Strap in the Kids! Honda Unleashes 1,000-HP Odyssey at SEMA: Photo Gallery


What happens when you put the innovative minds of a car customizer known for performance-tuning Porsches in charge of souping up a vehicle best known for ferrying children to and from varied after-school sporting events? You get the 1,029-horsepower soccer-mom minivan from H-E-double-hockey-sticks — otherwise known as the Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Project — guaranteed to have all the kiddies in the suburbs squealing, "Mommy, no!"

Southern California-based Bisimoto Engineering created their "Power Van" based on the 2014 Honda Odyssey, reimagining the standard minivan's respectable 3.5-liter V-6 as a twin-turbo powerhouse with more than triple the horsepower and mating it to a six-speed manual transmission. That's in addition to a customized cabin and a low-riding, aggressive exterior restyle just to drive home the absurdity of it all. No word on whether the HondaVac is optional.

The Bisimoto Odyssey was unveiled this week at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas. Check out the photo gallery below.

 Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Project

 Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Project

 Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Project

 Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Project

 Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Project

 Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Project

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I would totally get that engine for my Odyssey! Except probably tone it down some... Maybe to 400 horsepower


Honda has lost its mind. They better think how to put families back into minivans. With starting price in 30K it is impossible to buy one


Well, I actually Honda vans are a pretty good value for the money. And my local dealers are listing them for about $2000 off.

Besides, it's not like the Odyssey's direct competitors are much cheaper. I do agree that they should lower the starting price, even if they do have to cut some content.


Fastest road trip ever. I'm in.


All they had to do to get 1029 hp was take the optional shop vac, reverse it to blow, and voila...forced induction! "She's gone from suck to blow!"


Over 1000 horsepower on a FWD?

Who is the macho soccer mom to deal with the torque steer?

its a great combination a to z. staring to tire every things is best. its looks 500 horsepower


Based on the aggressive driving practices by some minivan drivers that I have observed (beware of any minivan with the word "sport" on it), this actually makes some sense. After having a verbal altercation with your kid's soccer coach, you can outrun the cops!

Sounds like the extra HP is for the dad to not feel so ridiculous driving a mini van.


Is it possible to drive it into a school parking lot without scraping the bumper?

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