Reviews the 2013 Honda Fit


The 2013 Honda Fit subcompact gets plenty of things right: good visibility, nimble handling and roominess. However, the Fit, which is due for a redesign in 2014, shows its age with its outdated electronics and mediocre gas mileage, says reviewer Kelsey Mays. The practical hatchback has one more big thing going for it — it’s fun to drive. Find out if the Fit keeps up with the competition in Mays’ review.

2013 Honda Fit Review

By Jennifer Newman | December 26, 2013 | Comments (8)


Do you know if a electrical edition exists? It could be perfect for the city


Honda Fit EV is available only in Oregon and California and six east coast states on lease (3 years @ $389/month).


The only problem I see with the fit is the price. It would be a great car at $11k or $12 k. Not so much at $18k. For that price I would choose the insight or prius c and get 50 percent better average mileage.


It's a great little runner - shame that the seats are so crippling.


The Fit is a blast to drive and the rear seats fold down in an ingenious way to give TONS of cargo space for such a tiny car. Really, it's as fun to drive as a go-kart. But go-karts are horrible to have to drive in a straight line for a long distance which is how most Americans end up driving most of the time. It's tiring for long distances. If you're stuck on Honda then the Civic is far quieter, easier to drive, more well-refined and just nicer for about the same money. The Insight is smack dab in the middle of the Fit and the Civic - great mileage, great cargo space and ease of loading with the hatch and still a nice car.


This is my car, and it works great for me! I can move a carousel horse in it, terrific gas mileage, comfortable and I can plug in my iphone. Long trips? No problem. Ikea runs are easy.


My wife bought one of the first Fits sold in Arizona, ordering it even before they hit the showrooms here in 2007. I drove it to my teaching job 60 miles a day for the next 2 years. I love it. Mileage is good, zippy, and "fun to drive". I'd love a turbo kit in it! With 90K miles, have done nothing beyond normal tires, battery, wiper blades and periodic service.


I have an 09 which is the same body design. I love my car. I get great gas mileage, but I have the manual transmission. 36 city, 42 highway. The only negative about the car to me it that it's front valance is so low, I scrape constantly when pull out of driveways.

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