Toyota Promises Camry Safety Fix


We already know that Toyota is planning to update its midsize sedan for the 2015 model year, and now we know why. The Detroit News is reporting that the automaker plans to change its best-selling sedan to address the Camry's poor crash test scores.

The 2013 Camry failed the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's newest and toughest test, the small front overlap crash, receiving a poor rating. However, Bill Fay, head of the Toyota division in the United States, stressed that the sedan is still an IIHS Top Safety Pick. Cars need to score good in the conventional front, side, rear and roof-strength tests to earn the Top Safety Pick designation, but have to pull in an acceptable or better in the small front overlap test to get the new Top Safety Pick Plus award.

"The engineering side of the company is busy working on the car to make some modifications to it so that it will do better in the SOL [small overlap] tests," Fay told the paper.

Toyota has some compelling reasons for the fix. Consumer Reports recently removed the Camry from its list of recommended cars and the sedan's main competitor, the Honda Accord, aced the IIHS' crash tests. 

The Camry's poor crash test performance doesn't seem to be affecting sales, however; Toyota sold 30,376 Camrys in November, up from last November's 28,765 units.

Toyota exec vows to fix Camry concerns (The Detroit News)
Toyota Plans Updated Camry Next Year
Honda Shines, Toyota Falls in Latest IIHS Crash Tests

By Jennifer Geiger | December 11, 2013 | Comments (8)



Toyota has been lowering its standards on quality the last 1/2 decade or so. No surprise here...


Oh look it's a anti-Japanese troll who's jealous Toyota has the #1 selling car.


#1 selling car by piling incentives on the hood to move the thing out of the dealer lot...
It is by far not the best sedan in its class.
I definitely don't want to be in the driver's seat when that small overlap takes place. The lower limbs are goners.

Matthew Clay

Bo.....Your being the troll...Jay stated his opinion and you attacked him...Toyota is a great company that makes god reliable cars, but safety is also important. The Camry was redesign not to long ago and did really but in the new test. Its performance was just unacceptable in 2013. A vehicle needs to be safe and reliable.....not one or the other.


Camry is junk - dose who understand cars know it. 2004 is not pleasure to drive but 2009 is even worse. Didn't try new one but saw assembly flaws. Honestly, this whole group is flawed. Accord is more or less decent car to drive. But they also have problems. Although, I think, Hondas take care of safety. In Honda you will survive. Toyota on the other hand has issues - Corolla also didn't show great results.


For auto enthusiasts, the Camry would pretty much be at the bottom of the list for its segment (with the Mazda6 being the top choice).


You're not an auto enthusiast if you're driving a Camry, Mazda6, or any car in this segment. You may think you are but you're clearly not.


Pretty pissed that I dropped $30,000+ for a loaded Camry Hybrid...I knew the Fusion would've been the better choice.

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