2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Cars.com Review


Honda's midsize sedan is one of the best in the class, and a new hybrid model with impressive fuel economy promises to make the 2014 Accord even more appealing — at least on paper, says Cars.com reviewer David Thomas. During Thomas' test, however, the sedan fell short of its 50/45/47 mpg city/highway/combined EPA rating. Still, plenty of features, pleasing road manners and a comfortable cabin should earn the hybrid model a place on shoppers' lists. 

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Review



You can expect at least a 10mpg decline in winter driving especially this winter in Chicago. The cold really cuts down on hybrid milage.


That is true - we bought an Accord Hybrid in Nov., and have averaged slightly under 38 mpg, with temps prob. in the 30's over that time. Are hopeful this will improve when it warms up, but definitely something to consider, esp. in colder climates.


We purchased the Accord Hybrid early Feb. in Indiana. (paid around $39,000) We currently have 1450 miles on the car and are on our 4th full thank of gas. The car gets 35.3 MPGs, even if I drive like my grandmother. 20%+ percent lower than advertised. I looked at the EPA estimates, no asterisk on "Cold Temps my vary actual MPGs".. I've owned many Accords and I considered this a giant punch in the face from Honda.


I purchased the Accord hybrid in early January. I live in Canada and except for a few days, temperature are between 5F and 20F but still I average between 38-39 mpg. Moreover, my millage consist of some medium trips and many very short trips which are very detrimental on mpg. When looking at individual trips of 10-15 miles, I had a few at 47-48 mpg. I am a casual driver.
So I am surprised when I see people not doing better than 35 mpg. Driving habits play a key role in getting higher mpg.


I've had my Accord Hybrid since December. I live were we have a lot of varied weather so I can attest to the fact that cold weather will knock down your MPG a bit. 40 degrees seems to be the temperature that you start to get very close or exceed the EPA numbers, especially on longer trips. I've averaged about 43 MPG so far over 5,000 miles but have seen anything from 35 MPG in extremely cold weather to 65 MPG in town with temperatures above 50 degrees. Since most cars see a drop in MPG in the winter, I am satisfied with the results I've seen so far.


Living in the Philly area, I'm getting 34-35 mpg consistently with 4000 miles on the car. I hope things turn around in the summer, but thus far the mpg has been a disappointment.

As the former owner of two Honda Accords, one was a hatchback the other a sedan. These comments about the 2014 Accord Hybrid make me glad when I was looking for a hybrid car in 2013 that I purchased a 2013 Fusion Hybrid. When I put 9000 miles on the lifetime MPG on the car was 41.1. I do not drive like a retiree or Speed Racer. I am in DC so the lifetime average in the cold has dropped to 40.1. I can get as high as 65+ MPG on short trips in the city. I may never get 47 MPG but I predict that I will get close to 45 MPG for a lifetime average once I put more than 20k on the car. I like Honda's but I put my bias against American cars aside when I test drove several America, Japanese and Korean cars. The real deal breaker if I was in the market for a 2014 hybrid would have been the Hybrid Accords rear seats not being retractable. This was a problem and a deal breaker in the older Fusion hybrids for me since I carry things that are large.

Roger Wolsey

People don't seem to realize that a) cold weather lowers the fuel efficiency of all autos - including gas/petrol ones, and b) the EPA estimates are for ideal conditions and they assume people know to adjust things for their specific context and driving styles and conditions.

Estimates are not promises or guarantees.

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