2014 Chevrolet SS Cars.com Review


You want a Camaro's visceral thrill but need a sedan's everyday practicality. Chevrolet aims to offer the best of both worlds with the 2014 SS, its first high-performance, rear-wheel-drive sedan since Bill Clinton won a second term in the Oval Office. Cars.com reviewer Aaron D. Bragman says the new SS delivers, boasting a powerful 415-horsepower, 6.2-liter V-8 and a comfortable, high-quality interior. The sedan's generic looks are forgettable, but with a 5-second zero-to-60 mph time, all anyone will see is a passing streak anyway. Read Bragman's review below.

2014 Chevrolet SS Review



One of the best things about this car is that everything is included in the base price, with few options to drive the sticker into the stratosphere. You can spend more than $43k on an A4, or four cylinder 3 series once you start adding options. SS is the definition of bang for the buck.


Yawn. Cancelled in two years, tops.


The exterior styling is beyond boring. The lack of a manual transmission will never make me want one (Don't chime in Sheth, but thanks though). No Brembo's in the back? That look is tacky on the Mustang and remains so on the SS.

Interior is nice, especially in person.


This is a no nonsense driver's car that handles like a European sedan but with an American powerplant and it pulls it off. I was also amazed by its interior space. Well built too.


yes a manual is what's needed to make this a top seller. Good call. The market for V8 sedans with manual is huge.


A manual version would increase interest greatly for this Super Sleeper. Don't understand why they haven't offered it.


same reason other 400hp sedans (CTS Vsport, SRT8 models, 550i, E550, etc.) don't offer them. Little demand in premium V8 powered sports sedans. Even many sports cars don't offer manuals anymore.

This car looks good and seems to be fast but I think I'll stick with a Taurus SHO. Relatively the same, without the power; but who needs that much power in a family car?!


"yes a manual is what's needed to make this a top seller. Good call. The market for V8 sedans with manual is huge."

I didn't say anything like that, not even close. It's not offered, therefore I wouldn't own one. That's what I said.

Last time we discussed this, Sheth, you were a condescending pr*ck about it and it continues. Based on your own personal (and terrible) vehicle choices I really don't think I need you telling me what I would be in the market for or what would make a vehicle a best seller. Thanks though!


you would own one otherwise? Of course not- look at the badge. Don't pretend your lack of interest has anything to do with what features are or are not offered. As noted, if you are looking for a manual in a V8 powered luxury sedan you have basically no options. So saying you won't consider the SS means you really have no interest in this segment. Period.


Although I would personally prefer a manual, its lack of such will not deter me from buying one. Excited to see one in person, excited to test drive one, and excited to put one in my garage. Well, that is, unless GM brings over the Commadore SS Sportwagon. Please god do so...

Seems like a great vehicle.


Looks like a Chevy Cruze wearing a longer, 2014 Malibu hood in the article picture. If it weren't for the technical stats, this Super Sleeper could make me drowzy (without coffee) looking at it. I think the Pontiac G8 looked much more exciting and we all know how that turned out. It's like vanilla pudding, but... with a lot of kick!!

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