Recall Alert: 2013-2014 Chevrolet Malibu


Vehicles Affected: In two separate actions, GM is recalling 57,605 model-year 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Malibu sedans. The vehicles recalled include 42,696 model-year 2014 vehicles manufactured between June 12, 2013, and Nov. 5, 2013, and 14,909 model-year 2013 vehicles manufactured between Oct. 25, 2011, and June 12, 2012. In the latter recall, the affected sedans are equipped with an eight-way power adjustable front seat.

The Problem: In the larger recall, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning control may intermittently become inoperable when the vehicle is started, preventing the windshield defroster from working; this could decrease the driver's visibility and cause a crash. GM said it is unaware of any accidents, injuries or complaints resulting from the problem. In the smaller recall, the wiring harness for the power adjustable front seat may contact the seat frame, which may chafe the harness; this could expose wires, resulting in unintended movement of the seat, inoperability, sparking under the seat, flickering lights, melted wiring, smoke or a fire. GM said it is aware of two unattended fires that extinguished on their own resulting from the problem, but no crashes or injuries have been reported.

The Fix: In the larger recall, GM will begin notifying owners Dec. 6 and dealers will update the electronic climate-control module software for free. In the smaller recall, GM will begin notifying owners in early December and dealers will inspect the wire harness, and repair and secure it as necessary for free.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call GM at 800-521-7300, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info.

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I purchased a 2014 Chevy Malibu. Since keeping track of the last three fill-ups ( actual miles Vs. gals. ) My Average MPG is 17 MPG! Mostly city driving. ( There are now over 2000 miles on the vehicle ). Getting no where near the estimated 25/36 MPG on the window sticker. Will continue to keep detailed records of driving conditions and controlled variables to collect longer term MPG performance. Not to mention the AC was not working due to no Freon in the vehicle. Is GM letting us down? Do I have a Lemon or, are all these performing similar?


How can they sell a car with a known recall? I purchased a 2014 Malibu brand new and it has an A/C issue that was a part of a recall. How can they do that?

Troy S.

Looks like a Mali-boo boo Kathy. I'd take issue with the dealer that sold me the car.

crystal m

Im having the worst time with my 2014 malibu. The radiator was steaming, when i turn my air on my car smells like antifreeze. Today i about had to get it towed due to the engine misfiring n my transmissions having a hard time shifting. I think i got sold a lemon . And of course tge dealership cant get me in till thursday and i have 3 kids im glad they car about my safety n my childrens safety not!!! This car is a serious let down.


Thinking of buying a Malibu? Beware, MPG on my new 2014 is also 17 in the city.That is not acceptable when it is rated for 26 and I am very gentle on the car.


I would contact a Lemon Law Lawyer that's what I did with my 2013 Malibu cause they replaced the Air-deflector 5 times on my car and it still has problems


so what happen

bob snyder

I bought a 2014 chev. mabilm my mgp soucks I get about 16 to 18 mpg.should get 25 in city but no go what is chev..talking about 25 in the city to me we the people who write about our cars should file a complaint about our lemons we should b able to return them for what we paid for them lets go for it people show them we mean business .

Danny Stark

I purchased a 2014 Chevy Malibu December 27 2013 and have just over 5000 miles on it so far with no problem and my MPG in town is 23 and highway 34. Love the car


My 2013 Chevrolet Malibu 1LT (2.5 4-cyl) is averaging 21.5 MPG with 70 city 30 Highway. Not pleased as I feather the throttle, coast to stop lights/signs using minimal brakes. GM/EPA should take another look at their MPG estimates as I come no where close.


My 14 Malibu also getting 17 mpg.. Taking it back to dealership... Something needs to be done!

Telling it as it is.

Drove 1197.9 miles in City/Suburbs. Avg. MPG is 16.78 MPG. 32.88% less than advertised for city 25 MPG. With six fill-ups. The MPG did not increase with the mileage. Highway only was 30.92 MPG. 14.1% less than the highway 36 MPG advertised.
There is now 4824 miles on the vehicle. The Service Dept. just drove the vehicle themselves 112 miles in City/Highway and told me and wrote on the invoice they calculated 23.6 MPG. 18.62% less than the 29 MPG combined that is advertised. The Service Dept. claims this MPG they obtained is within range. What? The molding/trim around the driver side window flew off into the following traffic. Service dept. replaced the missing driver side window molding/trim and also replaced the loose passenger window side molding/trim. This occurred in a heavy traffic condition. Not a good feeling. There was no A/C. Told no Freon after the second visit to the service dept. Eng. noise coming from the eng. compartment. Vehicle must be in gear, in idle and the vent turned on to hear the coming and going of this eng. noise. Has not been corrected to date. Reported issues with the Transmission. A very poor product in my view. And I agree with one of the others who wrote regarding this low MPG. We should not have to accept something that is not as advertised.


This is not about the article, but I feel bad for the people who have issues with the 2014 Malibu. It seems the stop/start technology is just hype. I would not want to own a vehicle with that on it after 5 years. Hopefully the next Malibu will BE class leading instead of ....not.

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