2014 Best Resale Values


A top 10 list can only explain so much. For car shoppers, the Top 10 Best and Worst lists for resale values might not cover the type of car they're shopping for. Below is a full list of the best resale — or residual — values broken down by segment.

Whether you're shopping for a luxury SUV or a compact car, the list has you covered.

The three-year residual values below are a percentage of the MSRP (including destination charge) and are provided by ALG, a company that forecasts lease values for the automotive industry.


Top 10 Best Car Resale Values for 2014
Top 10 Worst Car Resale Values for 2014
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By David Thomas | November 18, 2013 | Comments (3)
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Wow, I am not that dumb after all because both of my cars made this list. My third car is so old it can only make 200K list

Good to see Merc Benz on the list at the top too! Accord, Mazda and Camaro are all time hits anyway.

smith ross


I went to unique auto imports to get a car. By far the worst experience ive ever had at a car dealership. Al, Wali, and Bola are all con artist that will swindle you for your money. They assured me i could get a loan, and when they "ran the papers" they said i wouldnt be approved unless i put a big down payment. They did this to me 2 times in order to up my down payment.

Through out the financing process I was kept out of the loop and at the end, when he said i got approved, they brought me into room with a big douche bag of a finance guy, and forced me to sign paper works. Once i got suspicious they became aggressive and tried to force me into a sale. I left promptly.

These people are aggressive, fraudulent, and scum bag individuals. They wasted 4 hours of my time with lies and deception, avoid at all cost.. "

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