2014 Audi Q5 TDI: Family Review Checklist


In all aspects of my daily driving needs, the 2014 Audi Q5 TDI worked for me and my family of four. The compact crossover indulged the race-car driver in me, as well as my practical kid-chauffeur. While it's more sporty than posh, I felt spoiled during my weeklong test drive.

But wait, doesn't TDI mean it's some sort of diesel contraption? Yes, it's a diesel, and it packs a punch in the get-up-and-go department. The 240-horsepower, turbo-diesel 3.0-liter V-6 makes 428 pounds-feet of torque. It's a beast and I couldn't help but lead foot it everywhere I went. Despite my spirited driving, I managed to average 27.4 mpg during my weeklong test drive; that's right on track with the EPA's 24/31/27 mpg city/highway/combined.

The clean-diesel engine wasn't loud, but I still turned it off in the drive-through; I didn't find the engine noisy from inside the Q5, either. The Q5 handles like a dream. There was hardly any body roll; the braking was spot on, and steering was solid.


What I liked most was the Q5 was large enough to pull family duty, but it wasn't too big to easily navigate parking lots. My son could throw his hockey bag in the cargo area without working the space like a puzzle. The Q5 TDI has 29.1 cubic feet of space behind the backseat, which bests its competitors, the 2014 BMW X5 (22.9) and 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class (23.3). The Q5 has a 40/20/40-split folding backseat; I folded down the smaller middle section to accommodate my son's hockey stick and daughter's lacrosse stick. What I liked best was the cargo area's under-floor storage that was deep enough to hold muddy boots and not just slimmer items.


My 9-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son both found the Q5's backseat to be comfortable with plenty of legroom for their ever-growing legs. The Q5 has 37.4 inches of rear legroom, which again beats its competition: The rear legroom in the X5 is 36.6 inches and 35.1 inches in the GLK-Class. For parents of younger kids, the Q5 has two sets of exceptional lower Latch anchors. They sit out in the open and are easy to use — just remove the hard plastic cover. Both forward- and rear-facing child-safety seats fit easily into the Q5.


2014 Audi Q5: Car Seat Check

Climbing in was easy for my older kids, but younger ones will need a boost from parents. The good news is the roofline is high, so you won't hit your head when helping the kids into the backseat.


The Q5 handled a reasonable amount of personal items, including lots of water bottles in the door pockets. The cupholders are on the small side, so your Big Gulp shouldn't remain unattended in one. The glove box in my test car was air conditioned, and it had a netted pocket next to the USB input to hold my device in place.


The 2014 Q5 may not be great for a large family, but for mine and our needs, it was a wonderful option.

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A compact diesel crossover that only averages 27 mpg is not impressive at all. With diesel fuel currently 34 percent more expensive than gasoline, who wants to pay the premium diesel sticker price and then an extra buck a gallon at the pump, for a drivetrain more suited to a tractor than a luxury ride. The larger and nicer lexus rx hybrid gets better mileage and would seem to be a much better choice.


Your fuel cost estimate is wrong, the Lexus will require premium fuel at an equivalent cost to diesel. This summer in Texas Premium averaged about 10% more expensive than diesel. I have owned Lexus and no way find the interior nicer than any Audi. The tractor comment is complete ignorance.


Diesel fuel here is about .75 more a gallon than RUG which equates to about 23% more. 27mpg versus my RDX 22mpg is about 22% better. A wash at the pump dollar wise. The intitial price of the vehicle though would be a hard pill to swallow even with all that torque.

BTW, I don't think the Lexus RX requires or even recommends premium fuel.


The Lexus RX hybrid does require premium fuel.


Doesn't matter whether Rx hybrid uses premium - your statement that the price of premium gas is "equivalent" to diesel is flat wrong. The U.S. energy information agency reports that on a national average diesel is substantially more expensive than any grade of gasoline. The RX hybrid gets 25 percent better city mileage (30 vs. 24) than the smaller diesel Q5, using cheaper fuel. For about the same money, the larger, nicer and more economical Rx hybrid would seem to be a better choice.

Hi, I like this car.Q5 is very good.


Your use of six year old price data for fuel proves nothing, but your ignorance.


The argument of fuel consumption in this SUV doesn't hold any value this is a $50K vehicle, those concerned about fuel price and consumption are better off with cars like the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, Chevy Spark and so on.



Absolute truth.


Bull. Rich people do care about fuel economy and cost of ownership , and that's how they got rich. The smart money is on the rx hybrid, abetter vehicle in every way.


Keep in mind that the person test driving this Q5 said he was lead footing it every chance he got. I've owned my 2014 Q5 now for 4 months. I'm averaging 32 - 35 MPG. And I'm driving it aggressively about 5% of the time, which I think is pretty normal and safe. Just my 2 cents here.

Mr T.

@tr6 the rx hybrid costs ~20k more than the equivalent Q5 so it is not a "smart" comparison. And as a rich person I do not care about fuel economy and cost of ownership - and those who do are not really rich - that is the whole point of moving on up.


Base price for lexus rx hybrid is $46,410, compared to $46,500 for the Q5 oil burner. What planet do you live on?

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