Hyundai-Kia Settles Mileage Lawsuit; Owners Get Lump-Sum Option


In November 2012, an EPA investigation and consumer watchdog complaints led Hyundai and Kia to restate gas mileage on more than two dozen 2011, 2012 and 2013 models. The affiliated Korean automakers conceded interpretation errors on EPA procedures and launched a program to compensate some 900,000 owners with reloadable debit cards that factored in the difference in mileage with the cost of gas, plus 15 percent extra apology cash. The debit cards require periodic odometer checks at dealerships, however — a different path than Ford took when it restated gas mileage on the C-Max. The Michigan automaker reimbursed current C-Max lessees and owners $325 and $550, respectively.

What to Do If You Own an Affected Hyundai, Kia

Now, as the result of a recently settled class-action lawsuit, owners of affected Hyundai and Kia models can get their own lump-sum payout. Hyundai and Kia have agreed to offer lump-sum reimbursements that average $353 per affected Hyundai and $667 per affected Kia. That leaves owners with a few options, according to the automaker:

  • Decline the lump-sum payout and continue to receive periodic payouts on the debit-card program for as long as you own the car.
  • Accept the payout, which comes minus anything you've already received in the debit-card program.
  • Accept a dealership credit of 1.5 times the lump sum.
  • Accept a credit of two times the lump sum toward the purchase of a new Hyundai or Kia.

It's unclear what the dealership credit goes toward. Specifics per model also remain unclear — representatives at both brands didn't return our messages — but Hyundai said a 2012 Elantra owner would receive $320.

What payout makes more sense? We ran the numbers. If you drove 12,000 annual miles and gas averaged $3.50 a gallon, the difference in fuel between the 2012 Elantra's original EPA rating (33 mpg combined) versus the restated rating (32 mpg) amounts to about $40 per year. The debit-card program would reimburse you that plus an extra 15 percent, or about $46 per year. The program extends as long as you own the vehicle (it isn't transferrable), so it would take about seven years in this scenario to break even with the lump-sum payout. That's a year longer than the average new-vehicle owner keeps his car. Throw in the fact that cash today is worth more than the same amount paid over time — you could invest it and make a return — and it makes little sense not to take the payout, particularly if leased your Hyundai.

Unless, of course, you drive a ton. Take a driver who puts 25,000 annual miles on that 2012 Elantra. Given the same gas price, Hyundai's debit-card program would dispense around $76 per year, which makes the break-even point just 3.4 years.

Kia's per-vehicle average ($667) is much higher, presumably because popular cars like the Soul saw combined mileage fall by a larger margin. The 2012 and 2013 Soul saw combined EPA mileage drop 10 to 14 percent, depending on the version.

Hyundai and Kia said the court settlement totals $395 million, though exact amounts depend on how many owners take part in the lump-sum program. The Detroit News reports the automaker has more than $400 million ready to pay claims, but it's unclear if the EPA — which is still investigating Hyundai-Kia — will assess civil penalties beyond it.

Owners can visit or for more information. Hyundai's website says a "more in-depth website dedicated to the lump sum settlement will be available in the future."

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By Kelsey Mays | December 27, 2013 | Comments (64)



How do I go about getting the cash payout from Hyundai? I no longer own the vehicle as of July 2013


I would think you're SOL already, but it doesn't hurt to call the dealership!


To Sherry: Call Hyundai of America directly.
99% guaranteed you're entitled to compensation you're a victim of their scam.


I bought a 2011 Kia Sportage with the same 2.4 motor, 6 speed transmission and mileage rating as a 2012 Sportage, but yet it is not included in Kia's settlement.

Kia apparently will only payout those that have sued and is simply neglecting a large segment of its customers. It has shown it is not an honest company once already.

I would not recommend buying a vehicle from this company.

Derrick G

@sherri: Looking at what's on the Kia site, it does look like you'd be eligible for the lump sum minus anything you'd already claimed under the mileage-based program assuming you first bought before Nov. 3, 2012.

Derrick G


The program only covers vehicles that were rated under a flawed testing protocol that was introduced after the '11 was rated. H-K made some changes to the Sportage and Tucson for MY '12 such as a new A/C system, so they were tested again under the new, flawed protocol. So the '12 models were adjusted. Generally, as long as cars are properly tested under EPA protocols, courts don't allow lawsuits on those ratings because legally those ratings are what manufacturers are required to advertise. Though I certainly don't blame you for being mad as the '11 ratings are higher than the restated '12 ratings despite the changes that supposedly upped MPG for '12.


