Time to Vote for the 2014 Cars.com Shoppers' Choice Award


Every year, millions of car shoppers visit Cars.com, searching our inventory and contacting dealers. And each year, we look to see which cars, trucks and SUVs get the most attention from those shoppers. From all of that activity, we find the top 10 vehicle nominees for our Shoppers’ Choice Award. The Dodge Challenger has won two consecutive Shoppers’ Choice awards, but this year the competition might be a little more intense. The Challenger did not make the list of 10 finalists that will be narrowed down by our Facebook fans to select a winner.

Voting starts today on our Facebook page, and fans can place a vote once a day. The cars were selected by the amount of activity we see on Cars.com. That includes how many people researched and reached out to dealers about these cars.

Here are the 10 finalists:

  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Ford F-150
  • Ford Mustang
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda CR-V
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • Ram 1500

We're also going to offer a prize to those who vote. This year one voter who enters to win will receive a trip for two to Miami for a No-Drama Luxury Car Tour that includes an afternoon behind the wheel of several exotic rides. More details on prizes can be found on the Cars.com Facebook page. The voting and contest run today through Dec. 6. The winning vehicle will be honored Jan. 14, 2014, at the Cars.com Best of 2014 Awards Show in Detroit.

Get out there and cast your vote.

Cars.com's Facebook Page

By David Thomas | November 4, 2013 | Comments (6)
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This list can be used as measuring stick for the worst car - researched the most but purchased the least = worst car!

Six of the ten on this list happen to be perennial best-sellers even though that is not how we determined the list. So it looks like there is a correlation with our list and what people actually buy.


David - you right. And in most cases there should be that correlation. But then, there will be cars that researched a lot but sales of them lagging - these are worst


"But then, there will be cars that researched a lot but sales of them lagging - these are worst"

Do you know this for a fact or is it just a guess?


It's a mighty heap of guess. No one would bother to research something they weren't interested in buying.


Of course it is a guess, so to say. When people were building first airplanes, they guessed, will they fly or not. So, I have an idea that a car which shows a lot in research (people like it on paper) and not sold as good (people don't like it in person) is the worst. Because if people like something on paper and it is a decent car, they would buy it.

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