Ten Cars That Won't See 2015


Automakers give all sorts of reasons for canceling a model. Sometimes it comes from a deliberate one-and-done cycle, as Scion often employs. Other times a car too similar to its corporate siblings — compare the ultra-luxury Maybach brand to an optioned-out Mercedes-Benz S-Class — and allowed to age without a redesign can spell doom. And some cars just plain stink: Four of our 10 Worst Cars of the 2000s sputtered out with no direct replacement.

Whatever the cause, cancellations often coincide with lackluster sales. Consider former Volvo spokesman James Hope, whose eulogy for the now-defunct S40 and V50 was short and sweet. "The S40 and V50 are great cars," Hope said. "Our focus, however, needs to be on our [sales] volume vehicles."

More than a dozen models were discontinued in 2013. We polled our editors to see which cars we think will meet their end next year.


1. Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet
The bizarre-looking Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet never found its audience, even after Nissan slashed its starting price twice. It doesn't help that the SUV-turned-convertible essentially came in one well-optioned trim that today runs $13,500 more than the base Murano. Nor do its road manners, which are anything but sporty. Nissan has sold all of 1,568 CrossCabriolets this year, so it only accounts for 3.9 percent of Murano sales. Get ready for the curtain; we think this vehicle is a one-act play.


2. Nissan Cube
In its 4½ years on the market, the Cube remains an enigma. Nissan originally touted the hatchback's "incognito canine" styling, but irony fell on the buyer. Get above city speeds, and the Cube is a dog: It handles like a skateboard, surrenders to highway crosswinds and has the passing power of a 1990s econobox. The side-hinged cargo door is anathema to parallel parking, and the once-impressive high-20s combined EPA mileage has been leapfrogged by Nissan's cheaper, techier Versa. The Versa, in fact, outsold the Cube this year by a ratio of nearly 22-to-1. The Cube's modish interior sports water-droplet themes in the headliner and cupholders, but the waves have run their course. This Nissan could head out to sea.


3. Volkswagen Eos
With a starting price north of $36,000, the aging Eos holds a sensible perch within Volkswagen Group's pantheon of brands. It starts right about where the soft-top Beetle convertible maxes out, but still runs thousands less than the A5 Cabriolet from Volkswagen's upscale Audi brand. But these days few Volkswagen shoppers take the plunge. Even after a styling refresh, sales in 2012 amounted to just 6,214 cars; through November 2013, they're down 32.3 percent. The Beetle convertible outsells the Eos by a ratio of more than 4-to-1. Its asking price could be hard for a Volkswagen shopper to stomach — and with Audi's forthcoming (and presumably more affordable) A3 Cabriolet, the case for an Eos becomes thinner still.


4. Honda Crosstour

While its Accord platform mate saw a stylish redesign for 2013, the unsightly Crosstour continues to earn its place alongside such eyesores as the Chevy Lumina APV and Subaru B9 Tribeca in Cars.com's Top 10 Ugly Cars. If Honda wants to rescue the nameplate, a sweeping overhaul with more versatility, better sightlines and improved cabin quality is in order. The Crosstour did get styling tweaks and a remodeled interior for 2013, but that amounts to a hill of beans compared to the Accord's redesign. Sales through November are down 17 percent; the end could be near.


5. Acura TSX
In Honda's Acura luxury division, the TSX formula made sense: Take an overseas version of the Accord sedan, add a few more standard features and rebadge it for stateside shoppers. Problem is, those shoppers now have the more affordable, Civic-based ILX to choose from, and that puts the squeeze between the TSX and Acura's larger TL. Further complicating matters, the TSX with an optional V-6 overlaps TL territory — and for similar money, the TL has more features and cabin room plus better fuel economy. The ILX and TL both outsell the TSX, and Acura might weigh anchor to focus on the other two.


