Does the 2013 BMW 3 Series Come With a Spare Tire?

"Does the 2013 BMW 3 Series come with a spare tire?"


No, the 3 Series does not have a spare tire or space in the trunk designated for storing one.

Like most BMW cars and SUVs, the 3 Series comes with run-flat tires that are supposed to be able to travel up to 150 miles after they go flat. BMW says that eliminates the need for a spare tire. Some BMW owners complain that although the run-flats have enabled them to safely get off the road, they have had difficulty finding a replacement tire the same day.

We've also seen complaints from BMW owners that the run-flats wear out faster than regular tires, though that could be due at least in part to individual driving styles. BMW owners' forums are filled with discussions about whether to stick with run-flats or replace them with conventional tires.

Based on forum discussions we've seen, the lack of storage space for a spare tire hasn't deterred all 3 Series owners. Some report they bought a compact temporary spare and a jack, and stashed both in the trunk just in case.

Other manufacturers, including GM and Hyundai, don't provide spare tires on some of their vehicles, though they typically provide an emergency tire-inflator kit that injects sealant inside a tire and is supposed to seal punctures. Eliminating a spare tire and jack reduces weight, leaves space for other things and saves money, so other manufacturers may join this movement in the future.

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Agent Mike

The Run Flats are LOUD. Rough and wear very quickly. The one time I had a flat, could not get a new tire for two days. Poor Poor Choice of tires. Not certain what BMW is thinking, but Conventional tires are quieter, Longer wearing, and handle much better. BMW use to be one of the car makers that provided a full size spare. What have they done ???


I'm leery about driving my 2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata on long trips through areas where cell phone coverage may be spotty or not available at all. With merely a "tire-inflator kit with sealant" provided, instead of a spare tire, having a tire sidewall puncture or blowout could be a harrowing experience. Consumers should resist purchasing vehicles from manufacturers that don't provide spare tires and complain loudly to NHTSA about this practice.



Check the Miata forums, I believe someone has made a kit to fit a spare tire in the trunk of the newest MX-5's.

I agree spare tires should be required equipment from the manufacturer. I've installed a couple spare tire kits in the new Elantra for some customers and seriously the tire inflation kit I removed weighed almost as much as the spare tire kit I had installed. Weight savings... HA!

Ken L.

It wasn't just weight savings, it was probably also cost savings for the manufacturers as well. The kit costs less than the rim and spare tire, and it takes up less space too. But I agree with the everyone that a spare tire should come with every vehicle.


Do you offer advertising on your site please and if so do you have a press pack I can see? Many thanks!


No spare: that's a scary thought. If you do all your driving within a very populated area sure no need for spare, however just imagine yourself driving long distance, get a blow up in the middle of nowhere. the wild are gonna have a feast that night.

Auld man

Despite attractive aspects of the BMW X1 or 328i, I suddenly learn about these idiotic RunFlat tires and the Company line that refuses to alter them. Will changing out void your warranty? Stupid, stupid, stupid. BMW just lost another 40K.


This is so silly from BMW I only discovered today that my new 3 series hasn't got a spare I'm so gutted man.. Wat if???

Paul Petro

After 4 BMW that I loved would not get another
without a spare tire

Well written post... Required spare tires is a good idea but there should be a row of buttons by the gearbox one of which has the tyre pressure symbol on which helps to indicate to show the tire pressure. Thanks for sharing this useful resource.


I was a BMW owner for 12 years. Went to buy a new one and discovered I had to put garbage run flat tires on "The ultimate driving machine" and could not believe BMW is forcing people to do this. No spare tire as we'll! BMW designers and or management behind this decision should be fired for even thinking about it. I'm now driving an Audi and quite happy that I've got standard wheels and a spare tire. You don't get car enthusiast to spend 50k+ and then dictate their choice of tire to 4 or 5 crap RFTs. Fools!!


I had my used BMW M3 less than a month and picked up a 3 inch by 3/4 inch piece of metal in the sidewall. Try fixing that with fix-a-flat. Good thing I was only a few miles from home. Still had to flatbed it home because no run flats or a spare tire. Dumbest thing they ever did was getting rid of a spare. Had the same problem with a Hyundai Accent rental. Girlfriend hit a rock and split the sidewall open. Waited 2 hours for a tow back to the rental agency.


I've owned two BMWs that came with run flat tires. They are loud, they ride like a truck (not a BMW) and they get flats....more flats than any other tires I have owned. One BMW came with a spare so I replaced the run flats. I will never buy another car with run flats. Many tire dealers do not carry run flats and do you really want to take a road trip without a spare? The Mercedes E350 Coupe comes with a spare and no run flats. Bye bye BMW.


I agree with the other comments, no car should be without a spare tire. There are just some situations that a run flat tire cannot correct. BNW is putting people's safety at risk!!! On the road without a spare tire. I just brought 2013 535 and did not realize until a couple of days later that the car did not come with a spare. I did not know I needed to ask that question about the car. Also, does not have an area to put a spare tire if I brought one. Spare tires should be required in all cars. SHAME on BMW, they will do anything to save a dollar, even if it is putting their customer's safety at risk.

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