2014 Toyota Corolla: Explaining the Trim Levels


A redesigned Corolla sedan hit the market this fall with larger dimensions, edgier styling and higher fuel economy estimates.

The front-drive Corolla competes in the crowded compact car segment against the Honda Civic, Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Sentra and others.

Toyota retained the previous Corolla trim levels, including a base L, upscale LE (the most popular version) and sportier S, and it added a higher-mileage LE Eco that includes an Eco driving mode that limits acceleration and air conditioning use to improve fuel economy.

In addition, all models except the L are available in Plus and Premium trim levels.

Here is how the various trims break out, with all prices including an $810 destination charge:


  • Corolla L: $17,610

Basics: A 132-horsepower, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine; six-speed manual transmission; power mirrors and windows; a 60/40 split, folding rear seatback; rear drum brakes; and 15-inch steel wheels are standard on the base Corolla.

Interior & Tech: LED low-beam headlights (with halogen high beams) and LED running lights are standard, along with Bluetooth and a four-speaker sound system with a USB port and iPod connectivity.

Miscellaneous: Manual air conditioning and eight air bags are standard. Options: As the base model, the L's only options are a four-speed automatic transmission and a choice of four exterior colors (white, silver, slate and black). You can get the interior any color you want, as long as it's gray.


  • Corolla LE: $19,110
  • Corolla LE Plus: $19,510
  • Corolla LE Premium: $20,210

Basics: Upgrades from the L include a standard continuously variable automatic transmission, 16-inch steel wheels, variable intermittent windshield wipers, cruise control and power locks with remote entry.

Interior & Tech: The LE adds the Entune audio system with voice control, six speakers, a 6.1-inch touch-screen and a backup camera. Interior trim moves upscale with piano black trim for the center stack, chrome door handles and metallic accents.

Miscellaneous: Automatic climate control with push buttons replaces the L's manual air conditioning with rotary dials.

Options: No options are available for the base LE, but the LE Plus trim includes alloy wheels, and the LE Premium adds to that with simulated leather upholstery and heated front seats. A smart key, navigation system and sunroof are optional on the Plus and Premium.


  • Corolla S: $19,810
  • Corolla S Plus: $22,110
  • Corolla S Premium: $21,210

Basics: The S gives the Corolla a sportier look with chrome grille accents and a black insert, fog lights, body-color heated mirrors, a rear spoiler and a chrome-tipped exhaust. It retains 16-inch steel wheels but has different wheel covers than the LE.

Interior & Tech: Sport seats, a full instrument cluster with a trip computer, leather-wrapped steering wheel with paddle shifters and piano black dashboard trim give the S a unique interior appearance.

Miscellaneous: S models with the CVT gain a Sport shift mode.

Options: The S Plus is available with a six-speed manual transmission or the CVT. The Plus also gets standard fog lights, rear disc brakes and 17-inch alloy wheels. The Premium comes only with the CVT, as well as the 17-inch alloys and standard heated, power front seats. A smart key, navigation system and sunroof are optional on the Plus and Premium.


  • Corolla LE Eco: $19,510
  • Corolla LE Eco Plus: $20,210
  • Corolla LE Eco Premium: $20,910

Basics: Though it's the most efficient Corolla with EPA ratings of 30 mpg city and 42 mpg highway, the LE Eco also is the most potent with 140 hp (the others have 132). The engine teams with a CVT, and the LE Eco has standard 15-inch steel wheels.

Interior & Tech: The Eco has the same interior features as regular LE models. Miscellaneous: In addition to exterior badges, the Eco has chrome beltline trim to distinguish it from other models.

Options: No options are available for the base LE Eco. The LE Eco Plus includes 16-inch alloy wheels and an Eco switch that boosts fuel economy. A smart key, navigation system and sunroof are optional on the Plus. The LE Eco Premium adds to the Plus features with simulated leather upholstery and heated front seats and has the same available options.

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Thank you for the bad Toyota ad thinly disguised as a bad piece of journalism.


So, which one of these get Blue Tooth?


Bluetooth is standard. I test drove one and it did not drive too bad, but still too weak.

We detail Bluetooth as standard under the Interior and Tech section of the base L trim level.

Sorry you don't approve of this post. In our experience car shoppers have a hard time differentiating what trim levels contain what since every automaker uses different terms for their trim levels. In the past these posts have proven extremely popular so we know folks are seeking out this info.

Our editorial department is also completely separate from our advertising department and we have a rather strict editorial policy here at Cars.com.


+1 to Dave Thomas's polite response to npaladin2000's uncalled-for flame.


I recently test drove the Corolla and was really surprised how much I liked it. I can see Toyota selling a lot of them.


So, even the S trim which is supposed to be sporty, doesn't get rear disc as standard along with alloy wheels or even higher output?


Id like to see a cost to own analysis over 8 or 10 years compared to a Prius.


I agree that the criticism from npaladin2000 was completely unwarranted: These overview articles are actually hugely useful.

...But I think that a couple of mysteries from the Corolla e-brochure aren't resolved in the article:

(1) Toyota's e-brochure states that all of the LE and above models come with a "shift-mode" transmission function ("CVT with shift-mode" is checked off for each of them). But elsewhere in the e-brochure, shift-mode appears to be reserved for the the ECO and SPORT models only. So can you double-check for us: What kind of shift-mode (a sport mode; a manual shifting mode) do the LE models have, if any?

(2) You allude to Navigation as part of a package. But the terms "navigation" and "navi" don't show up even once in Toyota's e-brochure. Is Navigation included in the Driver Convenience Package, and if so, what is Toyota calling this feature since it's NOT called "Navigation"?

Many thanks, Art


Oops, figured it out:

(1) By "shift-mode", Toyota just means the CVT simulates a 7-gear tranny... Not that you can switch modes in order to 'shift gears'. Unfortunately, shifting gears on the CVT is restricted to the S models.

(2) Yes, Navigation is part of a package.

Jim Reed

The LE Plus also comes with fog lights. The LE Plus CVT transmission also has sort of a shift mode. Kick the shifter to the left from drive and u have the S mode which is for engine breaking. Pull the shifter down once from S and u have the B mode which is max engine breaking.

I politely disagree I can see where the criticism is coming from about this article, as compared to some others that are on this site. Regardless, gives a good overview of the car


Toyota website does not do a good job in providing comparison among different trims but Honda does. So I find this article very useful that tells all I need and does not take much time to read.


I agree that this was extremely useful, its exactly what I was looking for in info. In fact until yesterday I didn't even know what trim meant! Thank you for explaining these!


I concur with sammi! I am looking to buy a corolla and need to give my trim preference to move forward. Thank you for laying it out in an easy to understand format.


Does the S model have more horsepower as in times past, or does it have different gearing to make it more aggressive? I understand the fact re: shiftmode, but is it the same 132 hp motor? Or are the final drive ratios any different ?

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