!! She was very excited. This was our fourth consecutive Jeep purchase (we have owned 3 Liberty's), and by far the most lavishly equipped.

We drove it home, threw our kids and suitcases in, and drove ~425 miles to visit grandma for Christmas. It was an enjoyable first drive. My wife fell in love with the Trailhawk during these 8 hours.

Overnight, the temperatures dipped significantly in the northeast and much to our surprise, the next morning the Trailhawk was ... DEAD!!! Yes, DEAD as in completely unresponsive to the keyfob, electronics non-operational, no possible way to start it.

After troubleshooting to no avail, we called for Chrysler roadside assistance, and they sent a man who tried several times to jump start the vehicle, etc. -- also to no avail -- it was very clear to me by that time that this was an issue with the wiring / electronics. Being Christmas Eve, the nearest dealership had already closed. But we did get a technician from our home dealership on the phone, and he advised to try to reset the electronic systems by disconnecting the battery, discharging the cables, and reconnecting. We did that, no luck.

Being that the roadside assistance guy hadn't brought the right wrecker equipment to properly tow our vehicle, he left it to sit outside our hotel. And, it was too late for us to get a rental car. I understand that $#!+ happens, but our Christmas holiday plans were wrecked :(

Dec 26 2013: It was still very cold, and now it had snowed too. Cherokee Trailhawk still DEAD. Door locks don't even work, had to use physical key to gain access to the interior. Called for roadside assistance again. Same company, different guy shows up. This guy insisted on retrying the whole jumpstart routine -- no luck. I then watched as he *dragged* our brand new Jeep, all four wheel unturning, across the pavement and up the flatbed. In "securing" the vehicle, he also bent the trailer hitch :( I was greatly displeased.

I accompanied the wrecker to the nearest dealership. Once there I suggested that before he dragged it back off of the flatbed, perhaps he could try starting it as it might be a "loose connection" (I'm thinking broken solder joint). He tries it and, of course the Trailhawk starts and runs. I left it with the dealership for diagnosis, and took a rental.

Dec 27 2013: The dealer called, stating that the car was "ready". It was a warmer day, and they couldn't find anything to fix ... they just reset all the diagnostic warnings / codes and sent me on my way. They gave me no paperwork. We returned the rental and drove home. The car then remained parked except for a short local trip or two to the store.

Dec 31 2013: It turned significantly colder again, and as I had anticipated the Trailhawk was once again DEAD, even more completely than before. We placed a third call to roadside assistance, this time with a plea for a more gentle tow, and shortly a wrecker with a proper dolly showed up. The Jeep was lifted from our driveway and towed to our home dealership. Being that it was New Year's Eve, the dealership was closing down, but they were at least able to get us into a loaner minivan.

Jan 21 2014: In the interest of brevity, I've omitted weeks of back and forth with Jeep ... let me just say that in terms of customer service, CHRYSLER SUCKS !!! Our Cherokee Trailhawk has been held hostage at the dealership for _22_ consecutive days now and they still CANNOT IDENTIFY THE CAUSE OR FIX IT!!! Instead, they have been experimenting on our new car. Unbelievable, but true. We have basically begged both corporate and the dealership to just arrange an identical exchange ... but the hard-asses in charge won't budge. They have delayed, and deferred, and done everything possible to keep us waiting -- and unhappy. Our calls have not been returned when promised. When we do reach someone, they always insist that we need to wait a few more days. Upon our insistence, this issue was finally escalated to the top tier of "Star" technicians at Jeep corporate. Despite their dismissive attitudes and egotistical claims ("we can fix nearly any problem where the dealer techs have failed"), as of the close of business today, this "Issue Resolution Team" has NOT EVEN CORRECTLY DIAGNOSED our issue. They did say that the dealer "replaced a module", and "tightened a loose wire". They want to say it is fixed, but tell us to wait some more while they make sure.

Jan 22 2014: Now day _27_ out of service, of 31 days of ownership. Latest word from the "Jeep Resolution Team" was a voicemail stating that: "the vehicle did start this morning ... however, it it didn't start right away and so the dealer tech is thinking that, ummm, there's still an issue with it". Wow.