Derrick, awesome comment.

Can I ask where you found this information?

Thanks again.


Yearly payment works great for me.... My 2012 Azera is on this plan and it's paid me $175 for 2 years of driving. AND the best thing is I'm getting 29mpg on the highway. these payment are for the life I own this car...
(org mileage was 29mpg down rated to 28mpg)

Derrick G



and here:

Note the presser seems to indicate the Sportage got GDI for '12, but only the turbo has it. '14 is the first MY for the 2.4 to get GDI.

Perhaps I should have mentioned courts haven't typically allowed individual claims. If you can find someone willing to make a class-action case of all Tucson and Sportage owners, you might get something.

W Fraser

I have a 2004 KIA Amanti , which misfires at low speed in High gear ,75,000 miles , it feels like plug wires or coil ? anybody else experience this?

William T. Stewart

I have a client who had a Kia Soul 2012 and was receiving on that. Thi client died and the vehicle was transferred to the devisee Can the estate get the lump sum payment minus what was already received?

B Oliver

Class Action Update: [Part 2 of 2] Some plaintiffs may take Hyundai into a jury trial. I believe the proposed settlement should be rejected as too loo low and bad faith. Hyundai agent Inglewood Police said if you come to a Hyundai dealer for service you will be arrested and thrown in jail. The motion to certify the class is set for Jan. 23 in Los Angeles. If you do not want the payout of $353, you may have to put that in writing and the door may stay open for a jury trial against Hyundai. Next court hearings are Jan. 9 and Jan. 23. If you want to make your voice heard before those dates, and express what you feel class members are due $$$$, write Judge George H. Wu, Phone 213-894-0191, 312 North Spring Street 10th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90012-4701, and priority mail a copy to the attorneys Hagens, Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, Phone 213-330-7150, 301 N Lake Avenue Suite 203, Pasadena, CA 91101. Mention Case 2:13-ml-2424-GW-FFM.

B Oliver

Class Action Update: [Part 1 of 2] Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro law firm know that in the same court district a Judge was inclined to grant entry of default against Hyundai for $85 million dollars, and this to a single class member plaintiff. Hyundai-Kia is now proposing only $353 to each class member. A Canadian class action asks for $10,000 each class member. Along with the deceptive gas mileage claims, Hyundai was also sued in the class action for false advertising, breach of express warranty, fraud, unjust enrichment, reduced resale value, however the proposed settlement by Hyundai appears to offer $353 for the false gas mileage claims ONLY. There is no indication that Hyundai offers damages for false advertising, breach of express warranty, fraud, unjust compensation, and reduced resale value of the vehicle.


Will they mail me a check or do I need to contact the dealership?

Melissa A

I have a 2012 kia soul and will stay on the fuel reimbursement program as I get back around $125.00 every 6 months so for me it will pay more than a lump some settlement.


I bought a 2013 optima exlury and milage posted on sticker is 50 MPG in Canada.The best I've ever got is 33 MPG.Dealer just keeps saying it will get better,When?


I was unaware of the lump sum payout and have been attempting to process my second payout from Hyundai since September, 2013. Have spoken w/6 different agents, have been assigned 3 different case numbers. They have told me that: 1)There will be a delay in the processing due to a high volume of new claims; 2)They were processing my claim "internally" and I should receive my card in 4 - 6 weeks (I didn't); 3)They were having problems sending the emails to hotmail, comcast & aol accounts;
4)Since I did not respond to the email I never received within 45 days, I need to have the mileage checked again;
5)Since I did not receive any of the emails, they were going to send a physical copy of the form through the mail (never got it).
Anyone else getting this kind of run-around?


I got $389.00 for a year and a half of driving (18000 miles). I have a Kia Soul ECO. I am definitely not taking the lump sum.


