How Quickly Does the Tesla Model S' Battery Charge?

"How quickly does the Tesla Model S' battery charge?"


The Model S offers a choice of lithium-ion battery packs, a standard 60 kilowatt-hour battery or a more expensive, more powerful 85-kwh unit. How long it takes to recharge a depleted battery depends on whether the Model S has one or two onboard chargers and the source of the electricity.

Tesla says the 60-kwh battery provides a range of up to 232 miles (the EPA pegs it at 208 miles), and the 85-kwh battery (a $10,000 option) provides up to 300 miles (the EPA puts it at 265 miles). Here are some examples for recharging times: With a single onboard charger plugged into a standard 110-volt outlet, Tesla says you will get 5 miles of range for every hour of charging. From zero to 300 miles would take about 52 hours at that rate. With a single charger connected to a 240-volt outlet, which Tesla recommends, the pace speeds up to 31 miles of range for each hour of charging, and a full 300-mile charge takes less than 9.5 hours.

Step up to twin chargers on the car and connect to a 240-volt, high-power wall charger (an extra-cost charging unit, not just a 240-volt line) and the charging speed zooms to 62 miles of range per hour, and the total charging time drops to under 4 hours, 45 minutes.

Really in a hurry? Stop at a Tesla Supercharger station and you can top off the tank with 300 miles of range in just an hour, as long as your Model S is configured with Supercharger capability If a Supercharger station is out of reach, most public charging stations can recharge the Model S at the rate of 22 miles of range per hour of charging.

You can learn more about the Model S in our review of the 2012 model, here. When that review was written, Tesla was planning to offer a less-expensive model with a 40-kwh battery, but that model and battery were cut from the lineup.

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I own the stock and think I made a big mistake. One hour of charging gets you 22 mile of range???? So, I am driving along and realize my battery is about to die...and now I have to find an outlet and wait one hour to get 22 additional miles???? Not good. I think I made a big mistake buying Tesla at $250/share. Hope I am wrong....


Another truly bizarre misinformed comment from yet another non-Tesla owner wgo also have zero clue what he is babbling about! You own stocks and you are worried about range and charge times? Tesla owners are not worried; why are you? Laughable!


Most important thing! All Tesla owners will get 85 with supercharger enabled! And they will have 240 system setup in their home garage! Range and charging: ZERO ISSUE! And by 2015, supercharging stations & battery swap stations will be widespread!


No Tesla owners will charge at a regular EV charging station either!


Who cares?

Alex Johnston

Unless someone decided to go on a long distance ce road trip, no one would ever be "driving along and realize their battery is about to die" if they owned one of these vehicles.


Does anyone have an estimate of the range of the model X? I need to drive about 250 miles to my son's home. I have to go over the ridge route but should gain going down the other side to Newport Beach. Will I need to charge with either the model S or X? I also am 250 miles from my sister in Santa Rosa so no major hills. Can I make it on one charge?


Any idea how long it will go in -35 C temps with the heat on, they do have a heater right.

And Tesla super charging stations will be wide spread by 2015??

Canada doesn't seem to have many.


At the extreme temperatures the range goes down sharply. They have battery heaters that can help. Talk to Tesla. A plug-in hybrid like Volt might be a better alternative for extreme cold climates, but Tesla might contend their tech is practical in below zero cold.


Buying the car an the stock is an awful idea ! The company is held up by tax $$$ an if funding was to get pulled for what ever reason your stock would plunge fast ! Why buy a car for $100k+ that has limited use ? It's just a luxury if you want to waste the money an have it then rock out.


Tesla paid off its loan from the government (with interest) back in 2013. 9 years ahead of schedule. So your point isn't really valid.

Jon Stead

Tesla cannot compete. Falls short on so many fronts to the gasoline motor. With massive state , federal government financial help and Environmental scare tactics, they can't truely, in a free market, compete. The middle class and lower classes which make up most of America will never be able to afford such a terribly limited, massively underperforming polluter ( battery manufacturing and dumping has a terrible impact on the environment. Let Tesla compete without the government, without the EPA, without media scare tactics. They do have an impressive body style though!!!!

Jon Stead

Oil and gas arn't going away either. America is pumping more oil and refining more gas under Mr. Obama than under any other president, and he probably owns a Tesla too. Gas/Deisel, fossil fuel based autos will always reign suppreme. Especially worldwide. Good luck lefties. Send the EPA to South America, the Middle East , to China, India, Russia and Africa. The EPA's impact in little California is like a grain of sand on the seashore. No impact whatsoever.


You are such a fool. Keep your worthless ramblings to yourself.

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