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When it comes to driving a hybrid, perhaps the highest compliment one can pay is how un-hybrid-like it is — until it comes time to pay at the pump. Then, of course, "hybrid-like" goes from pejorative to preferable in a single fill-up. Cars.com reviewer Kristin Varela is pleased to report that the 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid blurs the line between gas and hybrid driving dynamics while clearly defining itself as the latter where fuel economy's concerned. Read Varela’s review below.

2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Review



I drove a Kia Optima Hybrid as a rental recently, which I would presume is similar technology. Overall it drove pretty well and smooth. However the critical thing was mileage. I averaged in the upper 20's in the city. To me that's not much higher than a conventional Camry would get.

Given that mileage is critical for any Hybrid, I see these Sonata/Optima hybrids as a bust.


Just drove my 7 year old Prius more than 350 miles yesterday in cold weather. Average mileage for the trip was 51 mpg. It drove great at 70 for hours, without a hitch. I wish reviewers would move on and stop slamming the Prius while praising inferior products. Fortunately the public is smart enough to know better, and that's why Prius is a best seller. Sonata hybrid looks like a nice car, but I agree with Robert on the value proposition.

Stephen Richardon

I own a 2011 Sonata hybrid. I have 14k on the car currently. It's undoubtedly one of the nices cars I've owned. And I agree it's very unhybrid. It's very quite inside and it's one of the nices seats I've ever experienced. I get in town 30-32 mpg but the best part is on the road driving across town freeway or trips 38-40 mpg. The excelleration is wonderful and passing is a dream. I've also owed a Toyota Prius for about 40k miles worth and the only thing I can say good was the 42-49mpg. The car was noisy inside my legs were bent out and hurt on long drives. I also had some very close calls when passing because of the lack of power.


If my Prius wears out soon I'll check out Sonata hybrid, keeping in mind that consumer reports called it a "disappointment." It would be tough to give up the Prius mileage for such a so-so hybrid. I guess that's why Prius sells so much better than other hybrid brands like hyundai and volkswagen, which showed up 15 years late to the party and still don't offer a car with the mileage and reliability of Prius.

This is great news. I am so glad that more companies are adding Hybrid vehicles to their fleet. Hopefully more companies follow suit in an effort to cleanse the world of pollutants.

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