6. Toyota Land Cruiser
With a starting price damn near $80,000, the Land Cruiser flies in the high-luxury stratosphere. Yet its comatose steering, disconnected ride, still-fake wood trim and low-rent plastics would be embarrassing on an SUV that's half this price. The Land Cruiser's luxury sibling, the Lexus LX 570, improves on cabin quality enough to command its price. Toyota could leave the turf to its Lexus subsidiary and focus on the less-expensive Sequoia SUV, which has more room and a lower price. In fact, shoppers have bought fewer Land Cruisers this year than any other Toyota, Lexus or Scion model currently on sale. The nameplate has lots of history, but unless Toyota reboots the formula, we think it will become history.


7. Land Rover LR2
We wonder where Land Rover's least expensive SUV, the LR2, sits in the brand's lineup. Throw on a few options, and the LR2 treads into Range Rover Evoque territory — and it's clear Land Rover has funneled more resources toward the latter. The Evoque is a bit smaller but a lot sharper, with a chic interior and 15 percent better EPA combined fuel efficiency. The LR2, meanwhile, soldiers into its seventh model year without a redesign. Sales are all but a dribble; this is the slowest seller by a fair margin among Land Rover's five SUVs. The brand faces a conundrum: Redesign the LR2 with the brand's current face, and it will become all but impossible to differentiate from the Evoque. Any price increase would overlap the two completely, too. The easy solution would be to pull the plug, and Land Rover may do just that.


8. Lincoln MKT
The MKT joined the Crosstour and Murano CrossCabriolet as current-day denizens on our ugly-cars list. (The BMW 5 Series GT made it there, too, but BMW seems hell-bent to sell Americans on hatchbacks.) Ford's luxury division has righted the styling ship in some areas, like the new MKC. But Lincoln still hangs by a sales thread. Through November, the Taurus sedan outsold all five Lincoln models combined. The three-row MKT shares platforms with the Ford Flex, but even those product-development savings may not be enough to rescue it. Rather, the MKT's ticket to longevity may lay in fleet sales. A replacement for the livery-staple Town Car, the MKT could sell to limo companies for years to come. Retail sales to individual consumers, however, remain a question mark.


9. Volkswagen Touareg
Like the Eos, the Touareg costs a pretty penny for a Vee-Dub. It starts around $45,000 and finishes north of $60,000. At that price, the Touareg overlaps the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne — both SUVs from Volkswagen Group's upmarket Audi and Porsche subsidiaries and platform siblings with the original Touareg. The formula has rendered around 7,415 sales through November, a figure the Q7 and Cayenne both beat. Why buy a Touareg when a few thousand bucks more gets you a Cayenne? That's a good question. Volkswagen may answer it by eliminating the choice altogether.


10. Smart ForTwo
Slow sales, poor drivability and unremarkable gas mileage — with premium gas! — weigh down the tiny ForTwo, which has the ignominy of topping Cars.com's Worst Cars of the 2000s. Little has changed since, and parent company Daimler (which owns Mercedes-Benz) needs to reboot or rescind the Smart experiment. Either way, the ForTwo as we know it may not be around for long.


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Lincoln should never have changed their naming nomenclature. The MKT should have always been the Town Car.

Thanks for amusing me by throwing Smart 4 2 on your list, but bottom line: Gas is a Dinosaur.
I am not connected to the Smart Electric Drive, manufacturers, dealers, or sales. I am an owner of a Smart ED. From the vaulted postition of complete ignorance, it seems to me that what I saw them do was design a car around the engine.
They did so at a time when the industry's paradigm was "take our car and throw an electric motor in." The other way, tho it takes longer, is a more effective product.
And I believe that's what all we top-of-the-wave owners are proving every day.
Daimler/ Swatch started with an electric battery and built a car around it. I love it... hands-down best decision I ever made.
Bottom Line: you're judging the gas version, and it's already dead. Indeed I could say "gas is a dinosaur."


