2013 Toyota Camry: Family Review Checklist


The Toyota Camry is known for making easy work of family duty, but I couldn't muster much excitement when the 2013 Camry arrived for a weeklong test drive. However, I warmed up to the Camry during my test drive much more than I thought I would, and I'll freely admit that it was a competent workhorse for my family of three.

Part of what I liked so much about the Camry is my family wasn't late on arrival a single time thanks to Toyota's Entune App Suite multimedia system, which runs apps streamed from a compatible smartphone. I used the Entune smartphone app to do an internet search before I got in the car, and by the time everybody was buckled in, the app had the location waiting for us in the car. What could be better for a harried parent?

My test Camry SE had a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that helped me come around to this midsize sedan; this sportier version of the ultimate grocery getter has a firmer ride, which was a shock since most Toyotas I've driven felt a lot sleepier during my commutes to Gymboree. With the V-6, the Camry gets an EPA-estimated 21/31/25 mpg city/highway/combined. With my 70/30 split of city/highway driving, I considered my 22.7 mpg average for the week a win.


Thanks to a low step-in height, my 3-year-old and I were on the road quickly. Her ease in getting in and out of the Camry on her own was a huge convenience. The Camry has a comfortable backseat, and I liked that there were two seatback pockets to house all of my daughter's books and her drawing pad.


Two child-safety seats have plenty of room in the Camry's backseat. There's enough room that rear-facing child-safety seats fit well, too. I had a few issues with accessing the two sets of lower Latch anchors during installation because of stiff seat cushions, but once the car seat was in, frustrations were out the window.

2013 Toyota Camry: Car Seat Check


The Camry has a 15.4-cubic-foot trunk that's on par with its competitors, the Honda Accord (15.5) and Nissan Altima (15.4). The Ford Fusion, however, beats it with a 16.0-cubic-foot trunk. I fit two strollers - a jogging stroller and a larger umbrella stroller - in the Camry's trunk. If you need more cargo space, just fold the 60/40-split rear seats.


The Camry really worked for my family. It provided the storage and cargo space I needed, the touch-screen and in-car apps I wanted, and a driving experience that was easy without being boring. I wasn't expecting to enjoy the Camry, but I did. For a smaller family of three or four, the Camry is a solid choice.

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By Carrie Kim | November 8, 2013 | Comments (5)



I'm not a Toyota fan at all however after driving one for several months I've changed. A little. My cousin went to Europe on business for four months and loaned me his '12 Camry SE V6. I couldn't believe how smooth and fast the car was. After a few weeks it started to grow on me as it's a very comfortable car. I drive a '11 G37 but it was in the body shop for 7 weeks so the timing was perfect. After driving the Camry I honestly didn't miss my G. I can see why Camry's sell so well as it looks ok but it's just darn comfortable and with that V6 - WOW!


That same V6 should be in the new RAV4's. Might make it sell better since it would stand out in a crowd of SUV's.


Our 2002 camry is now my sons car and i am sorry to give it up.

whats these horse power ?


I would consider this Camry as a replacement when our older Impala and even older Camry are gone. I really wanted to like the new Malibu, but it just hasn't done anything for me. A Camry with a V6 sounds fantastic. Aside from outside rust, my beater '91 Camry has been a great little car. I hope this model would be even better. Nice review.

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