Recall Alert: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Vehicles Affected: 91,559 model-year 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. 

The Problem: The Detroit News is reporting that the automaker is recalling the SUVs to address random warning-light illumination and instrument-cluster blackout. "Engineers discovered an issue in the vehicle's antilock braking system module that affects the instrument cluster display. The issue also has implications for the vehicle's ABS and electronic stability control systems, but Chrysler Group is unaware of any reported problems involving either," the automaker said in a statement.

The Fix: Dealers will update the instrument cluster and ABS module software on all affected vehicles for free.

What Owners Should Do: Chrysler will begin notifying owners in November. Owners can call the automaker at 800-853-1403 for more information.

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My 2014 has been doing this since I have it. 4 months randomly . I call ed dealer they told me to call again next time it happened. Dah. It was 3 am the next time.took pictures of the instrument panel lit up like a Christmas tree!

The speedometer numbers disappeared in the analog mode. Came back next time car was started.


Thank you very much for sharing this. I really like this car. I will definitely buy one. Need to work hard for this.



I bought my 2014 GC in May. Five days later the entire transmission had to be replace at 505 miles. Two weeks later, this problem happened. The dealership said they updated the software. In August, the same problem came back. It was late at night and I had no other choice than to complete my trip (about 45 miles). The next morning everything was back to normal.


We have had the same problem with our 2014 GC. The service people looked at us like we had two heads. I guess if a code does not show up the problem does not exist.


We love our 2014 Jeep Gc...But his has happened to us 3 times!! First time the dealer tightened a battery cable and sent us home. The second time, the cluster went out, we took video and pics of it and gave those to the dealer. They had the Jeep for almost a week ended up replacing the abs module as described above. Well, just this past Friday morning the cluster went out again! I haven't had time to get it back to the dealer, but I will be calling today.


My Grand Cherokee Limited only has 600 miles on it and has nothing but problems. Of the two weeks I've owned it, it has been in the shop at least 7 days.

Needless to say, I regret buying this vehicle, and will never buy another Chrysler again.


I have a 2014 GC limited, My center console display(radio, navigation, etc) randomly black out or reset. Has anyone had this issue?


I've had the same problem, instrument display had all the lights on. It then seemed to reset itself. This has happened twice (have had the car 1 month). It also will make a whinning noise here and there.
I have to say I loved my 2012 GC, which I traded in for this one.

Just bought my Cherokee 5 days ago. It too makes a whining noise. Any idea why? Is it fixable?

I just purchased a GC 5 days ago. It too makes a whining noise. Any idea what causes this? Is it fixable?

Des Alba

Don't panic, 2014 Grand Cherokee owners.

The fix really is simple. It's called a re-flash.

There are many computers on board the Grand Cherokee, depending on trim level and options, and they all communicate with each other and the various displays.

Re-flashing and updating the firmware has fixed many other glitches for all auto makers.

Our 2012 V6 Grand Cherokee had to be re-flashed because at one point right after we bought it, it wouldn't start or keep running, and would run only on Premium fuel instead of RegUnl.

The re-flash cured the problem.


You can go on on the owners section near the bottom and look up your vehicle by vin number to find out if there are any recalls on your Jeep vehicle. FYI.


I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and have had the truck back to the dealer a few times already and I don't even have the truck for 5 months! It would not take gas (3 times already when the guy at the gas station tries to fill the pump clicks off as if it full already) took it to the dealer twice already and they get gas it) the gas sattion said it's like there is air in the tank. Also I have had where the whole dash board lights up (check engine, air bags, brake etc.) the speed odometer does not work the mileage does not move ect. the truck just feels like something is wrong. The controls on the radio don't always work on the steering wheel and the radio itself. The stations I have program have erased on several times. I also feel like when I'm taking off from a light or stop sign and it eel like it takes a long time to shift into gear (like no power). The list could go on. I have contacted Chrysler and waiting to hear back.


Re: fueling a Grand Cherokee.

The problem is indeed an air pocket in the tank and the problem often happens when filling it up in California where nozzle sleeves are employed.

We just got back from a 3K+ roadtrip in our 2012 Grand Cherokee that included California and had the same problem gassing up.

The fix is to pull the nozzle out of the tank, pull back the sleeve with your hand, reinsert the nozzle partially into the tank while still pulling the sleeve back, and then squeeze the pump lever to fill'r up. Do it slowly or you will get drenched with gas.

On unsleeved nozzles outside of California, insert the nozzle only part way into the tank to let the air pocket vent and fill'r up slowly.

Worked every time for us. Down side is, your hand will smell like gas all day, either way. You will have effectively bypassed the automatic shutoff and if you fill it up too fast you will get sprayed with fuel.

This is a problem with the nozzles, not the gas tank. The same happened to several other rental cars we had.

Like others wrote, for the rest of the complaints visit to see if there are any factory TSBs in effect and then go see your dealer.

If your dealer won't help you, seek arbitration through a factory rep. If that doesn't work, email the NHTSA and your State Attorney General.

That does wonders every time! Nobody likes bad press.


