2014 Toyota Corolla Video

With its 2014 incarnation, the Toyota Corolla pleads its case as to why it's no longer dull and drab. While Cars.com reviewer Jennifer Geiger likes much of what the redesigned compact sedan has to say, a lot of it is drown out by road noise and vibrations the Corolla can't manage to keep out of the cabin. Still, the makeover boasts an easy-to-use multimedia system, upgraded interior materials, great fuel economy and an effective new continuously variable automatic transmission. Watch the video above.

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Wind noise?, it looks to me that the driver side window is down. Also beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me I like the style better on the 2013 model. But that is just me.

Anonymous Guy

The 2013 was a much better looking car. It had a low, wide look about it with nice lines from front to back. This model looks like they just shaved the character off the old one. The interior may have better materials but the design is a step backward.

Gene Hoffmeyer

Purchased a '14 S Plus in Dec. Now with a little over 2,000 miles. a couple of notes. Traded in a '02 S. Of course test drive was in the daytime. Not till we had Purchased the car we found, in spite of all the amenities Nav, Sirus, Blue tooth, bach u camera. The headlights are manual! After years of never touching the switch on the '02. Seriously, I found it had a DRL setting which if you are not used to turning the lights on is a hazard. You fire it up and drive off not knowing you have no taillights. Drivers behind you will let you know. Told the wife "Don't use that feature". Second issue is the automatic heat. This vehicle takes 5 miles to heat up to "near" operating temp. ON a 300 mile trip the wife complained of cold air coming in the cabin on her side. So stopped in at the dealers to have someone check it out. After a short test drive he found nothing and pretty much said "this car should never have been fered with automatic temp controls." Really? I purchased it off the floor?
It must be operator error, you don't know how to operate it. Humm, my '04 Odyssey has it as well as my '03 GMC. Cool air is cool air folks. Yesterday on the way home from church the wife found the source, the air is coming from around the glove box. The entire dash on her side is cooler to the touch. Maybe operator error of "how to operate the glove box." As we speak the Corolla is sitting in the garage. It was 7 degrees this morning and the wife took the Odyssey. She works only five miles from home and the Corolla will not be heated up by the time she gets there. Maybe I'm spoiled the "02 S was heating up in less the mile. She loves the looks and the way it drives. We shall see if we can get this resolved in the near future


Jennifer is driving the LE ECO model, of course it will have excessive wind noise. It's a weight reduction car, that's what help the EPA mileage. She is swallowed up in the back and front seats. In the back I understand, but the front it looks like she doesn't know how to adjust the front seat.

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