2014 Honda CR-V: All-Wheel-Drive Real-World Mileage


Gas prices may have fallen a bit recently, but fuel economy is still a top concern for car shoppers. Have automakers caught up on the gas-mileage front? I observed 31.5 mpg on the trip computer over some 230 highway miles in an all-wheel-drive 2014 Honda CR-V during a mid-January trip — the sort of mileage that, 10 years ago, you might have needed a four-cylinder Honda Accord to get.

But wait. There's more.

2014 Subaru Forester: Real-World Mileage

My wife and I took to the Pacific Northwest in an EX-L tester, piling more than 600 miles on the SUV around Seattle and north-central Oregon. I logged mileage on CR-V's trip computer during the major highway portions of the week — some 230 miles each way, north and south, along the Interstate 5 corridor between Seattle and Dallas, Ore., with speeds between 65 and 75 mph.

On the southbound trip, I observed 31.5 mpg with mixed usage of the CR-V's Econ mode. On our northbound return, I drove without Econ and observed 29.6 mpg — still impressive, given our car's 22/30/25 mpg city/highway/combined EPA rating.

Econ mode relaxes accelerator response, cruise-control operation and air conditioning to preserve fuel, but Honda "can't say a specific [percentage] improvement expected in Econ mode because we're only permitted to state EPA numbers by law," spokesman Chris Martin later told me.

Want the nitty-gritty? Read on:

During the highway legs, I used plenty of cruise control and left the climate control on automatic mode both ways, adjusting cabin temps between 66 and 72 degrees. During the southbound highway leg, outside temperatures ranged from 40 to 48 with light winds (crosswinds and headwinds from 0 to 8 mph) according to hourly data from The Weather Channel at four points along the interstate. The northbound leg had temps between 38 and 44 degrees, but winds helped out, with slight tailwinds (4 mph) balancing out headwinds (5 mph), per TWC data.

No doubt Econ mode helped the southbound journey — but so did the wind, albeit slightly. In total, between receiving the car and filling up before its return, I logged 610 miles on the CR-V. Two separate fill-ups totaled 21.73 gallons of fuel; that works out to 28.1 mpg in calculated fill-up mileage.

Why the discrepancy? Remember, the highway stretches weren't the whole trip. Specifically, the trip-computer observations included two occupants (my wife and me) plus our overnight luggage. They did not include some 65 miles logged in the Seattle area alone, a 57-mile stretch in central Oregon with four occupants and no luggage or a 15-mile stretch in Seattle packed with tailgating gear (yes, we attended that game). The CR-V also idled for around 45 minutes, mostly for photography — also unaccounted for in the highway trip-computer observations.

Throw in all those factors, which should universally ding fuel economy, and the observed fill-up mileage still beat the CR-V's combined EPA figures by around 12 percent. Not bad.



So why is there a Subaru reference here?


I never saw those kind of numbers with my 2004 2wd LX CRV and did a fair amount of highway driving ... best maybe 26-27 with a tailwind. Mostly low 20s for mixed driving. Great numbers!


We're trying to highlight real-world mileage for some of the other cars we evaluate, as well.

Kelsey Mays


Our 2010 CRV EX averages 25mpg. 1st year for the CRV engine tweek that adds a few more horses and improves mileage.


I purchased a 2014 Honda CRV. Reviews and MPG played into my decision - well, what a dissapointment on the MPG! I only get 20.8 MPG according to the system. I use the eco boost option and I drive mixed city/highway. My Jeep GC was just a few miles less and it was paid for!! If only I could go back!

Larry C

Chris, amen!! The day sfter you posted this, I purchased a 2014 LX trim, AWD. I hadn't driven it much...the weather had been nice recently so I could not resist taking out my 2000 Z3 2.8, which I bought new 15 years ago, and having some fun on the straight, curvy, and hilly country roads near my home...that car is soooo centered...OK, back to the CRV :) I finally had my first fill up since taking delivery from the dealer...the reason I purchased the V was mainly due to it's #1 rating in both reliability and safety...I read the fuel numbers, 30 hwy, 21 city, not stellar, but I love how it rides, smoothe and solid...my wife complains a bit about the road noise, I tell her it's barely noticeable, and remind her it's not a "car"...though higher end makes like Mercedes, BMW, and Rover, I know are a bit quieter...a small price to pay, for a vehicle 1/2 the price as those, and deinitely more reliable...anyway I didn't use the 'system' to calculate my mileage, did it the old fashioned way...total miles on the tripometer, divided by the quantity of gallons...you got 20.8mpg, congrats, I got 19.3!! about 75% was neighborhood errands, with some highway...but still, awful! Now, I did write about this to the CRV forum, got two replies right away, both were identical...'break in period'...that after awhile mileage will increase...also rarely used econ mode, I just made sure to gradually get up to speed, and not gun it after a stop. It had always been my intention to drive it conservatively...anyway, have you noticed any improvement in any of your subsequent fills? I'm still working on my 2nd tank. Please try and keep me advised. Thanks, Chris!


I just bought a 2014 CRV EX-L. The day after I got it, I went on a 450 mile round trip and got an average of 31.5 mpg, which I verified against the trip computer when I filled up at the end of the trip. This was mostly highway, true, but since then I've been just driving around locally and I get 26.7 mpg. All of this with my ECON button ON, as advised by my Honda salesperson. The only time I turned it off was when I was ascending a steep hill and the car seemed to struggle; as soon as I hit the button, I had a ton of power to do the rest of the hill. Turned ECON on when done. My advice: Always use ECON unless you really need power on hills, or need to tow something.


New 2014 CR-V I got 32.2 on 1st 450 mile trip. Quite impressed. I formally had a civic hybrid and see some similarities...


My 2014 CRV AWD records:
30 mpg HWY (easy and free flow); 26 mpg HWY (aggressive); 26 mpg CITY (easy and free flow); 22 mpg CITY (stop and go)
Overall, quite consistency with the official numbers.


I purchased a 2014 CR-V EX-L AWD and have been utterly disappointed with the mileage. I regularly get 19 - 21 MPG, despite driving a mix of city and highway. Using the Econ button has done nothing to improve the numbers. Actually, the numbers appear to have gone down with the Econ setting turned on (I've been tracking the MPG stats using an app on my phone from the very beginning). I now have 6500 miles on it, so I'm not holding my breath that the numbers will rise after a "break in period".


Hi All,

I have to share my experience of the trip from North Carolina to West Coast(Seattle).We took 4and half days to reach the location.

I have put 74 gallons on my vechile.The total miles were 2950. I got an average of 40 miles/gallon.A great vechile for the price.Stable,consistent. My suggestion is when you travell long distance change your oil and keep tyre pressures normal say 35 psi on all the tyres and average speed should be 80.

A great vechile.

I have a new Honda CRV 4 cylinder. I drove the first 1600 miles with the A/C on. The salesperson said that as soon as it gets cool enough to turn off the A/C switch the Fuel Saver on. My mileage went from 22.1 (with A/C) to a whopping 21.5 with the Fuel Saver on. CRV advertises mileage as being between 23 and 35 mpg. I've had them check to see if the brakes are dragging or if there is a fuel leak. So far, appears nothing is wrong but the bad mileage.

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