I've had mine limited 2014 for 5 months and if could afford to lose $10000 I would get a new car. Sure it looks beautiful but mine has been in the shop for 2 major fixes and a part is ordered for my seat. When I start the car, it clunks and I turn the music up so I don't have to hear the noises. Very sad.

Virgil Perisee

I'm in the process of ordering a 2014 GC, summit, from reading the complaints owners are having, "it seems this vehicle is not worth it with the all troubles cvurrent owners are having...maybe I should look at ML 350 MB


Yes to all of the above. I have been having problems with the touch screen on my 2014 GC since i purchased it in July 2013. The screen blacked out at the very moment the sales associate was showing me the features of the Uconnect system. I have brought the SUV back to the dealer 4 times already. Many erroneous messages have appeared on the screen (when it is not blacked out)telling me the phone in my vehicle needs service, stabilizer is off, vehicle low in brake fluid, etc.,etc. I have gone to the auto dealer 4 times already and in all 4 times i have been told a "software upgrade" was completed. I have visited the dealership when the screen was not working so they have seen the problem. The dealer decided to replace the Uconnect with a new one, but, now i am told Chrysler won't release it r as they want to try yet, another "software upgrade" -Really?!, this would be software upgrade #5. How many software upgrades is it going to take to fix the problem? In the middle of my visits to the dealership I contacted Chrysler customer care. I was assigned a case number, got a call from a customer assistant,only to be told i have to wait for the upcoming software. I think my next move will be to contact my Attorney and file a customer protection case. If you are interested in purchasing a Jeep (Chrysler vehicle), know you are in for a bad experience like so many people is experiencing right now.


transmission "whine"... it's normal and goes away over time, you'll hear it loudest at 1500 rpm and by 1800 rpm it's gone.... a lot like a resonance, at 100 miles I was worried by 2000 miles could barely notice it and now at 7000 miles it's almost totally gone although I doubt it'll ever go completely.

"the disappearing dash".... happened twice, I was certain it was software and the last flash has resolved the issue.

radio lost presets a cppl times, reported it to dealership and they updated, issue resolved.

I love this vehicle.... literally as the wife and I drive every thousand km's or so I'll just blurt it out, "I can't believe how glad I am we purchased vehicle."

I love how it drives, rides, brakes, accelerates, it's quiet, best vehicle I've ever owned out of a stable of 40.


I absolutely love my 2014 GC limited, and fortunately have never experienced ANY of the problems I've read on this comment section. None at all actually, so I am surprised to hear of so many complaints. Guess I am lukcy, as this is by far my favorite car I've ever owned. Even better than my X5! Good luck to all!!


sorry this is an update to my above comment, the transmission is not "whining" its sort of a quiet low howl that can only be heard inside the jeep, not outside between 1400 rpm and 1800 rpm... sorta anyway I'm told it's the pump and that it's "breaking in" which is why the noise has gone away over time.

not for a moment was I worried about a breakdown and again, I can't say enough good about my 6cylinder 8spd 2014 JGC.


Bought my 2014 JGC on July 15. Has been in the shop 3 times already.Have filed Lemon Law.

Edward Miles

I've had mine 2 months and love it not a single problem very happy.


I've had my 2014 GC for about 2 months now, it has been pretty much perfect. My radio presets reset once. With any complicated software, it needs to be updated as problems accumulate in the cache. All cars with complicated software have this "problem". Would you prefer to have three big plastic knobs on the center console like the cars we all grew up in?

My car did that what wheezing/whining sound but it has decreased over time.

As for the acceleration problem someone described above, I thought I had that too, but then I shut off the eco mode right at the bottom of the center stack, and when the car is at full power, she accelerates beautifully.

Try taking off from a red light with the eco mode off and you will know the difference. I always shut if off when I'm merging onto the highway for example. I don't think it's a bother at all, it's kind of fun.


HI From Australia,

My jeep has been in 4 times.
There are so many issues with the jeep.
The main problem it is digitally over complicated and its own mechanics can do nothing about it. As they cannot reprogram the car.
Climate control is useless.
My cruise control has never worked. The gears wont change when going down hill.
Head office manager has never called me to go over my complaints and they even closed my case. And I had to have it reopened without a resolve.

The radio cannot be turned off how stupid is this.

My dash has blanked off once.

An electrical connection was loose which caused the engine light to come on.

so Im now booking in my 5th visit on my 2014 expensive piece of junk.

Parts for the car are ridiculous as well down here. $70 aud for a oil filter what a joke for $70 I expect a filter that never needs replacing.

Please dont buy until jeep gets there act together they have really dropped the ball. Check all jeep Forums you will see all the problems


I purchased a 2014 Jeep GC in August. With only 14 miles on it I noticed a weird rattling noise on drivers side dash. The salesman heard it to and said it would be a simple fix. Been in the shop twice for a total of 9 days. Its still not fixed and they said they've done all they can do. The A/C recycles loudly every 30 seconds to a minute. My first Jeep and my biggest regret.