OBJECTING TO THE HYUNDAI-KIA PROPOSED fuel economy settlement. The proposed settlement has NOT been approved by the court yet and is set for hearing in March or April. You can object to the HYUNDAI - KIA class action proposed settlement. if you don’t like any part of it. You should give reasons why you think the court should not approve it. Mention In re Hyundai and Kia Fuel Economy Litigation No. MDL 13-2424-GW (C.D. Cal.). Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, signature, and if applicable Vehicle Vin number. Mail your letter to these three addresses: Clerk of the Court, United States District Court Central District of California, 255 East Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012–3332; Robert B. Carey, Hagans Berman Sobel Shapiro LLP, 11 West Jefferson St., Suite 1000, Phoenix, AZ 85003, Michael L. Kidney, Hogan Lovells US LLP, 555 Thirteenth Street NW, Washington DC 20004. COURT DOCUMENTS CAN BE SEEN ON THE SITE PACER.GOV. Also see the site for updates on the class action.


It has taken me MONTHS (since September '13 to get any real response from Hyundai to honor their mpg reimbursement. I put a lot of mile on my car, so the lump sum makes no sense. I have gotten the run around, promises were made, never honored... I finally took to social media and have received emails that indicate that the debit card should get to me in 7 - 10 days. Is anyone else having this kind of difficulty w/them?

linda gomez

Bought sonata 2013 hybrid.guaranteed 50 miles a gallon, est 560 miles a tank.sad to say started at 39 49 an now hasnt moved 34.5 my car but sad the mileage an blue star is poor.a beautiful car im at a hyundai loan 19.9 per cent due to credit.sonata still best car but they sale it with fualse mileage an services.still grateful to get ot o a ford trade in

george chambers

i bought my soul expecting such a great deal, my wife's Toyota camery with 6 cyld gets better gas mileage than my soul. so when i go online to check to see if i get the settlement..for my 2010 it tells me i don't qualify...really? what crap. i would like to know who to contact on this.

Karen Garrett

how do i get a lump sum payment, i went to but no option for lump sum payment.

Roert Civil

I purchased a Sportage (EX) in May 2011, I never heard of any such reimbursement, Am I eligible, Will the local dealer understand my request or must I got to a national headquarter ?
bob civil


Waiting for supposed second email.they said the first one went to spam. Nope. I checked. Run around. Yes.

Doug Greenwold

I recently purchased a 2013 Hyundai Sante Fe Sport. I began to notice that the MPG the onboard dashboard computer was telling me didn't square with MPG I calculated in my head. I ran a test for 4200 miles keeping meticulous detail of each fill up and the average MPG both experienced and what the dashboard was telling me. I found that the onboard computer overstated my mileage by an average of 11.7%. If the Hyundai computer said I got 30 MPG, my own math showed I got 26.8 MPG. Do you think that in correcting the MPG on the sales sticker as part of the EPA settlement that Hyundai failed to correct the overstating algorithm in its onboard computer? Every time I fill up, I'm reminded that what I actually get for MPG is not what the onboard computer is telling me I should have gotten. So far at Hyundai I'm not getting any answers, just people who don't know how to respond to my issue.

CLASS ACTION UPDATE FROM COURT: "MINUTES OF PLAINTIFFS' MOTION FOR CERTIFICATION OF SETTLEMENT CLASS 184 ; PLAINTIFFS' MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY APPROVAL OF CLASS SETTLEMENT AND ORDER DIRECTING NOTICE TO THE CLASS 185 ; PLAINTIFFS' IN GENTRY, ET AL. V. HYUNDAI MOTOR AMERICA'S MOTION FOR SUGGESTION OF REMAND AND ENFORCEMENT OF STIPULATION IN OPEN COURT 230 hearing held before Judge George H. Wu. The Court's Tentative Ruling is circulated and attached hereto. Court hears oral argument. For reasons stated on the record, the above-entitled motions are continued to July 24, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. Plaintiffs will have until July 7, 2014 to file their supplemental briefs and revised notice and forms. Responses will be filed by July 16, 2014. Any reply will be filed by noon on July 21, 2014. Court Reporter: Katie Thibodeaux. (lom) (Entered: 06/27/2014)" .....OTHER NEWS: Los Angeles: Hyundai Kia Update: Hyundai and Kia want the class action settlement to provide affected car owners with about $400 per car owner (an Inglewood Small claims court awarded similar
damages to one plaintiff of $700 and Hyundai had agreed to pay it which is $300 more than they now propose), while Virginia owners of the Elantra want the full purchase price refunded (around $14,000 per vehicle depending on down payment) plus treble damages. Hyundai and some of its dealers have admitted in court documents (1) that they cannot tell dealers to provide warranty service to your vehicle and (2) that their dealers can refuse you warranty service. This contradicts the warranty where Hyundai
promises the dealer will service your vehicle. No wonder Virginia Hyundai owners want the full
purchase price refunded plus treble damages. It is sad that some of the California class action plaintiffs
fight against the full refund. Let's hope the Judge either requires the settlement to include full purchase refund or allow the Virginia plaintiffs to separate from the class action and pursue their case to trial.
The court hearing is tomorrow at 9am Los Angeles in the central district courtroom of Judge George H. Wu on Spring Street on the 10th floor. Case 2:13-ml-02424-GW-FFM. Settlement is a two stage process and this case is still at stage one approval. Stay tuned.