They had been waiting for a cold day to try to reproduce the problem, since their first course of troubleshooting ... transplanting parts of our car into a freezer ... apparently failed. But hey, they generously promised to "continue to review our case" :-/

It is not clear to me what's left to review. I am sure that our first payment is due soon :(

Jan 23 2014: Now day _28_ out of service, of 32 days of ownership. Had been promised feedback on the ongoing "review of our case" by today (Thursday) from Jeep Issue Resolution Team, but instead heard nothing. The dealership service team did call to touch base with us, leaving a voicemail stating "... the technician was outside with your car ... of course its nice and cold out, I think it is up to about 4 degrees here ... and once again it will not start. We're still going back and forth with Chrysler ... but we wanted to update you that we are still experiencing the problem when it gets really cold".

So our Jeep, equipped with the optional "Cold Weather Group", ironically refuses to function at all in the cold weather. I'm no lawyer, but this seems to me like an ironclad case of breach of contract ;)

Seriously, I understand that defective products are sometimes manufactured. And, I understand that Chrysler/Jeep wants to identify the root cause of this issue and determine if it is endemic to this new model or a one-off freak occurrence. BUT, frankly I don't care! We've been *VERY* patient. I cannot figure out how, as the consumer, this has become my (and my wife's) problem. Why have I had to waste days of time calling, explaining, asking nicely for the new vehicle experience for which we paid over $42,000.00??? How long do they expect us to continue waiting???

As far as I am concerned, THIS NEW 2014 JEEP CHEROKEE HAS A DESIGN FLAW and is not ready for the road until they can figure out why this issue is occurring. Especially since, they cannot even say it won't occur if it gets cold while my wife is driving down the highway in heavy rush hour traffic. Beware a manufacturer with so little regard for a customer. UNLESS YOU LIVE WHERE IT NEVER GETS COLD, THIS COULD BE YOU !!! WHY TAKE THE RISK ... AVOID THE 2014 JEEP CHEROKEE !!!

P.S., my wife has been left with no choice but to consult a Lemon Law attorney.


I ordered one earlier this month. I'm excited like a kid waiting for Christmas. I ordered the Latitude with the V6 engine and Active Drive II system. The wife and I really liked the car that we test drove with the Active Drive II all wheel drive. I'm replacing my old Chevy Blazer. I think it will be a worthy replacement for my old work horse.

And yes, it looks a lot better in person than in the photographs.


JKT, thanks for sharing your Jeep story. Wow, talk about you and your wife being dragged thru the mud. Too bad it wasn't in a Jeep that actually ran. I wish you the best of luck in getting this nightmare resolved.
Aside from this, I hate the front design of the new Cherokee. The only way to make it pretty is placing a paper bag over the front and cut out holes for the squinty headlights.


part Range Rover Evoque, part Nissan Juke


@JKT, sorry to hear about your situation. Hope it works out for you, but with all the new technology crammed into a brand new model, this doesn't surprise me. Maybe you can walk away from this one and look at another manufacturer. Something more tested and reliable?


$42,000 for a Cherokee that doesn't run!? Now I understand how Obama got reelected. My CRV w/ 167,000 miles runs PERFECT.


JKT...I feel sorry bout your rotten experience, but there is alway's going to be a bad apple in every bunch...guess you got the booby prize..As for the rest of you knocking the new Cherokee, I am one who happens to have nothing but kudo's for it..I bougth the Limited V-6,FWD, Luxury Pkg...This sucker is phenominal..had a 2008 Wrangler that I traded in for it.That was great as well.I live in the NW Georgia Mtn's and it get's cold here too! We had zero to 9 degree temps for 4 day's straight and never experienced a problem. Hope not to either but as I said there is alway's a bad apple in every bunch you buy.The vehicle handles extremely well in the mtn's hills and turns, and has plenty of power. Gas milegage is as predicted and all of the ammenities are working well. As far as the look's go, the Model A's changed and they worked as well after they changed. Get a life, nothing remain's the same. Just go with the flow and relax. I am a die hard jeep boy to but the wrangler will be with us probably forever and as long as they put into their other vehicles what they continue to do with the Wrangler all is well. What are you going to do and say when car's fly? BTW, the lemon law does work exceedingly well and you do not need an attorney. At least I didn't when my Ford Ranger had tranny problems they couldn't fix either. Just follow the guide lines and you will be reimbursed for all your troubles and some.Chrysler like Ford did for me was give me any other vehicle of my choice for 70% of their cost plus any monies I put down plus payments I made. For all the aggrevation you have said to go through and might still be going through, you my dear sir and your wife might be totally surprised in the end! Chit happens, it just does! As far as R/T is concerned..Yo bubba if you see George (Bush) THANK HIM FOR THE WAR HE NEVER PAID FOR AND PUTTING US INTO HOCK! ALSO SAY THANK'S FOR THE SHUTDOWN TO BOENNER AND HIS BOY'S! HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE!