Buyer beware!, I bought a 2014 grand Cherokee and its been nothing but a nightmare! I've taken it back to the dealer 3 times for the same issue, they still haven't fixed it, and now it sounds like my transmission is going out! Huge POS!!


I got my GC in aug. 1st new car in 11 yrs. display panel froze up while on the test drive and multiple times thereafter. they ended up replacing the whole system. but today my interior lights would not go out. even after i turned the car off and locked the doors. has anybody had this problem?


I purchase a Jeep GC 2014 a month ago and we just realized there was no fluid in the power steering pump, no whine, no indicator as to a problem, my husband was checking fluids. Took it to the dealer and they are fixing, says it was a clamp that was broke and it didn't bleed properly, I am skepitical, feel like they are not being truthful, does not shift gears easily, they said software update will fix... ANYONE know if this could cause future problems? elsewhere? or if they could be misleading me?


Junk!!! Had GC 4 months and have been to dealer 7 times for check engine lights, oil pressure issues, transmission shifting hard, navigation locks up. Do not buy a GC! I was told by dealer that I just need to understand that this is a new car and I need to work the bugs out. Really?


2014 Grand Cherokee was my dream car. Not so much after all! Dash lights went out twice. Sluggish on take off. No power. Have to floor it. Hard jerk when going into gear up hill. Gas pump stopped pumping after about 2 gallons as if car was full. Not the case. Navi touch screen works when it wants to. Does not understand plain English with voice commands. Keeps wanting to take me to Oregon with every command. Has a pieircing whine on a down hill grade. Disappears when you put on brakes, but who is going to brake on 7% grade on mountain roads. This is 3rd trip to dealership. I won't take it a 4th time. They will come get it.

Jeffrey Larrabee

The same blackout happened to me twice in 2 days , and my brakes locked up and I went through a red light in the rain, thankfully I wasn't hurt or anyone else. My dealer Darcars in Rockville, MD said they can't ind a fix and have no idea after keeping my jeep for 7 days ... That's comfortable . I also included jeep corp office and they have no answer. I have also had the jeep in three different times for the NAV system as explained in every post. Can anyone offer help ??? I'm very worried about having to drive the jeep as today I have to pick it up. Hopefully I don't get hurt or anyone else from the negligence of jeep and my local dealer.


I just got my 2014 GC Overland back AGAIN from the shop. Hopefully, this latest software update will take care of all the issues I've had with the UConnect system. However, my acceleration problem is getting worse. Sometimes when I barely touch the gas pedal, the truck accelerates at break-neck speed. Today was the first time it really scared me; it accelerated all the way up past the 7 mark, and I almost hit the guy in front of me. Is anyone else having this issue?


My 2014 GC just had the instrument panel go crazy. No speed indicator, back up camera didn't have the markers on it, Lots of things lit up like ABS, Brake, etc. Got it to dealer and they are trying a reflash. Keeping it over night. After reading all of this, I am sick. LOVED the car, but now not so sure.

Stephanie- California

Wow! I am really bummed out by reading all these bad reviews because I loved this car so much and have been wanting this car for so long! I just spent 40k on my 2014 grand cherokee limited purchased 10/11/13. I am now experiencing the hard jerking when gears change from 6 to 5 (always those gears). I now hate that I bought this car & I am really dissapointed. I haven't even made my first car payment! I wonder if the lemon law would apply to this?


If you have repeated issues with your Jeep, you need to call the 800 number listed in your paperwork and request a replacement Jeep. That will get the ball rolling, and then you'll deal with corporate, who will get the process started. That's how I got action. My Jeep's uConnect system was updated with all the new fixes right away. I haven't had a problem with it since.

CB- Virgina

I purchace my 2014 GC Overland this past Sep 26 The SUV was built Sep 13.Newly born! I've had no mjor issues. However, my sat radio stations reset once. I hear it may have something to due with the hitting the driver/pass preset switch. I've own a Chrysler 300 S with V6 and 8 speed and I'm use to its drivability issues. however like getting 23 mpg city in eco mode on!

Tamara Gunta

I have had numerous problems with my 2014 GC. My radio is having to be replaced because it randomly shuts down and restarts or it will freeze up and not allow me to change the volume or the station or access my navigation. My entire dashboard panel went out the other day. No speedometer, gas gauge, was all out. Took it straight to dealership. When they looked at it the next day it started working again and they said that they know it's been a problem but they have no fix yet. So nothing is being done and it can happen again at any time and they have no repair available. I am furious! This is a brand new vehicle and I've had problems from the very beginning! I will never purchase another one! Ever!

Tamara Gunta

We call corporate and pitched a fit and they did NOTHING. They could have cared less!


Tamara, did you ask them for a replacement vehicle or a refund? That's what I did, and I got hooked up with a person there who called the dealership on my behalf as well as coordinated repairs. My dealership was great with it all and really bent over backwards for me. The new flash updates took care of the uConnect/radio issues last week.


