Kia Charges Into 2014 With Soul EV


Kia says its Soul is electrified. The automaker today announced that the Soul EV — its first all-electric, zero-emissions vehicle marketed outside Korea — will go on sale next year in the U.S. It will use the second-generation 2014 Soul's platform and have a target range of 120 miles on a full charge of its 27 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion polymer battery pack. Kia said the single-speed, front-wheel-drive car's electric motor will be good for 109 horsepower and 210 pounds-feet of torque, with a zero-to-60-mph time of less than 12 seconds and a top speed of about 90 mph.

The automaker says the new efficiency won’t come at the sacrifice of practicality or driving fun. "Although it is Kia’s first globally sold all-electric vehicle, the Soul EV is our second-generation battery electric vehicle and significantly benefits from the in-depth knowledge gained during development of the Ray EV sold in Korea," said Orth Hedrick, Kia’s executive director of product planning, in a statement.


The Soul EV will recycle back into the battery energy generated while coasting and braking, and will be chargeable on any standard outlet. Kia said recharging time on a 240-volt outlet is five hours and 25 minutes on a 100-kilowatt "fast" charger. Available features will include projection-type headlights, LED positioning lamps, LED rear combination lamps, 16-inch alloy wheels and an 8-inch multimedia display screen. No word yet on pricing.

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Some other site claims that the forex converted price (from Korea) is $35k so that's a good bet as to what it'll be before the (tax return) bribe known as "Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit."


120 miles with a 27KWh battery pack is unrealistic. With those stats, the efficiency calculates to 149MPGe, more than a Volt (98MPGe) or leaf (~115MPGe). This is calculated by saying that if the 27KWH battery pack was 25% larger, to 33.7KWH, the amount of energy in a gallon of gas, and then you brought up the mileage claims by 25% as well to keep everything in line, the mileage would be 150 miles.

I find this quite impossible since the Soul is so un aerodynamic, and with the 27KWh battery pack it'll probably be a bit heavier than the Leaf. More like 110MPGe, so more like 90 miles range. Also the pack's capacity probably won't be fully utilized, to be easy on the battery pack.

80KW motor? That's the same as the Leaf. So expect it to be a bit slower than a Leaf.

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