2014 Volkswagen Touareg Cars.com Review


The Volkswagen Touareg has come far in the years since Cars.com reviewer Kristin Varela last critiqued it, but the SUV still has a ways to go. Varela was pleasantly surprised by the 2014 Touareg's refined ride and fun-to-drive spirit — especially the powerful acceleration she found difficult to resist when the light turned green. A luxurious interior, a panoramic roof that puts the world on display and an optional foot-swipe opening liftgate all enticed. Still, Varela says it's too spendy for a non-luxury nameplate with so-so standard offerings. Read her review below.

2014 Volkswagen Touareg Review



The previous tourreg diesel only got 15 mpg so this looks like a big improvement mileage wise. Still comes up short when compared to the Toyota highlander hybrid, which gets much better mileage using regular gas that is up to a dollar per gallon cheaper than diesel fuel.


It is a known fact SUV's are guzzlers: Hybrid, Diesel or whatever fuel they use. I still don't get the appeal, I had one once most likely never again, i think a hatchback or a nice wagon will do much betta and more economical at the same time.


Sometimes you need a gas guzzling SUV to pull a boat or camper. I think highlander hybrid averages around 30 mpg, and I could live with that. Plus it can do some towing. Honda crv and chevy equinox and ford escape eco boost are all supposed to get great mileage.

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