I bought a new Jeep GC Overland in 2006 (fully loaded, V8). It was okay; not great. In 2010, I traded it for a new 2009 (leftover) with absolutely every possible option. I just traded it in. That vehicle was the worst I've ever owned. Never again. The only thing worse than the quality of that $48K truck was the service, of both Chrysler and at two dealerships (I actually drove 100 miles to find better service than where I bought it, to no avail). DO NOT buy a Jeep. They are bad vehicles with lousy safety, fuel mileage and completely terrible support and service. Total junk.


Bought my 2014 GC Limited due to how happy we were with my wife's 2011 GC. I went and got this one the 2nd week they were out and since then the dash has stopped working 3 times, the new larger Nav has stopped working 4 times, it has failed to start, and it has the loud pump recycling noise. Took it to the dealership twice and still not fixed even after the so called technical bullitan fixes last week. I wish I had bought a different vehicle.


Me too on much of the above. The 2014 GC LTD runs super smooth but after just 3 months a problem a month, screen died month 1, vehicle phone error and gps fouled month 2 and today engine light went on and feels like either transmission or 0 rings- virtually no acceleration power from first. Bringing in Monday for a work-up at 4000 miles on a $40k vehicle. I guess I over-trusted Car and Drive reviews!

CB- Virgina

From what I've asssertained from the multitude of 2014 GC Internet postings, the build date of your vehicle has a direct correlation to what types of problems may arise. Early builds (prior to Aug 2013) seem to be the most problematic. Can't understand why 2014's are delivered at the start of 2013? Rush to market at the expense of quality/safety is a bad strategy!


My 2014 GC Limited was build in September. After 2 days of ownership we noticed a "low battery voltage" light come on. It would reset after restarting the vehicle. Then starting seeing the instrument panel black out and apparently reboot. At the same time the car would make a "ding" sound and the wipers would cycle one time and the headlights briefly went out. When the instrument panel came back on it would display multiple error messages including a "service air-suspension" and "low battery voltage" light. All would go away after a restart or two...
Dealership tried re-securing the connection at the PCM and even replaced the PCM itself. Problem did not go away. Dealership has observed that they can sometimes make the issue occur by jiggling the PCM connectors. The vehicle is at the dealership now for the 3rd time on this issue. Anyone else seeing this problem? I'm wondering if it would be fixed by this recall but the recall doesn't actually exist yet and the dealership is unaware of it. Haven't seen any mention of this recall since the Oct. 1 press release... what is happening?

CB- Virgina

The GC has a new special type of battery. You may either have a faulty battery, charging system or both. Regardless, these componets are covered under your mfg warrany. Good luck with your repairs.


Called the dealership for an update today and they had tried re-installing the new PCM. I seriously doubt that will help. They seem to be totally focused on the PCM being the source of the problem and don't appear to have any other ideas. They are not positively identifying the problem through testing but rather just trying various things and then test-driving to see if the problem has gone away (which you can't really know based on a few test-drives). Are you fairly sure this is not the problem that is addressed by this recall that is supposedly going to launch sometime this month?


I literally just picked up my 2014 GC a hour ago and the updates seem (so far) to have fixed the problems I was having. Fingers crossed. I really don't want to hate my $43k purchase.

Jim Warren

Has anyone here had electronic problems on a 2014 GC with the small screen and no gadgets?
I have had zero problems with my base Larado V6.


I have had my 2014 Grand Cherokee for 2 months. At 3600 miles its in the shop after a transmission line blew off and they need to replace the transmission. They are telling me it may take a month to get a transmission in to fix!


had my 14 jeep grand cherokee 3 months trans shifts hard got stuck in 7th gear one time triggering the chek engine light been to dealer over 6 times lot problems with the new 8 speed they"re using sad. beautiful truck too many problems just traded it for import.


Just happened yesterday and still so upset....I have 2014 grand jeep and had Very bad near accident with my little granddaughter in the car. Ugh!
Was going down a graded hilll that intersected with busy street when my jeep got stuck in gear and would not move. I was halfway pulled out and was a sitting duck as traffic, including a school bus that came barrelling at us. I tried everything to get the car either in reverse or forward but nothing. I had to shut it off and hurry to restart it JUST in time to get us off the road! Going to!


brrnadette of 11/9/13 post please look at my 11/1 post...same thing the transmission popped twice and then went in gear but with NO ACCELERATION while coming off a small hill. now this is scary not just electrical


I bought mine 3 months ago and there is no single issue; excellent SUV.

I have been waiting … and waiting for the 2014 GC 4x4 diesel to arrive at my local dealership. It finally did and I went to test drive it immediately. It had about 8 miles on it.

I’m writing this detailed review of my test drive for two reasons: 1) to alert drivers to a potentially serious problem and 2) in the hopes of getting feedback from others about their experiences with the new diesel before I buy one.

Clatter is not too bad, but more than some comparable imports. You are hardly aware of it while driving, and I doubt that pedestrians are particularly aware of it either. The engine is smooth enough at idle and at speed, though the one I drove did have a very slight constant vibration on the freeway, not due to the tires I’d say. A typical driver would probably not notice it.