Correction: The last court hearing was June 26. The next court hearing will be July 24. If you can access Pacer, you can view and download case documents.


Holly- My Hyundai dealer is doing same thing to me. Have you ever received anything via email or phone?> I have had my car since 2012 only receiving one card i have 46,000 on my car. I drive a lot. If this does not get figured out this may be my last Hyundai buy.


I have a 2013 Kia Soul and I have received over $1000 from Kia on their reimbursement so why would I take $600? I am awaiting my second payment of $471.01, you do the math and tell me if the payout would be a good thing or not!!! I seriously put 22,000 miles on my car and got $471.01. It's a pain in the ass to go to the dealership but I only do it once a year so it's not that bad.


HYUNDAI KIA FUEL ECONOMY CLASS ACTION UPDATE The case still has not settled with more hearings scheduled. A federal Judge in the Hyundai Kia Fuel Economy Class action case has valued damages at $2700 to each affected car owner but admits the class action proposed settlement will only pay car owners about 10% of that amount or $240. Case 2:13-ml-02424 Central District Los Angeles. Judge George H. Wu called the $240 a “fair, reasonable, and adequate amount”. July 24 2014 filed document. Attorneys, however, will probably make millions. Do you think the $240 is fair or would you rather have $2700?


According to court papers, there will be not customary publication in magazines or newspapers of the settlement when it is final. Plus attorneys claim that Hyundai will pay them directly rather than out of the settlement fund; thus, sounds like a done deal as far as the attorney fees go. Those agreeing with the settlement an occur in court to testify; those who want to be excluded from the settlement cannot appear on court. Sounds like it should be the other way around. Apparently other lawsuits will still continue against Hyundai Kia and that is a good thing.


Corrected: According to court papers, there will not be the customary publication in magazines or newspapers of the settlement when it is final. Plus attorneys claim that Hyundai will pay them directly rather than out of the settlement fund; thus, sounds like a done deal as far as the attorney fees go. Those agreeing with the settlement can appear in court to testify; those who want to be excluded from the settlement cannot appear on court. Sounds like it should be the other way around. Apparently other lawsuits will still continue against Hyundai Kia and that is a good thing.

Sandra Palmquist

Where on this expansive website is the detail of how to receive a cash payout for my 2012 Kia Soul?


Hyundai Capital America doing business as Hyundai Motor Finance is the subject of a motion for sanctions in the Los Angeles Central bankruptcy court. The motion filed September 5 2014 is pursuant to court general order 06–03 and asks for $110 million sanction against Hyundai Capital America dba Hyundai Motor Finance and $110 million against the law firm for Hyundai Capital America dba Hyundai Motor Finance and $110 million against the law offices of Austin P. Nagel. The motion was also served on attorney Carol G. Unruh, attorney Mary Tang, Melissa Acorn, Hyundai Motor Finance. The motion will be heard on October 15 at 1:30 PM, courtroom 1375, United States Bankruptcy Court, 255 East Temple St., Los Angeles, CA. Los Angles Mayor and Council under Mayor Eric Garcetti have also been notified.


Canada in kpg. 30mpg = 53kpg. Before buying a car maybe you need to learn what measuring system that country uses.


