Ford, Ram Square Off in's King of Beasts Bout


You could almost hear ring announcer Michael Buffer telling the tale of the tape as two reigning heavyweights stepped onto the canvas for a face-off to determine the true King of Beasts. This title bout gathered experts in Arizona and Colorado to test the real-world towing capacity of the 2013 Ford F-450 Super Duty and 2013 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty on a stamina- and strength-sapping 1,600-mile haul, pulling extreme loads. Which contender went the distance to win by decision? Follow the link below to get ringside — and GET READY TO RUMBLE!

King of Beasts
By Matt Schmitz | October 16, 2013 | Comments (3)



But will it haul six bags of groceries; the most common use?


I didn't recognize the RAM at first without dual 12" diameter black stacks coming out of the bed. Around me, the Fords are the dirtiest from work, the RAMS are the most blinged out, and the GM's have the family inside complete with the bike rack on the tailgate. Conrats to RAM, but the HD truck competition is becoming a circus.

Rob Nichols

It's Ford's "fault" for innovating with the 1998 Super Duty series and giving their heavy duty pickups a purposefully more burly look. Up until then most people couldn't tell a 3/4 ton truck from the run of the mill 1/2 ton models, the only difference really being the hefty hubs with 8 lugs and a slightly taller suspension. Beginning in '98 though the imbecile wannabe trend followers discovered heavy duty pickups as a fashion statement. It's a variation on the same sort of poseur defect that made so many jackasses buy H2 Hummers when the "real" heavy duty SUV was the almost indistinguishable 2500 Suburban. Oh, there are a few - a small minority - who buy the HD trucks and use them that way, but for the most part I notice them being driven by twits who can't navigate them in a normal parking lot. Nation of phonies.

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