Lexus Teases Second LF-NX Concept


Lexus' wild compact SUV concept debuted earlier this year with a hybrid powertrain and exterior that demonstrates what happens when a bunch of designers throw razor blades into a blender for inspiration — don't try that at home, kids. This most recent LF-NX concept debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show Nov. 20 is a performance-oriented model with a new engine that — like the first concept — has more chance of production than its stealth-fighter exterior.

A 2.0-liter turbocharged engine makes its way under this concept's hood, and Lexus says the turbo engine provides "guaranteed" power and improved fuel economy. Currently, there isn't a turbocharged four-cylinder engine in any Toyota or Lexus sold in the U.S.

This LF-NX concept has a lower center of gravity illustrated by a front spoiler and "SUV-unique power."

The LF-NX concept is smaller than the current RX and more similarly sized to a smaller, sporty SUV like Infiniti's QX50 — formerly the EX35. The LF-NX is 182.7 inches long, 63.8 inches tall and 73.6 inches wide, while the QX50 is 182.3 inches long, 61.9 inches tall and 71 inches wide.





Lexus LF-NX Crossover Concept at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show
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Is this based on the Rav 4?


Yet another SUV/Crossover with no storage behind the second and/or third row of seats. yay! .


Can we forget what it's based on or if it has enough space for the kiddos and just admit how insanely ugly and ridiculous it looks?

This serves as a design exercise. The attempt is to establish the extreme end of the current Lexus design ethos thereby making the production versions look "mainstream". They are not. They are as hideous as always. Lexus has lost its way. They have fallen way behind in their pursuit.


I guess the $50k Question is: "Is this a sign that the next RX will be smaller? Or will Lexus make a new SUV below the RX?"

As much as the sadist in me would love to see this concept unleashed "as is" on the public, I wonder if anyone's given this thing "the drive-thru car wash test"?

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