Toyota Plans Updated Camry Next Year


Expect significant updates to the Toyota Camry in what's likely to be a 2015 model-year freshening. That's what Bill Fay, Toyota division's general manager, told the Detroit News at this month's 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The seventh-generation Camry hit dealers in October 2011 as a 2012 model. Since then, it's faced stiff competition from a redesigned Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion. Chevrolet tweaked the Malibu after a less-than-stellar 2013 redesign, and Hyundai will debut a 2015 Sonata — either a redesign or major refresh — sometime this auto-show season.

Still, the Camry has maintained a comfortable sales lead. Shoppers bought 348,134 Camry and Camry Hybrid sedans year-to-date through October. The next-highest Accord fell short by 40,870 — and that counts sedan and coupe sales, which Honda reports under as a single figure.

Toyota wants to maintain the lead. "It's safe to say we'll be doing something with it," Fay told the Detroit News. "We'll be paying significant attention to Camry next year."

The 2014 Camry is on sale now, and 2015 seems too early for a full redesign. We expect a refresh on par with the previous Camry's midcycle update for 2010. Reliability remains strong for the current generation, but we'd like to see structural changes to improve the car's dismal performance in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's new small-overlap crash test.

Inconsistent cabin materials, ergonomic foibles and no-grip tires landed a four-cylinder Camry XLE in the bottom half of's $26,000 midsize sedan comparison. Toyota would do well to improve in all three areas — oh, and bring back the one-touch power windows it revoked with the 2012 redesign.

What updates would you like to see? Weigh in below.

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By Kelsey Mays | November 27, 2013 | Comments (10)



A completely new taillight design would be nice.


Assembly quality is low on Camry. Panels don't fit well together


I'm not keen on the three tone seat upholstery, though I know some folks like it.

Ryan James ...

We'll be buying a 2015 Camry to replace my wife's 2011 Camry V6 XLE.

We would like to see more rear-headroom, more trunk space, a non-leaking sunroof, better upholstery and carpeting and better fitting body panels.

Everything else like engine, transmission and electrics seems to work fine. No complaints there.

The Accord, Altima and Sonata in this class are actually a better buy but we bought this Camry because we had a 1989 V6 Camry made in Japan that set the standard for us. It lasted a long time without any problems!

The 2011 Camry can't even come close to the quality of our 1989 Camry but maybe that will change for the 2015 model year.

If not, there is always Accord and Altima. Even Subaru is worth considering in this class with its AWD standard.

You expect to get more when you pay this much money for a mom-mobile. Our 2011 XLE didn't measure up but it has been reliable.


They have the lead because of the discount to the point where they are giving the car away...
The tail light on the international version is much more mature...


Ryan James, too many wishes, too many dreams. Soon enough there will be no affordable Japan-made cars in America. I am wondering if Mazda3 is the last one and it also moving to Mexico next year. If you think, Accord and Altima will solve your Camry issues you are dead wrong. And Subaru... this is just funny. You will not find cars today that are built like 1989 in Japan. Today some of them just worse than another. Want more space, more trunk - get Avalon and be done with it. Camry is already large enough in its class.


If the current Camry outsells the redesigned Malibu nearly 2:1, it would be interesting to see how an updated one will do. It would be nice if Toyota gave it some personality with it's exterior design for a change. Mechanically I hope they don't mess with it too much.




I would like to see a "bi-fuel" (Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, and gasoline) model.


I have a 2012 SE. Its been a good car on the reliability front and mileage wise. It even drives well. I hope the 2015 refresh gets reworked tail lights. In the cabin, loose the tacky faux metal plastic peices on the gearbox and window controls. Also I hope Toyota jettisons those loose chepo peices that flank the center stack. Lastly I would like to see Toyota beef up the seat bottoms on the drivers seat. The ones in my 05 are much more comfortable. Lastly I am in agreement with the article bring back the one touch power windows.

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