Hesitation on launch and normal driving is tolerable and hard acceleration is great, as you’d expect with all that torque and good drive-ratio selection by jeep engineers. The gearbox does not get “confused” when you accelerate enough for it to downshift and then change your mind and lift off the accelerator pedal. Specifically it does not “hang up” in the lower gear, but immediately up-shifts to an appropriate gear, which is good. I did notice what felt like a momentary, locked 4-wheel situation in my winding, hard surface driveway: that grinding, chattering, stuttering tires sensation.

Performance on the road is fine, comparable to the V8, with one significant exception: an occasional but pronounced and prolonged lack of power on acceleration after a period of coasting.

The first time it happened during my 26 mile test drive was on a freeway. Traffic was fairly heavy but moving along at 65 – 75 MPH. The line of cars in front of me in my lane slowed so I took my foot off the accelerator pedal and allowed the car to coast down, in gear, of course.

I used the brakes a little bit but then traffic began to accelerate at a modest pace. I pressed on the accelerator in a normal (not aggressive; not timid) way ……. and nothing happened. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my passenger in the right front seat even leaned forward, subconsciously anticipating that I would be acceleration, but did not. I continued to press a little farther and a little farther on the pedal until it finally “caught” and began to accelerate normally. The folks in the car behind me (quite close behind me by then) were not pleased.

The second time it happened (about 5 minutes later) was a bit scary and could have been bad. Traffic ahead of me slowed again, so I lifted off the accelerator pedal. Then the cars ahead began to brake more heavily, not in a panic, but apparently coming to a crawl as we approached a branch in the freeway about a mile ahead. I needed to take the left hand branch so decided to change lanes while I could.

Since I was aware of the previous hesitation, I ensured that there was plenty of room for me to change lanes. Traffic had not yet begun to stack up and there were no cars in the left lane for maybe 40 or 50 car lengths, so I moved over and began to accelerate, or at least that was my plan.

Nothing happened as I depressed the pedal more and more. My passenger looked over at me and asked with some alarm what was going on. I said that I thought the engine had died and I thought to myself that I wasn’t sure what to do in that case to get it to fire up again.

By that time, I had the accelerator pedal on the floor and was feeling a bit panicky. The engine finally caught and we lurched ahead down the road. Good thing it has brisk acceleration.

All that took at least 4 or 5 seconds by both our counts, and I was at the point (beyond it, actually) of having to jam on the brakes, try to dive back into the lane I was leaving, and hope not to hit the guy in front of me, or to, well I’m not sure what. Not many options with a dead motor.

I reported it to the salesman and he said he would immediately go try to replicate the problem in the vehicle I had driven and then drive the other diesel demonstrator they had to see if it did it too. I’m waiting to hear from him.

I’d guess it is a fuel starvation problem that could be caused by software or by some mechanical issues. Either way, it is potentially deadly, for people, for Jeep, and for my aspirations of buying one.

Has anyone else experienced this or heard of it with the new diesel? How about the small V-8 or the V-6 versions? That is, might this be a problem specific to the diesel or is it a problem with the 2014 GC in general?

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this. And if you drive one, please be careful. This hesitation happened to a seasoned, skilled driver at least twice within 5 miles.


Regarding the recall, does anyone know exactly what happens? I am not a 'car' person so after reading all of the comments, I am a little confused. I have a 2014 grand cherokee laredo and I checked my manfuctured date which was august 2013. I logged into my jeep account online and it says no recall in effect. I havent had any problems with black outs or warning lights. My check engine light did come on a day after I purchased my car in Sept but dealer made a fix and everything seems fine ever since. Hope someone can clarify what they experience regarding this recall.

Purchased my 2014 GC Summit /Hemi in late September . The vehicle production date on drivers door is "9/13". I have 2500 miles on the vehicle. Not one problem to date. I actually put into Sport mode just to have fun using the paddle shift. I drive approx 55 miles each day at hwy speed. The big screen high end radio system works just fine whether Bluetooth or hard wired accessories are attached. I am sorry so many are experiencing problems that I hope I will not have.


I have had problems in two areas, check engine light coming on... shuts off after a few restarts, but brought it back once to get it taken off. Bigger issue is ESC (Electronic Stability Control) kicking in on hard acceleration, passing, entering a highway, etc. Brought car to the dealer will see what they find if anything???


I purchased a 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited in May 2013. About a month later all the dash lights came on with numerous problem messages. Speedometer disappeared too. Upon restart all returned to normal except check engine light stayed on. Went to dealer next day. Told me no codes were registered and just tightened battery connection. Everything was O.K. until now (Nov.)when numbers on speedometer keep disappearing and climate control does it's own thing. Will visit dealer again soon. Hopefully expected software update will fix problem since we really do enjoy driving this vehicle.


The Recall has NOW been issued. It is N-58. Heading to the dealer tomorrow.


I'm an italian owner and i have 1 big problem: condense water into the projectors, i see this all time i put my GC 2014 summit (2 month life) in the garage. I change projectors 2 times but 0 results. Pls guys controls this in your GC, seem that all Gc with adaptive light have this problem.


