Should I Buy an Audi Q7 or an Acura MDX?

"Should I buy an Audi Q7 or an Acura MDX?"


It would have been helpful if you had provided just a tad more information about yourself, such as the type of driving you do, whether you have kids, whether comfort is more important than performance or why you're considering these luxury SUVs.

That leaves us with so little to work with that we'll send the ball back to your side of the court with these suggestions:

The $43,185 MDX has been redesigned for 2014 and is quieter, more refined and more fuel-efficient (18/27 mpg city/highway with optional all-wheel drive) than the previous generation, which had more attitude and was more performance-oriented.

The $48,595 Q7 is more driver-oriented than most luxury SUVs, but the current model debuted for the 2007 model year — ancient history in the auto industry. A redesigned Q7 is expected in the U.S. in 2015, and it should be considerably lighter than the current model's 5,567 pounds (versus 4,255 pounds for an all-wheel-drive 2014 MDX). The all-wheel-drive MDX's mileage is almost as good as the Q7 TDI diesel with standard all-wheel drive, which is the more efficient option of the available engines at 19/28 mpg. Compare other MDX and Q7 specifications here.

If you're concerned about reliability, Acura has finished above the industry average in the last three J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Studies, which measure problems in the third year of ownership. Audi has been below the industry average in those three years. Acura was eighth among 32 brands in the most recent study, and Audi was 23rd.

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Audi Q7.
The Acura MDX uses a timing belt, and the engine lacks variable valve timing. It has a camshaft profile switching system, but most people do not drive in a manner in which the system engages.
The Q7 has a center differential, so you have consistent power to the rear differential.


I wouldn't take either. Acura makes incredibly boring vehicles and the only way I'd own an Audi is through a short term lease. I'm not a fan of the reliability and increased repairs cost of the Audi compared to Acura.


Google - DEKRA USED CAR REPORT 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010. Audi is most reliable brand out there... J.D Power is bullsh.t...


If luxury and image is on the top list or requirements, then Acura should be out, Acura is a nicely accessorized premium brand.


We went from an 04 Honda Odyssey, to a 2008 Audi Q7 last December. Even for being a near base model its many standard features are only add-ons or not available in other brands. Driving it is like driving a sport car. The Q7 has 8+ inches of ground clearence, but the it handling would make you think otherwise. It has a V6 and we get about 19 mpg average. When buying this behicle, beware that it is a high performance luxury vehicle, so if something breaks, it can be costly, (usually if you bring it the the dealer for maintenence is it expensive) but the good and fun we have with ours out-weighs the bad, and for that reason I recomend you buy a Q7.


I took a few months to research both 2014 MDX and 2014 Q7 and here is my take that;

(driver seat was the decision for me to get Q7)

Acura MDX Pro's;
-- Easy power access 3rd row
-- std backup camera
-- std Bluetooth audio streaming
-- Std paddle shifter
-- lower cost to own and more reliable (based on my prior Acura and frien's owning)
-- more 3rd row leg room
-- Better gas mileage

Acura MDX Con's;
-- Uncomfortable driver seat (previous generation much better)
-- Took away nice/perforated leather from Tech Package (need to buy advance package)
-- Looks inside and out is very disjointed i.e. not easy on the eye with dual LCD console
-- no standard roof rail
-- only 40/60 split
-- don't recall the brakes being as good as the Audi Q7

Audi Q7 Pro's;
-- looks great inside and out
-- extremely comfortable leather seat (i have L5 injuiry)
-- electronic child door lock
-- great breaks
-- excellent weighted/variable steering
-- 40/20/40 split (you can put skiis on the middle 20 split)
-- SMOOTH ride... while still feeling a bit sporty
-- standard roof rail

Audi Q7 Con's;
-- high price
-- less standard options, although base model is nicely optioned
-- weird delayed upshift (hit gas... wait a sec... gear kicks in)
-- less reliable (new to me, so don't really know)
-- tough 3rd row access/space


Lease or Buy? If buying, then DO NOT get Q7 - redesign is coming out this fall.

The only Q7 I would buy is the V12 diesel one from 2009.


Any problems with 2013 Q7 door molding?


So much for the redesign on the 2015 Q7. I was doing research for a current purchase and the 15s are major changes, at all. It's so difficult to find reliable sources!


What I want to know is which handles better in the snow??


I am considering the 2015 Q7 & MDX as well. After considering that the Q7 is about $10K more for similar options, and the high cost of long-term maintenance that I've read about I was pretty much sold on the MDX. But I keep seeing posts and YouTube vid's about some annoying rattling noise that comes from the engine on the MDX after about 5000 miles that is "normal" and unfixable per Acura dealers & corporate. Is this an issue that only affects a few, or is this as widespread as it sounds on the Internet?

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