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Holly (and others)- I've had exactly the same run around with Hyundai. I've been trying to get a second reimbursement from Hyundai for months and have had nothing but difficulty. I keep getting told to keep an eye out for an e-mail that never comes and when I call back they now have to "manually" enter my claim. Having now waited the requisite 4-6 weeks (it's been 7), I called back to find out that this "manual" entry of my claim was never filed (shocker). The current line is that they're going to send out another e-mail request from which I'll have to wait another 4-6 weeks. I had similar trouble with getting my first reimbursement claim issued with several calls to the dealership to get the mileage recorded sent to Hyundai, and then 3 calls to the Hyundai Reimbursement program help line to actually get a debit card sent out. It took months of follow up before I finally got anything. This Hyundai Reimbursement Program is turning out to be quite a scam.

Jeff Rosen

Leasing a 2014 Hyundai Elantra Limited, when we first got the car the range was 636 Kilometers in the dash, Now when we fill up, The highest the range shows is 490 Kilometers maximum. we got this car in July/14 and I have seen Hyundai service about this and they look at me like I am crazy. Obviously by all of these posts I am not. How do I find out more nfo and who do I complain to.

Yaa Aba Wiredu

When is the closing date for eligibility of the Hyundai MPG Program. I submitted my documents some time back in Nov' 2013 and I was told the eligibility period has ended.

Someone please help me out if you were able to apply after November 2013


Can I be a part of this? I have a 2007 Sonata that never reached the MPG that was stated. It was always 5mpg under what was stated.


I have a 2012 Kia Soul & I have already received almost $500 from the fuel program--I don't understand where the $667 is coming from & why anyone thinks this is an acceptable lump sum amount??? To me--that's an insult....


Have a 2011 Kia Sorento 4 cylinder 6 speed trans. Gas mileage is very poor. It gets 17 mpg around town and 23 mpg on the highway. Took it back to dealer numerous times when new and they kept saying would get better. I now have 39,000 miles on it the the mileage is the same. Very conservative driver at age 75 years.


I have a kia sorento 2014 and the gas mileage is very poor, I drove a 150 miles and it took the whole gas tank. Took back to the dealer two times they said everything was fine.So I think they need to check also about the 2014 models.

Carlos J Costa

I need help with my unanswered questions about my Hyundai accent 2008 that cant live up to the milage they clam. With the real milage it gets.Help me .


I agree with george chambers
"i bought my soul expecting such a great deal... so when i go online to check to see if i get the settlement..for my 2010 it tells me i don't qualify...really? what crap. i would like to know who to contact on this."

I also bought my 2010 Soul because they briefly had TV ads that said, 34Mpg. Well, I get 27 MAX, never more than that. So, we are screwed, basically, because 2010 was the first year of the Soul and, apparently, our 2010's have been excluded - wtf???

Donna Mister

I have the milage reimbursement card, and I'm so frustrated with this program I could cry. Good luck getting your money. It's like pulling teeth. Every time you take your car to the dealership for service and YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM you want the mileage sent to the card company. Otherwise they won't do it. I didn't know that. Dummy me I just assumed they would do their job and send the mileage in. Nope! You havevto say to them "Even though it says right there on the computer screen that I am enrolled in the program, would you please send my mileage in to the company? " seems they make it as hard as they can so you get just frustrated enough to say the heck with it. Well I've reached my limit. You can go ahead and rip me off Hyndai, because I don't have the time or the energy to run behind you all to make sure you're doing your jobs.


Dateline or the today show should investigate! Help! I got2012 soul and it does suck on mpg! I just stubble on this lawsuit info.I'm not taking lump sum!


I own a 2013 Kia Soul and the milage
SUCKS. I just found out about this
class action lawsuit and feel I should be reimbursed also. How do I go about this.


They are going to encourage people to take the lump sum , so that means don't do it. Just go through the hassle of having your mileage validated at the dealership. I'm at 2.5 years and have gotten about $600 already.


I wouldn't recommend the lump sum. I have a 2012 Kia Soul and have already collected about $1000 on my debit card. It's worth the trip to the dealer. I try to remember to file my refund paperwork a few days before my car goes in for regular maintenance so I don't need an additional trip to the dealership to verify mileage.


How long does it take to get the debit card once the claim is submitted online?

Teresa Tios

I just received a notice of the settlement for the Hyundai car's, but am kind of confuse about this I already get the LRP for life, but don't know witch program is best for me. can you help me with this?
Thank you for all you help. Ms. Teresa Rios

jeanine L

I have a 12 soul and I have had a pretty easy time with the reimbursement process. last year was the first year I claimed and they sent me the card for 700 - 2 years worth, I drive a lot- and this year it is supposed to be 400.Last year it came in less than a week and this year were on 2 weeks and counting =( DO NOT TAKE THE LUMP SUM!