I am a uk owner and I got my jeep on Friday 13th of September! My screen keeps going black and shutting off. I drive everywhere all over uk and rly on the sat nav and find this so frustrating. Whilst it black outs it also changes the media station and it regularly re boots itself. How do I get screen back on, as I have to resort to my iPhone. Not many dealerships in uk and certainly no experts in jeep, so any help appreciated. I also get th high pitch engine going down a hill as it fit needs to change gear. I loved my old jeep from 5 years again but when I had an issue customer care were atrocious so I said I would never have another, the I saw the overland and fell in love, now I do not feel safe driving and don't think it's reliable. Despite all the wards it's own, I wish I had stayd with land drover

Merv from Melbourne

Had my aussie delivered GC 4x4 Laredo 3.6 for 2 months and haven't experienced any issues to date. Might be that mine doesn't have all the Bells and Whistles.

Had a Ford Territory SUV for years and an AWD Honda Legend (Accura over in US), but found new GC was good value and has not dissappointed me to date. 25% better fuel economy than my Territory and nice interior.

I deal with 'the Public' in my role and know that people will complain and as long as Jeep listens and does the right thing, all parties can move on. I also deal with a little 'Politics' and as you would know if someone smells blood they are all over it, including anonymous posts having you believe the skys falling in.

Read this blog with interest though, but still have a smile on my face from first few months experience with my 2014 GC.

Merv from Melbourne


I have taken my 2014 GC a total of about 14 times to the dealer since I got it about 6 months ago. I'm SOOOO frustrated ! I've had and STILL have a rattling noise coming from the back. They fixed the gate the first time I took it because it was ABOUT TO FALL APART yes!!!! Yes a brand new car ! They even charged me for the clips they used to fix that! 4.95 okay I didn't have the strength or time to argue that day. Well between that problem which BTW has not gotten fixed yet and the instrument panel lighting up like a Xmas tree! Omg I'm so over it. I was far from home one morning for work and that happened I had to drive it to the nearest dealer and I'm almost sure even tho the emergency brake was physically off IT WAS really on! So I must have drove about 10 miles with it on to make it to the dealer. The light im for it was on but I took it off with my foot! Ahh. So now I have called corporate and they're telling me to try to take it to another dealer since the one I've been to 100X cant fix the rattling noise. Oh also since the update my navigation goes crazy and I have a dead pixel on my instrument panel. So..IF UR THINKING ABOUT BUYING THIS VEHICLE....look for other options. I'm so sad this was supposed to be a headache free NEW car for me. :(

What all these readers need to understand is CARS ARE NOW ABOUT THE MOST COMPLEX THINGS YOU CAN BUY!!!! ASSUMING THEY WONT HAVE ANY ISSUES IS RIDICULOUS!!! People, think of the amount of sensors and computers these cars have in them and the way they all work together....have you ever owned a computer before?...these cars have tons of them! Yes, the dealer is RECALLING THEM to FIX THIS. Get real, if your never buying an item again this complicated because of a few issues that will eventually be sorted out at no cost to you, you should probably just stop buying things now. ie phones/cars

Sam Shuett

Luke, a new car is the second most expensive thing most people stick themselves in debt for.

Sure, cars are complicated these days but it is obvious this one was rushed to market when it wasn't ready for prime time.

To have any new car hit the market when it still has these problems is just not safe. It can only get worse if someone gets killed because of these 'glitches'.

And no doubt, someone will get killed when a glitch happens at the wrong time in the wrong place. We've seen this happen throughout automotive history, time and again.

In America, we have a choice to buy what we want. Why buy a car with these problems when there are better cars out there without problems?

One person on another board summed it up quite eloquently when she wrote, "I haven't even made my first payment yet and already my car has been in the shop four times! It's a lemon!"

Granted, not all trims have these problems, but for those who do, this is not expected in cars that cost so much.


Just purchased a JGC Limited with build date 11/5/13. Love my new ride, unfortunately already experiencing some minor issues. Hopefully they stay minor.

First, like most everyone here, the center console system blacks out. So far it hasn't effected the instrument cluster. Assumed it was the same N58 issue. Nope. Well maybe. I am being told that because the build date fell outside the recall window its not the same problem. It also not part of the recall. Also being told Chrysler does not build new vehicles with known existing flaws. Taking it in tomorrow for diagnostic. Fingers crossed.

Second, filled it up for the first time today and had the same air pocket issue Highdesertcat had. Automatic shutoff kept occurring. Tilted the inserted nozzle upwards to let air seep out underneath and this worked.

Agree with Luke that one should prolly expect some issues with the modern sophisticated vehicle, but the moment driver safety becomes an issue...

Mary Ann Varela

My 2014 GC jeep has been to the dealership two times because it keeps dialing 911. Is any one else having this problem?


Leased a 2014 GC Overland in June of 2013; haven't had any problems with the vehicle and probably would lease or buy another one.