I purchased a new 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude mid-December 2013. Approximately two weeks later, I noticed that significant amounts of water had collected on the inside of both headlights. I returned the car to the Jeep dealership where they replaced both headlights citing a Service Bulletin which acknowledged the potential for condensation in the lights. A week later, on a 5 degree night , I found frost built-up on the inside of one of the new headlights; I brought the car back to Jeep. This time, however, the service department used the Service Bulletin (SB 08-086-13) to justify not replacing the lights. The Bulletin maintains that the condition is acceptable in that it "will usually clear as atmospheric conditions change (I kid you not) to allow the condensation to change back into a vapor. Turning the lights on will usually accelerate the process." In other words, the deficiencies in the headlights design, manufacturing process, and/ or installation are to be addressed by the actions of the customer (or apparently Mother Nature), not Jeep. In the numerous discussions with sales, service and corporate customer service, representatives agreed the Bulletin does not address the issue (from a customer standpoint) but insisted that there was nothing they could do. My corporate Case Manager has closed my file all while noting he had received multiple complaints related to the dullness of the lights .

In addition to the headlight issue, the transmission tends to "stick" or "hang-up" during transitions between gears, especially at speeds under 25 mph. This condition is intermittent and varies in degree of severity but tends to be more pronounced when descending in speed. In the more extreme cases a "clunking" noise/vibration was felt which emanated from the bottom of the car. Jeep updated the transmission software program but this resulted in no noticeable improvement. Note - With Active Drive I, there is no mechanism to manually engage full-time 4 wheel drive. The Selec- Terrain dial which puts the car into Snow, Mud, etc. mode does not put the car into 4-wheel drive - it adjusts other systems. With Active Drive II there is a Rear Axle Lock which is available (i.e., the car is simply an AWD without it). I only mention this because the sales department was apparently trained otherwise; I needed to go to Jeep corporate to get clarification.

One final thought - the customer will do most of the "homework" in trying to resolve these issues. Sales sent me to service, service commented that maybe corporate had a new light design in the works (i.e., the customer should call corporate), corporate asked me if I would ask the service department if they had a different light that could be installed, etc. All good questions that should have been tracked down and answered by someone who took ownership of the issue - FROM JEEP! Meanwhile I have a car the family is hesitant to drive because of headlights that could become significantly impaired.

The four models are released for Cherokee, but my favorite model is limited, limited is the luxury model of a Cherokee. This model for those who want luxurious. Its latitude is also very popular variant.


Bought the Limited fully loaded Cherokee in December. Loved the car at first then started to notice things. The headlight condensation was first. Then the driver door handle lock release only worked half the time. The worst though was the vibration through the vehicle on acceleration especially around corners. Felt it through the Jeep and right into the steering wheel. As a retired mechanic this did not sit well with me. The 9 speed trans also shifted poorly and would jerk the car sometimes. Took it back to the dealer who kept it all day and told me they couldn't feel any vibration. Right! They also said they couldn't duplicate the unlock failure so I said I would keep and eye on it. Took car back and drove it for awhile but vibration only got worse. Took it to yet another Jeep service center to get them to try fix it. They claimed they could barely feel it or only sometimes. Reset the trans programming and door codes and sent me away again! Drove it two more weeks nothing changed and I didn't want to put any more miles on it and lose even more value so I went to Mazda who took it in on trade. Got into a beautiful CX5 GT awd and couldn't be happier! Like night and day. Will never buy a jeep again or any Chrysler/Fiat product. Total time of ownership 5 months.


The back end looks like the Subie B9 Tribeca..

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