Honda Courts Suspense With Next-Gen Ridgeline Teaser


Like the Master of Suspense stepping into his own silhouette in an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," the shadowy outline of the just-announced next-gen Honda Ridgeline in a teaser image is intended to titillate the audience for what comes next. Honda seems to be going out of its way to generate suspense over the redesign of the midsize pickup, offering no info about size or capabilities, and saying cryptically that it will arrive sometime in "the next two years," possibly after the scheduled mid-2014 end of the current generation's production run.

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Could be great, especially if it's a hybrid.


Who cares!! If it's not made by the big three it will be a money looser. Just like the others in the past. Pickup owners are extremely loyal.


My neighbor has one of the first Ridgelines made back in 2006 and it now has 356,000 miles on it. The other day he said he can't justify getting a new one because it runs excellent. Granted he doesn't do much towing outside of his bass boat but over the years I've seen his truck loaded down with anything from gravel to bricks. If I recall correctly he said it has a half-ton payload capacity. Honda sure seems to make some bullet proof vehicles.



Yet, GM is coming back to the non-full size truck market DOMINATED by Tacoma...

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