How Much Does Refilling the Volkswagen Passat TDI's Urea Cost?

"How much does refilling the Volkswagen Passat TDI's urea cost?"


Urea is a diesel exhaust fluid that is sprayed into the exhaust stream to reduce emissions on some diesel models and must be replenished periodically.

It costs nothing for the first three years or 36,000 miles you own a Passat TDI because the diesel exhaust fluid is included in Volkswagen's free maintenance program. Volkswagen says the urea tank should be refilled every 10,000 miles, making the first three on the house. How often a diesel vehicle needs urea can vary, so 10,000 miles is only a guide.

After the free maintenance ends, it depends on where you go for service, what they charge and how much you need. You don't have to go to a Volkswagen dealer because any repair shop should have urea on hand or be able to get it. We've seen reports from owners that they've spent as little as $10 to have the urea tank topped off (apparently with a gallon or so of the fluid) to more than $50.

The tank on the Passat holds five gallons, and a warning light that urea needs to be added should come on long before the tank runs dry. If you let it go until the tank is empty, the car won't start in order to comply with emissions regulations.

You also can purchase urea at a parts store and do it yourself. Prices ranged from $4.39 to $7.50 for a gallon and $11 to $15 for 2.5 gallons at two online parts websites we checked. Dealerships and repair shops will likely charge more. If you decide to do it yourself, handle with care. The urea fluid can damage paint finishes.

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I may be wrong but i think it cost $0 for the life time of the Passat. VW TDI engines 2.0L do not require urea, VW TDI that are 3.0L or larger do require it.
Someone at Kicking Tires need to gather a bit more knowledge/information before spitting out recommendations.


Wain, is correct, passat tdi requires urea injection to meet emissions standards. Vw dealers charge as much as $32 per gallon for the stuff or $160 to drive 10,000 miles.


The Passat 2014 TDI does require DEF fluid and is done free by VW now only for 20 k or 24 months. The heavier weight and by California emissions standards requires this in most new Diesels to include the new Passat. My 2009 Jetta did not.


Consumer Reports needed the urea filled on one of its test cars and the Mercedes dealer charged them $316 for 7.5 gallons of the stuff. That's over $40 per gallon. No thanks, I'll stick to clean burning gasoline , which costs a bunch less than diesel fuel and doesn't require urea and other expensive fuel additives.

jeff king

Go to a truck stop like pilot or flying j, you can buy it at the diesel islands "on tap" for $2.74/gallon as of today's prices 4/13/2014


Might as well just pay through the nose for the stuff at the dealership. That way when your diesel has problems - and it will - the dealer will know you weren't using some generic urea and your factory warranty will be honored. Figure on about 10 to 30 buck a gallon for the stuff installed.

VW Owner

So North, which dealership do you own?


2012 TDI SE here. all passats and Touregs use DEF due to GVW. The Jettas do not. .I've purchased DEF at my local fuel distributer from teh bulk pump zero problems. I blew through the 30K in 9 months. I just ticked over 140K miles(NOT KM!). VW does not include DEF in the 30K service. My last fill I paid $2.78/gallon for the DEF. Generally It has been around every 16K miles for me now.The nozzles at all of our Pilot/Flying J stops fits right in. If you're concerned about the fill. spend the $16 for the half gallon, cut the bottom out of the special bottle and use it as a funnel.


$8/gallon at autozone. you can top it off yourself. when light comes on, it will usually take between 1 and 2 gallons to top off. then you have to reset the warning system by turning ignition on (do not start car) for about 45 seconds, then start car. i have had episodes where warning light did not go off immediately, but eventually went off. After the 36k free maintenance, and if you paying these incredible rip-off prices per gallon for topoff find anthother dealer.

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