So sad about the Nissan Cube. It is a wonderful car. Sitting in it is like being in a cathedral. Head room for miles. Great gas mileage for a square non aerodynamic vehicle. I had plans to stay with this car till the "wheels fall off" and buy another. Hope fully someone out there will create something similar with ample headroom. By the way the go kart feel on the road makes it fun.


If I'm not mistaken both the TL and TSX are getting dropped and replaced by one car to take on the middle of the range spot for Acura.


Crosstour, X-5 and X-6...hands down the ugliest vehicles on the road today discounting the 10 Aztecs still roaming the planet.
Unless there's a FUNCTIONING camera on the stern, you'd have to be 7' tall to see out the rear window. I too agree with the Cube.Nasty looking little thing, and I'd like to see the bill for the curved window that the kid broke with his baseball. :(~

The Smart ForTwo would have been far more successful in this market if the European version was sold here. Fuel economy on the E.U. diesel is over 70 mpg. I wanted one, but was disappointed when I saw the U.S. fuel economy estimates.

T. Sinclair

Frankly, besides the ones mentioned above, there are quite a few more cars that should have been scrapped.

One good thing is, that what we get as replacements for these losers should be much better, albeit more expensive.

Then again, you get what you pay for. And if cost and fuel economy are a consideration, maybe you can't afford a car.

Maybe we'll get lucky and as the market shakes itself out we'll see more of these dogs disappear by 2016.

deb browne

They should be sell the Smart for 2 diesel here and it might get better sales.

Talentless Hack

I saw the numbers on the Smart Fortwo, and thought to myself, "why bother?" Benz could very easily replace it with the latest version of the A-class. Drive a real Benz and get 40 MPG - on diesel, of course. Costs the same as premium unleaded.


We saw tha Smart in Rome back in 2001 and it was a great car in the environment for which it was intended (tight streets and miniscule parking spaces), but it is a fish out of water here in the states, just like any other "city car."

Chris H

I wonder if Lincoln designers realize that the MKT is a hearse. It is an UGLY vehicle & I don't know many people interested in driving something that looks like it belongs to a funeral parlor. They should dump it or redesign it.


I have an EOS Convertible and love this car. Quality and reliability are outstanding!!!

Norm F

Smart car diesels might have been better but now I own a diesel pickup I realize how few gas stations in town sell diesel. Most are on the edge or town near main highways. Not really consumer friendly.

Staci Kanter

I love my Lincoln MKT. I previously only drove Mercedes and this car converted me over to Lincoln. I think it's much better looking than the Mercedes R class! It drives beautifully and is extremely comfortable and well appointed. For a mom with 2 kids in car seats, I needed a 3 row SUV or a minivan. Looked at a large number of options and the MKT was the clear winner. We don't all have the same taste. Personally, I think the design (or lack thereof )the Ford Flex is hideous but some people love it.


I don't see Land Cruiser going away, and don't agree with this article's assessment of its interior quality. It's obviously a cut above Sequoia in quality. It's off-road abilities are second only to Land Rover, though folks in Africa often prefer the Land Crusher for their rugged landscape. The basic design was perfected decades ago, so it is likely a high profit vehicle , as well as being a halo vehicle that established Toyota in America. Unless Toyota is dropping hints that it's a goner my money would be on it hanging around for the foreseeable future.


None of these cars will be missed.

A coworker of mine said Nissan was going to build a coupe to rival the BRZ/FR-S but that the main guy at Toyota had a wife that wanted a convertible suv. How Crazy is that!


I agree with all but they need to add the Scion Xd, this little car is 100% forgettable, in fact all of Scion is forgettable except the FR-S. Apparently an all new Smart is being designed so who knows.

King of the road

The LC from Toyota is just a great SUV. Smart intelligent, just with right weight and sexy engine. The american GM's vehicle 2015 versions are big boxy and it look like the designers took a volountary retirement. LC Toyota is great with offroad as well far better than sequoia, looks like an elephant and dumb.


