McLaren Developing High-Tech Replacement for Wiper Blades


Wiper blades may be a thing of the past if McLaren — maker of the MP4-12C supercar — has its way.

McLaren's chief designer, Frank Stephenson, told Britain's Sunday Times the automaker is adapting a system that uses high-frequency sound waves instead of a physical wiper blade to remove water, insects and more from a windshield. Sounding more like a sci-fi force field on a spaceship than anything imaginable in a new car, McLaren says the technology is already used in fighter jets.

Sure, it's going to be expensive at first, but sign us up for one less stalk on the steering column and no more prying frozen blades from the windshield in zero-degree weather. There's also the added bonus of better aerodynamics and reduced weight once a wiper motor, blades, arms and linkages are gone.

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By Joe Bruzek | December 17, 2013 | Comments (5)



Perhaps then people will re-discover the turn signal lever!


As someone who actually works on high performance jets, specifically the F/A 18 Hornet, no such system exists on fighter planes. We use bleed air from the engines which blows across the windscreen. we also use a specific type cleaning agent that causes water to bead. This coupled with high speed flight keeps the water off the windscreen and canopy.

It probably also stops dogs from chasing your car. Either that or calls more of them to chase.

That sounds extremely high tech! I wonder what people will think of next?

@ Ron

I think a F/A 18 flying at 500mph would not worry about water on a canopy, hand dryers alone use less air speed to dry hands,

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