Hyundai Previews 2015 Genesis Sedan


Just 10 months ago, we said we'd be shocked if any aspects of the HCD-14 Genesis concept seen at the 2013 North American International Auto Show made it to the production version of Hyundai's next-generation luxury sedan. Well, count us (mildly) shocked. Hyundai unveiled what it called "the first image renderings" of its next-generation Genesis today in South Korea, and the HCD-14's low, vertical grille — think Audi A8 — made the cut. So did the roofline, which performs a familiar C-pillar-merges-into-trunk routine. Most of the HCD-14's tail, with its deck-lid lights and chopped bumper, did not.

Development costs during the four-year project totaled nearly half a billion dollars at current exchange rates, Hyundai says — expensive, but still less than the cost of many redesigns. Hyundai claims the new Genesis will have the best chassis in its class, plus drivability that matches European luxury cars. That's something its predecessor did when it arrived in mid-2008. The automaker says it already tested the new Genesis on Germany's venerated Nürburgring circuit.


Hyundai says its latest styling ethos, dubbed "Fluidic Sculpture 2.0," evolves beyond the Fluidic Sculpture 1.0 used on the current Sonata and Elantra sedans. The automaker trades the rounded grilles on both cars for an edgier, flat-bottom hexagon in the Genesis — something that began on the Veloster hatchback and Santa Fe SUV.

The automaker didn't furnish any interior photos but said the new Genesis would adopt its next generation of driver usability, including higher-quality cabin controls with standardized symbols. Improved safety features include seatbelts that automatically tighten before and during a crash.

Drivetrain information is still pending; the current Genesis has a 333-horsepower V-6 or 429-hp V-8, both of which drive the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic. Hyundai says the redesign will have an all-wheel-drive option, too.

The car debuts across major international markets next year; spokesman Miles Johnson confirmed that Americans can expect it to arrive as a 2015 model. And what of its two-door sibling? "Stay tuned for what we're cooking up for Genesis Coupe," Hyundai's U.S. CEO John Krafcik tweeted on Oct. 23. We hope that means the coupe moves upscale; the outgoing car is decidedly down-market of its four siblings.

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That looks like one sleek car, can't wait to see it in person. Wonder what the dash will look like?

I enjoy seeing cars ahead of time cause it gives me something to look forward to but give me this a year ahead time is like torture.


Again, I see nothing that invented by Hyundai here. They keep stealing design parts from other manufacturers and they stick them on their cars


I don't care if people really accuse them of stealing design , because i actually like it. I really cant afford a BMW, MB or an Audi, and I am not ashamed of that. But what I can surely do is buy this car for much cheaper and better reliability and keep it longer . I have no freaking clue why people have so much hatred towards every damn thing in this world, who cares what it looks like, there are people like me who cant afford to pay goof ball prices to afford something nice like a 5er, E or A6. I bet this car will top out at the prices at which those above mentioned cars starting point.


I beg your pardon Tony, but there are a lot of design features implemented on this 2015 Genesis Sedan that you haven't been able to see yet. If you feel you can help to make a difference with respect to the body, grille work, etc. including engineered options then become a member of the Hyundai Think Tank. I and other members make our input known to the Hyundai Corporation and even though it is less often we do get the opportunity to chat directly with John Krafcik and let me tell you he is one nice individual who listens to our recommendations. We are serious in designing the most bang for the buck, and our cars are just as reliable if not more reliable than the high price competition. I have talked with many former owners who had Mercedes owners and have switched to the Genesis sedan and coupes, and they told me the Hyundai Genesis, and Equus are the best cars they have ever owned. I am a mechanical engineer and I am one proud owner of two Hyundai cars because I really know what I am getting for my dollar.


with all respects to your opinion, I am sticking to my own at this time. Even if we assume Genesis may be a nice car, it is still doesn't attract Lux buyers, who are OK to spend $20K more for BMW or MB. I mean, I see more late model BMW-5 and/or MB-E than Genesis daily. And sales numbers confirm my suspicions. I have feeling that who is buying Genesis are not those who targeted Lux segment but rather those who initially wanted to buy a fully loaded Camry, Accord, or those who wanted to go for Avalon. My friend rented Genesis. His feeling - you entering a BMW but once inside you feel something wrong... Hyundai.

My original post was my observation of design. Nothing more. I've seen these design decisions on other cars. Audi, Mazda, MB, Nissan. You can call it stealing, borrowing or whatever. But for some reason, I couldn't accuse Mazda for making its car look like some other car - they have their distinct design. Even a hated smile, but it wasn't stolen, it was original. But every time I look at Hyundai, I see something else. You need to be blind not to see how current Elantra didn't derive from 2010 Mazda3.


Every automaker follows design trends - see Mercedes with their current "organic" design language which has some similarities with Hyundai's previous "fluidic sculpture" language.

And Lexus has been the only brand to have been called out for copying (by Mercedes).

Jonathan W. Fink

For me, this new Genesis strongly resembles the Infiniti Q50. That makes sense because the current Genesis resembles the previous Infiniti M series. At least Hyundai's consistent.

good to know that.looking forward to see more post in this particular issue and others as well

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