I am professional Limo driver (HVT Limo) I drove Lincoln Town Car for over twenty years. The mileage I put on them was between 400k to 500k in five year period. I don't think any vehicle can take these many miles in NYC driving. I am personally heart broken when Lincoln changed the Town Car shape to look like a hearse. I will never by an MKT because of it's ugly shape. Please petition Lincoln to bring back the old Town Car with a good looking shape and if they can make this sedan AWD then it will take over the Limo industry again thank you. I bought a Honda Odyssey instead not doing so well in the Limo industry and I am financially hurt


The Honda Crosstour is the best car I've ever owned and we really love the design. Now two of my neighbors have bought one also! Honda has already announced the 2015 so it's here to stay. If you drive one, you'll buy it. I guarantee it!

Don Mack

Buy an Escalade if you want phony glitz, don't use it off road, no low range. Get any model of range rover and find out what consumer report mag low reliability rating means.Gas guzzler? Some one who writes a check for an eighty thousand dollar suv probably couldn't care less. My 2010 LC tows my 8000 lb of machinery thr the muck better than my duramax could. The 4wd system with the crawl mode and the center differential lock up is the best I have ever used.

Glenn Guenther

The Cube is a great car. I bought a 2011 model new. Been cross country, D.C.-San Diego more than a 6 times, no issues whatsoever. Crosswinds, wind noise--I have no idea what people are talking about, no better or worse than my prior cars (two Honda Civics). Lots of room for me, good visibility, and the seat is high enough that I simply slide in instead of having to bend down like in my prior Honda's (not getting younger). So far, I would buy it again without question. I don't understand why single people who live in urban area need Chevy Tahoe's or other large SUVs. If they are so damn scared of getting killed in a car crash, they shouldn't be driving to begin with.


We bought a lightly used 2011 Cube and had it wrapped to advertise our real estate business. Everyone comments on it and it is a blast to drive. It even fits our Newfoundland dog with the seats down. Yabadabadoo!


My wife and I have had a Cube for 4 years and love it. We didn't buy it to fly by traffic. It's extremely comfortable, reliable, and has more room than most small SUVs. We would definitely buy another.

John Ross

written by someone that does not understand niche vehicles. dude, not everyone wants honda accords and toyota camrys. i suggest you celebrate diversity.

I'll go for Nissan Cube. I love that car because the quality has seen an essential improvement over its predecessor, with better trim and parts used.


I really like my Land Rover LR2 (2013). It's a great ride! Interior quality is very nice too. I don't know why it's maligned so much. I test drove a lot of cars last year before I bought it ... most of the SUVs in its class of similar price point... and BY FAR the LR2 stood out as the best. Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Pilot, Dodge Durango were all crap, and talk about cheap interiors! Not so with the LR2.


Kelsey Mays IS an idiot...just check his reviews and see why...a robot that talks is what he is!


We have a 2009 Cube and absolutely love it. I'm 6'7" and I have plenty of head room and leg room in it. It's easy to climb in and out of, because I don't have to wrap myself like a pretzel to clear the low slung roof.

I have no idea what the writer is talking about with the performance either. I drive the car on the highway often and have no trouble passing other cars, merging with traffic and hearing the stereo when the windows are rolled up. I would be really sad to see it go.

Karen L

There is nothing wrong with a Chevy Lumina. I owned one for over 4 yrs and never had a major problem.


I am not sure that this person has ever driven a cube because this sounds like rehashed material of people that just can't get past the look. I have a 2009 SL. Yes, you can feel the crosswind, but less than any SUV I have ever driven and some cars. As for the speed and power issue. I prefer sticks, but the CVT has won me over. The cube has power and speed at any reasonable speeds, say under 80. Yeah, sure it doesn't have the power of a Camero or a Mustang, but you know what? It isn't a sports car. It is a city car that also works well for trips.