I have had my 2014 GC since august and it has had nothing but problems. I have been fortunate that the dealer I go to has been very attentive in responding to my problems and attempting to resolve them with little or no help from Chrystler. My problems include but are not limited to the following:

1. Junking in the rear end at low speed. Fix -it stopped on its own
2.suspension bottoming out in smooth roads. Fix- replace shocks.
3. Computer went out then started working in its own
4. Vibration in the steering wheel. Fix-replaced tires
5.whining noise during heavy acceleration. Fix-none
6. All dash lights on. Fix-flash update that took 2 hrs
7. Cruise Controll will not turn on. Fix- non found yet
8. Stereo will not change volume function or station. Fix-started working on its own although it had to do with the voice comand locking up the controls.
9. Rattle in the rear end. Fix- bend up license plate because mounting location causes plat to vibrate against tailgate
10.Settings continue to randomly change and clear themselves out. Fix- none perhaps the most recent computer update will fix this problem
11. Auto ride height does not adjust. Fix- will have to see after next service call in Monday

I have 6500 miles and I have not been able to exceed 500 miles driven without having the dealer look at the vehicle. I have a print out from them and they don't even bother putting all the visits in the system anymore because I have learned from a friend that works at chrystler that Most warranty work is covered by the dealer not Chrystler. Going as far as only paying 4 percent of the labor charges. Explain how that makes sence. Chrystler clearly does not have concerns for thier clients.

CB- Virgina

Anyone have front end vibration at 65 mph and above with the Goodyear tires? I had a dealer in SC do a Road Force Balance on all 4 tires at no charge and it fix the problem.


LOVE my '14 GC so far. 265mi on the odometer, and nothing but love for the vehicle.

Every car will have at least some problems- it's a machine/computer.

Agreed, if you're having repeated problems in the first year of ownership, it's a lemon and you're entitled to a replacement car (at least in MA)- complaining here will do nothing.


Took my 2014 Jeep GC in for the Dash recall issue. Now, cruise Control is broken. Anyone else with this issue?

Columbia, MD

Regret purchasing this car. Bought my 2014 grand cherokee in May the transmission jumps in 6th gear. Just drove it and it got stuck in 6th gear and engine light is on. It went back to 1st gear after putting in park but have the hassle of going to dealership for engine light and no confidence in the transmission for this car. I will never purchase a Chrysler again. Unfortunately I'm stuck with the car. Wish I could afford yo get rid of it.

Ross Davey

Purchased our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo on 15th October. Two weeks later the centre screen blacked out. While waiting for the replacement part to repair this we have the wipers & headlights randomly turning on & off. The jeep (8 speed auto) is now stuck in 3rd gear & we have a safety warning about the exhaust filter being nearly full. I spoke to Chrysler Aust customer service & they don't know of any problems with these cars. !? Not happy with a new car that was a major expense for us, and it doesn't work!


While this vehicle is complex, and may have some issues to be engineered out, I cannot help but think the talent pool being drawn from for repairing these ploblems is a bit too shallow for the depth of the issues.

Castle Rock, CO

A couple of problems in the first 4 weeks, but no more than expected. Had to figure out that the cell phone can't be in the same pocket as the key fob - or you will have keyless entry system problems. Had the analog speedo numbers disappear from the dial once. I think the comfort settings may have reset once. Nothing that has repeated so I have not brought it in. Enjoying it thoroughly. DJ


I bought a 2014 Jeep GC Overland in early Nov. It has literally been in the shop ever since delivery. The touch screen blacks out like 2 minutes into driving. Multiple software updates didn't fix it. Then they replaced the unit, which fixed the black out, but now it has other issues. Good luck.


Love our 2014 Jeep GC. We had a problem with the screen black-out on a trip; called dealership and was told to bring it in the shop; they seemed to know what was causing the problem. Maybe the word is getting around the dealerships regardig the best fix for the problem. Good Luck!


Have a 2014 Jeep GC. When I leave my driveway in the morning I move the shifter to "D" and leave it there.
10% of the time I will find my self in the Sport mode without ever touching the shifter again. Any thoughts?


Have a 2014 Jeep GC. When I leave my driveway in the morning I move the shifter to "D" and leave it there.
10% of the time I will find my self in the Sport mode without ever touching the shifter again. Any thoughts?

2014 Jeep GC looks very nice, the question is how reliable it is.

Shawn Hawksdad

We have had our 2014 JeeP Grand Cherokee since July and in 6500 miles of her life, we have taken it for repair seems like almost every 2 weeks.

1) Engine failed to come on after 1000 miles due to some piched wire under the motor mount
2) ABS module replaced due to instrumentation black out and beeping
3)Fender bracker had to be replaced
4)Water pump replaced
5)Hatch door needed to be readjusted
6)Front hood switch sensor needed to be replaced
7) Numerous updates
8)Squeaky engine noise persisting - Water pump being replaced for the second time

If the noise does not go away, I am filing for Texas Lemon Law.


Well i was thinking in buying a GC and take it to Brasil even When i'ld have to pay 100% on the price of the Truck to get it documented in Brasil;i always knew that japaneses and Germany cars are the best.But now With all these negative comments;it proves to me what most people say american cars....Not worth it...Wait for me Nissan Nismo Z370 here i come....Sayonatta Jeep.....Só long asta la vista Babe ;;;and good luck With tour $50;000+ debt guys...

