Subaru Shines in Latest Crash Tests


Subaru is coming out ahead when it comes to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's crash tests. The agency has awarded the 2014 Impreza wagon and sedan and XV Crosstrek compact wagon its highest score — Top Safety Pick Plus.

The vehicles earned a good rating across all areas of testing, including the tough small front overlap test, which simulates the front corner of a vehicle crashing into a rigid barrier at 40 mph. Many automakers have had trouble with this test, but several of Subaru's vehicles have aced it. The five Subaru models to do so include the Forester, Impreza (wagon and sedan), Legacy, Outback and XV Crosstrek; winners must earn good ratings for occupant protection in four out of five of the evaluations and no less than acceptable in the fifth test.

In the Impreza and XV Crosstrek's case, the IIHS said that the dummy driver's space was maintained well, with a low risk of significant injuries. "The dummy's head made good contact with the front airbag, which stayed in position during the crash. The side curtain airbag deployed and had sufficient forward coverage to protect the head from contact with side structures and outside objects," it said in a statement.

Check out the video below.

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But then you'd still be stuck driving a Subaru. Have they discovered sound proofing or how to make a quiet CVT? How about a rattle free interior? Or making an engine that's not under powered while achieving 4-5 mpg's less than it's competition!? We've had two Legacy's. Never again.


Don't exaggerate, Jose. Subies are not without problems, and 4-5mpg less goes to AWD. Hondas are noisy too. And Toyota constantly gets away with underpowered engine, and host of other issues. Subaru is just another brand. Some models are better and others are worse.


Subaru is a very good vehicle. Top safety, AWD, stick shift, good ground clearance. That is why we got my wife 2013 legacy. Average MPG after 8k miles 28, with led foot that my wife has. I miss my old legacy SW, if they bring diesel in USA, outback will be on the top of my list.


Subaru is NOT a vehicle. It is not even a company. It is a brand that belongs to Fuji Heavy Industries. Now, Legacy is the vehicle and probably the worst Subaru today. You mentioned stick shift... it went so bad for Legacy, they messed up manual transmission to the point, they had to give automatics to people at no additional cost.


Tony you have a problem. Subaru is a vehicle in general sense. Now if you have issues with word definitions maybe you should not use them.
New Legacy is the best legacy so far. And you are making up things about giving automatics at no additional cost to the point it is ridiculous. Subaru stick shift is not bad. And people who buy stick shift do not want automatic, not even free of extra charge.
So stop making things up and if you don't have anything to do it, don't do it here.


The Accord and Altima are faster, quieter, more reliable, and get much better gas mileage than the ancient Legacy. Outside of that the Legacy is a good car for 2007.



you can feed your BS to someone else, not to me. Here is your Legacy recall page and man tran is there. But before they learned how to fix it, some people blew their trannys and were offered a new AT cars because it would take weeks to get that thing repaired since these were so new, there were no parts such as whole transmission and Subaru stopped selling MT Legacys until they found out the reason and the fix for it.


Let me add to that. Out of 6 recalls, 5 are pretty badass. Especially I like "detaching sunroof while driving". I guess, until you personally get your sunroof detached @ 70mph in a rainy day, you will believe that Legacy is a good car. And then, when you will need some gaskets, on each side, we'll see how much that maintenance will cost. All the luck

Why are you guys spending so much time on one of Subaru's worst selling cars? Nobody who buys a legacy cares about the gas mileage or how the CVT transmission sounds. Subaru has a great lease payment on the car an that's it!


Like some of the other who have commented, I'm not sure why you are focusing on the Subaru. Surely the vital piece of information buried in your news item is that six of the small cars failed the small overlap test. Instead of praising one car that did well, surely you should be giving a balanced warning about the others that failed, i.e. what is the test, why are small cars being tested in this way, and so on.

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