What Does This Button Do?


I like feeling pampered — even in a car. That doesn't mean a hoity-toity attitude, just some good manners. Naturally, I loved the civility of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 coupe. During my drive, it seemed that the E350's mystery button was saying, "Please, allow me to let me help you." So, what does this button do?


When combining a coupe's long doors and a shorter person's seat position, reaching back for the seat belt can be difficult. The E350 doesn't want this to dissuade you from using seat belts, so it employs "front seat belt presenters." With a push of the button, motorized arms reach out and hand you the seat belt. Once you grab the belt and buckle up, the presenters retreat back into the housing and tighten any slack in the seat belt.

Almost every time the arm reached out to hand me the seat belt I said, "Why, thank you." After all, I'm sure the E350 appreciates good manners, too.

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That seems like a funny but needed button. Kinda of crazy they made it but it does serve a purpose.


I think it's a great idea my wife would love this feature.
It would be great if they tied this to the memory seat function
that would eliminate one extra switch on the dash board.

They're definitely getting creative. I'm curious to see if and when this feature will be present in other models.

This is both cool and lazy at the same time. But it does seem like there is a point to it so that helps.


I thought at first it was for the "Mother-in-law ejection" feature.

Very cool. Can't believe it's taken this long to find a solution to this, though. It's that way with a lot of things, isn't it? For instance, have you ever wondered why shaving razors are so expensive and another company still hasn't come along to challenge them? Well, it actually has, only you might not have heard of us. We're a shaving company called Dorco and our quality razors cost up to 70% less than leading brands. Read what others think of the quality of our blades and systems and see our prices for yourself at DorcoUSA.com. Thanks for posting; this was a really interesting read.


Acura used to have seat belt presenters on the old Legend coupes. They pivoted instead of telescoped.


That can help people with shoulder trouble. Often, reaching back for the seat belt can be difficult or painful.


One step closer to our immovable morbidly obese future selves (à la WALL-E). Yay for convenience!

Mr Chris Donald Ritter

I believe that M-B had this long ago on the SL....Like 10+ years..


Summons the Starship Enterprise.


Buckle your seat belt


This is what my husband does....he opens my car door and hands me my seatbelt!


Then what's the red army man with the rifle who lighs up on the dash for?

ron tauer

Very helpful for super seniors.

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