Purchase my GCL one week ago, and less than 24 hours at 83 miles in the shop for engine light, dealership stated that no problem found just reset the engine light took two days. got the jeep back on thursday night and put 400 miles on it and same problem occurred. took it directly to service so they could see what it was doing, vehicle would not shift out 4 th gear and in park was idling well of 2000 rpms, just heard from dealer waiting on chrysler. now i am concerned that i am going to get the same run around that all of the others above are getting. not confident with a fix. sounds like a lemon law suit approaching.


I was going to go and buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, today, but now I am not sure. From all the comments I have read so far, as on 10th December 2013, this vehicle sounds like a bad idea to get into. Not only are there numerous mechanical / electronic / computer issues, but some of them sound dangerous and deadly. It also seems that the dealerships and Chrysler Corporation are doing very little abut it.


We have a new GC Limited and it had a blackout issue. Received recall notice and had it fixed (we hope). Sunday we went to get our tree. Surprise!!! there is no place to tie a rope, just a flat chrome rail with no openings. Seems you have to buy a Thule rail system. We already own two Thule systems and neither will fit. Wonder what the deal between Thule and Jeep is? "Jingle all the way".


575+ miles on my Limited w/gas V6. No issues thus far. Build date 11/01/13. Easily gets 19.5 mpg in mixed driving. The economy ratings posted on the sticker seem accurate, unlike the Honda I owned prior. This thing is QUIET, too.


I had a small downshift problem. It was a bit if a concern not huge. Went in for the reflash on this recall. The mpg dropped from 19 to 13. Anyone else?
Taking it back for service.

Barbara Riggall

Turned in my 2011 Jeep GC and leased a 2014 in August. Lived the design. 508 miles and it would not start. Had it to Jeep dealer 4 separate times in 2 weeks with intermittent starting problem. Won't show a 'code' so the Jeep dealer can't figure out. On top of that have lost dashboard display several times, the # of gear you are in doesn't show next to Drive and the light display on the dash showing the driving lights are on doesn't work. And to boot, my vehicle VIN number doesn't have the dash cluster recall. I filed Lemon Law paperwork with the Attorney General's office and have an arbitration in a few weeks. I love the vehicle, just absolutely floored that Chrysler doesn't care about all the problems. And I've owned Jeeps for 20 years to boot!


Ended up getting the 2014 JGC Overland that I had my eyes on. It had 153 dealer miles already. Figured if it had any issues they would have surfaced by now. Already have another 100 or so miles on it now. Had no problems with my 2012 JGC that I had for two years. Fingers crossed for this one...


So are you supposed to have the gear number displayed along side the D? I went through different available displays and didn't see that. I know the Durango shows you which gear you are in. It has the same 8-speed transmission.

Maria Lopez

I got the 2014 jgc and im very disappointed I want my money back will call to see what can be done. It

Maria Lopez

Yes you should be able to see the d on your dash.

CB- Virgina

I have 4400 miles on my 2014 Overland with no major problems. (knock on wood!) I find it hard to imagine some of the issues being reported. If you look a the big picture, how many 14 JGC have been sold vs how many reported lemons.. That would idicate how widesperead the problems actually are. Of course problems can be scary, but keep in mind, satified customers typically don't respond to "recall" sites. So if your considering buying a new JGC you need to hear both sides and talk with your dealer's service manager before buying.


I bought a 2014 overland last month the 2nd day I had the car it broke down and I was unable to start up the jeep. The diagnosis from the dealer was a bad valve body caused the issue. After 3 failed attempts to fix with a new valve body they told me yesterday they have to replace the whole transmission. My jeep has been off the road 3 weeks coming Sunday. I am thinking of using the lemon law to get a new vehicle. Customer service in Michigan has been horrible they have the attitude that they could care less about my situation.


I am very surprised to hear all the negative comments regarding the 2014 grand cherokee. I bought my 2014 GC V8 4x4 Overland and it has been the best experience this far. Not a single issue thus far. This is my third jeep grand cherokee. I've had Audi, BMW and Mercedes SUVs. Nothing compares to the new jeep in my opinion. If you are looking to purchase one go test drive it and don't listen to the few that have had problems. It's a great Suv. Hope all of your issues get resolved.


I bought my 14 GC Limited in July. It has been to the dealer for at least 7 visits. It has been flashed, reflashed, and updated. One issue after another. What's the solution? Trade in this nightmare for a 'new' nightmare? I'm furious. Hard to imagine Chrysler can't get this right.

Gene Fettig

Driving head on into a 10 to 15 MPH head wind the transmission will not shift into 7th and 8th.

Ike's wife

Gene Fettig, that's because you have the V6. It doesn't have the torque that the 5.7-Liter V8 does.

Our 2014 Limited 5.7L has no problem driving into strong headwinds, and we get some doozies here in Oklahoma.

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