In a November 25 2014 filing, a debtor asks that the court sanctions Hyundai Motor Finance $500 million and $100 million against its attorneys
for refusing to following federal bankruptcy procedure. The court hearing is set for Jan 28 2015 in courtroom 1375 at 1:30 pm United States Central District Los Angeles Bankruptcy Court.

Are Hyundai and Its Attorneys Above the Law?
“The court has been asked are Hyundai and its hired attorney law firms subject to the FRBP and FR Civ P. The question still stands: is Hyundai and its attorneys above the law?”

“Under 28 U.S. Code § 453 - “Oaths of justices and judges” this Judge Julia Brand has taken the oath: “I, XXX XXX, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as XXX under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.” [emphasis added] I hereby request that I be provided a copy of the Judge Brand’s oath.”

“This court's bias in favor of Hyundai has blinded the court and prevented it from providing fair treatment to the debtor. The Judge has not “faithfully and impartially discharge(d) and perform(ed) all the duties”. FRBP 9024; FRCP rule 60(d)(3); FRCP rule 60(b)(3); FRCP rule 60(b)(6).”

“There has been fraud on the court and fraud on court by court and trustee. Hyundai said $12,437; what part of this does the court not understand? Hyundai waived its claim twice; what part of this does the court and trustee not understand?The claim was withdrawn by Hyundai. FRBP 9024; FRCP rule 60(d)(3); FRCP rule 60(b)(3); FRCP rule 60(b)(6).”

“As asked in a previous declaration by debtor to the court, “Is it the intent of the court, and the trustee, to rule that the United States Constitution, the State of California Constitution, the federal rules of civil procedure, the federal rules of bankruptcy procedure, and local bankruptcy rules, do not apply to Hyundai Capital America dba Hyundai Motor Finance [“Hyundai”] ?”

“I ask that the court on its own motion grant sanction of $100 million against the Chapter 13 trustee for supporting a false statement and supporting an untimely claim of Hyundai.”
“I ask that the court on its own motion grant sanction of $500 million dollars against Hyundai and its attorneys based on their support of and advocating false statement and untimely claims , fraud, and because of bad faith of Hyundai.”
“I ask that the court state its support for the revocation of the license to practice law of any and all attorneys who have improperly advocated the false statement and untimely proofs of claim of Hyundai.” [Redacted from court Pacer filed documents. Also see website ]

See this link for how to collect and how to register to protest the settlement.
For more information see the website:

Illegal “Cursory Survey” by Los Angeles city employees results in damage claim against city.

Re the Hyundai Kia MPG class action.

The federal court had ruled that the Hyundai-Kia claims were actually worth at least $2700 but the court approved much less than that at about $400-$600 per car owner. In order to protest the settlement, you must first agree to accept the settlement amount. [I know it sounds backwards.] Only those agreeing to the settlement will be allowed to protest it in court. The final approval hearing with be in June 2015; if it faces appeal, then no car owner will get any proceeds until the appeal is over. Sounds screwy but that is now class action lawsuits work. So even though the final prove up court hearing will not be until June 2015, you must register your claim by March 2015 or ASAP.

For more info
See website


I just found out today that there is a class action settlement. I sold my 2013 Kia on Dec.14,2014 and it was never mentioned. Wow! I now own a 2015 Kia Soul, I feel like have been sold out.


I bought my 2013 Soul new in 2012 and love it! Every Kia dealer I've dealt with was great, and anyone at the reimbursement program I've spoke to was helpful & professional as well. This is the 2nd Kia I've owned, after downsizing from my Sorento, and I'd definitely buy another one after this. To date I've received approximately $400, and am getting ready to submit my next claim for around $250, so I will continue with the lifetime reimbursement program.