I love mt cube. I have always drove Dastun 280ZX's and I knew my first new car would be a Nissan. I thought it was going to be a 350 Z, but in 2009 I bought a Versa for modifying and a daily driver. six months later I fell in love with the cube and it's uniqueness. I bought the 6sp manual and its a blast to drive. I have drivenit all over, helped people move, and even taken three awards at car shows. This editor knows nothing about the car. My friends love it and three have bought one. They hate it until they get in and drive it.


The LR2 doesn't need to get axed, it just needs a re-design.

Tim Moore

Well, none of the VW predictions came true. This seems like a bunch of guesswork, with no facts backing them up.


Still want a cabriolet. They were just priced too high! They read my mind. I don't want to give up the height but really want a convertible.


In defense of the cross tour,bought a 2014 to replace the wife's 06 Accord.One of the nicest cars that we have purchased.This was purchased after trying vehicles from various manufactures.Try one you'll like it.


Only if Glenn Guenther spent as much time acting like a Commanding Officer as he does writing reviews Weapons Training Bn wouldn't suck as bad as it did under him. We now see where his priorities were.


I own an MKT. It is a great vehicle and I like the retro. At least it doesn't look the same dozens of other imports. Where do these critics come from?

Cube owner since 2009 and still love and appreciate this car. No problems. It's made in Japan. US made Sienna, can't say the same. Sure, it's not as planted on the road as the Sienna at 90+, but you are not supposed to go that fast anyway


I don't know where you learned to write, but you don't put a comma in front of a conjunction. e.g. This, and that. You Dumbass.


Acura's compact sedan production has been extended till 2017 for rental companies due to popular demand.

Yes, the smart car WILL see 2015.


Mercedes-Benz is killing off the GL-class luxury SUV by next week due to being competition to the also-large-yet-full-frame G-class. Mercedes will replace the GL-class with an entry-level version of the G-class, known as the G 400. Expect 310 hp and 480 lb-ft out of a twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V6, and a fuel economy of at least 27 mpg on the highway. It's official!


GOOD NEWS: Due to extremely popular demand, Mercedes cancelled the plan to end production of the GL, which is a unibody, more comfortable version of the unrelated G-Wagen.

MKT Driver

I drive a Lincoln MKS as well as an MKT and absolutely LOVE both of them. They're both AWD, the MKT is a twin turbo version and they're absolutely outstanding in every way. They're roomy, powerful, comfortable and ride like a dream while handling exceptionally well. My license plate reads HURSSS if that tells you how proud I am of the styling?? LOVE IT!


We love our Cube! My husband drives it to work daily, 35 miles each way, and it gets 34 mpg. It has plenty of pep, very easy to hit 80 mph getting onto the interstate! If Nissan would have promoted the Cube the way Kia has promoted the Soul, they would have sold a lot more. I have never spoken to anyone who owned a Cube that didn't love it!


I have had my 2009 Cube for over a year, and it is my favorite car I have ever had! I was so disappointed to find out they were discontinued. My 6 foot boyfriend loves the roomy interior. It is easy to get in and out of, and it has plenty of space for toting 3 kids under 11 and their soccer gear around town. I have NEVER had an issue with pick-up when trying to accelerate to merge or pass, and I LOVE the continuously variable transmission (CVT). I drive around 75 mph on I-4 often between Tampa and Orlando, and the wind has never been an issue, either with handling or with drowning out any sounds inside the car. It is zippy and handles like a dream! I'm pretty sure the author of the article has never sat in, nor driven one.

Nelda Adams

Omg, Stacy Katner, I'm with you. As a mother of three, ages ranging in ages 2-8, my MKT is a Godsend! I initially thought I wanted a Ford Flex. My mind was totally blown when I drove the Lincoln. It's fast,roomy, and so sleek to me. Mine is burgundy and sooo pretty! It has more style than the other 3 seaters and I REFUSE to drive a mini - van just yet. I have the sports wagon that Chevy Chase wanted in Family Vacation, lol

These cars were really awesome. I would definitely miss them. Some of the cars like Lincoln are my favorite too.

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