jerry bond

We have a 2013 Elantra. Sticker said 34 town /40 highway. We have never got the 40 mpg. We get better in town than on highway. We drive to St Louis a few days ago. We only got 28.5 mpg. We have talked to the dealer many times. All they do is run a test, tell us that all is working correctly. Last they tested it. They said it was getting 30.5 mpg and advised that was acceptible highway mph. Advised them that was far from 40 mpg. That started that's what the gas card is for. I told them that only covers 1mpg not the other 11mpg average loss we have. The 40 mpg was the reason we bought the car. We started complaining the first day or so of having the car. The dealer told us it was breaking in and would get better with time. I think they were stalling to keep us from backing out of the deal. We bought the extended warranty. If we didn't I would have shipped it down the road. I feel the deal was aware of the probably and just lied to make a sale. Is there anything we can do. And no I have not read all the comments. So I apologize if there are answers already on here. Just so frustrated


How long after you submitted your claim did you receive the card. I just done my first on my 2012 Kia Soul.

robert taylor

Add to the obvious mpg fraud,WARRANTY FRAUD. Kia will not and does not fix your car under warranty,particularily in the last year. Their vehicles are cheap junk and will not last 10 years or anywhere near that timeframe.My vehicle,a sorento has had massive repairs,including 3 new rear differentials(all no good)-they then decided no more warranty repairs. Magnusson-Moss Warranty act and State Lemon Laws cover this type of FRAUD but Kia/hyundai refuse to honor either or their written warranty. I have a letter from Paul Ortiz,Nat. service manager, John Crowe,V.P. service that your Kia does not if a warranty claim if the vehicle is "OPERABLE". This means that you need to tow it in if you want warranty coverage. This policy is at their discretion--YOU LOOSE.Also,Kia/Hyundai refuse to pay dealers for warranty work.This policy goes back 20 years with Hyundai. KIA is now spending a fortune on advertising to save its company.Given they made 8.3 Billion last year-500 million on advertising is a trifle.Until we wake up and stop buying these cars they have no reason to change. Get on social networks and blast these crooks--we can make a huge difference and save lives and pain and suffering. TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN SCAMMED ON THE MPG--YOU HAVE A CAPITAL LOSS-YOUR VEHICLE WILL BE WORTH MUCH LESS WHEN YOU SELL IT--SUE IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT--YOU WILL EASILY WIN-I WOULD CLAIM $5/10K DEPENDING ON THE VEHICLE.YOU DO NOT NEED A LAWYER-THERE IS PLENTY OF INFO ON THIS SITE AS WELL AS OTHERS TO PROVE YOUR LOSS.TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT BEING PAID FOR MPG FRAUD--SUE IN SMALL CLAIMS AND ASK FOR TRIPLE DAMAGES PLUS COSTS AND INTEREST.KIA/HYUNDAI ARE VERY WELL AWARE THAT OVER TIME 99% OF YOU WILL GIVE UP AND THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT-whether it is warranty fraud or mileage fraud payments. Here is the deal-they are liable for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS-it is worth their while to resist with all they have--BUT THEY CANNOT BEAT SOCIAL MEDIA--LETS GET TO WORK AND DONT QUIT !!!!!!




I purchased my 2013 Elantra in 2012 under the impression of the great gas mileage and my career at the time required me to travel! I received my first card of $70 a year after having the car, but the second time I went to the dealership, they acted like they had no idea what I was asking. However, I no longer drive the car as much as I used to, so I would not get an average of $70 every year. I'm paying almost $400 a month for a car that I barely put 1000 miles on in 3mths, so I was thinking of just getting rid of it and using the new car rebate, lower my car payment, and put the cash towards something else. I think it's an unpopular position, so I'm still weighing my options. But everything I projected for when I first signed my papers for the car, no longer exist. I went from putting almost $600 a month in my car from payments to gas, to about $450. Gas now keeps me going for about 2.5 weeks, depending on what I do.


I've had nothing but hassle. Had my mileage read in November and the dealership just "forgot" to submit. So I went back in Jan and called the help line and they hadn't received. They called the dealership while I was on the line and the dealership said "sorry we're busy with customers", I am a customer!?!?!? I took time out of my day twice! Called back to escalate and see if they could move my claim to the top of the pile and no luck. The helpline said I should call the dealership to give them my feedback. When I did the service manager said that the kid who helped me is slow and he probably won't work out. Seriously?!?!? That is not how you satisfy a customer, he then went on to try and sell me an oil change package! What he should have done was offer me a free oil change for my troubles and bad experience.
Now that my claim has actually been submitted and according to Hyundai "approved" how long until my card will come?

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