Reviews the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class


Mercedes-Benz's new compact sedan will certainly turn heads and help loosen shoppers' wallets, says reviewer David Thomas, but looks only go so far. The CLA's stunning styling and decent performance are wins, but pricey options and an uncomfortably rough ride disappoint.

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Review


Agent Mike

BMW's 3 series had better get its reliability and packaging together. This CLA looks like a real game changer in the entry lux market.


I read that MB is reportedly considering offering the euro spec "comfort" suspension as a US option, rather than shipping all CLAs with the sport setup. Either way this is a major bargain and I think it will be a hit. I used to be a rear drive purist, but add a few inches of snow to the equation and front drive feels a whole lot better. I know the CLA is aimed at young buyers, but I think the baby boomers will be all over this stylish four door coupe.

We were told that the CLA 250 suspension was identical to European models with no changes for the U.S. market. I didn't know there was a comfort option for the Euro market though and it was not mentioned. Strange they wouldn't offer it here.

Like most cars aimed at younger buyers there is often a converse for empty nesters being attracted for similar reasons. I think the seating and firmness of the ride will turn off older buyers and younger buyers will overlook that because of the styling and content.


Thank you for the information. I will pay special attention to seat comfort and suspension tuning when I do the test drive.


So this CLA is pretty much a bizarro Mercedes-Benz. No elegant rear-wheel-drive stance, lack of a smooth ride, lack of isolation from noise, lack of comfort.


Wtf, I think the excellent mileage still makes it worth a look, despite the stuff you mentioned.

New Buyer

I took a test drive, today of a red CLA as pictured above and liked the performance so much, I purchased it after the test drive. I am trading in a 2008 C350 and found the CLA to be a real fun car to drive. After you learn how to get the car into gear using the shift paddles, put it in drive and give it some gas, the 7-speed dual-clutch kicks in for a very smooth ride. I got on a freeway on ramp, with little effort I was going 80 mpg and I beleive the ride was as nice as my C350. The 18" low profile Goodyear tires give you a good feel of the road and you get 38 MPG in highway driving. With all the standard safety features, even at 36K, the lowest priced Mercedes, its a well built car


A Civic for the rich??? 35K and the huge overhang.. Let me tell you, for 35K one can buy much better car


I purchased the cla last week and I can say it is a great car. I traded a lincoln mkz and I'm not sorry.


Jfa, what was the dealer price? Was that $29900 or any less?


I ended up paying a total of $38,000 with taxes and registration fees, but there were a few on the lot for a few thousand less.


Jfa, okay. Thanks! I hope it had premium, multimedia, pano roof

mike Correa

just buy one, and found two issues
1. Goodyear run flat tires...too hard
2. At neutral or coming slow to my garage... to noisy
all other it is exiting car, power, style,lights, back, front, dimension, interior
at the end if u deal w my first to complains... U will enjoy

mike Correa

And so far in getting 30mpg

John Clifton

I drive a 2013 Acura RDX, it's awful in the snow. I want to go back to a car. How does the CLA perform in the snow...


Even though I took it out for 2 test drives, it's only after I took delivery that I really dislike this 7 speed tranny.Even taking off the "eco" and driving in sport, I found it sluggish for city driving.Sure, it has some umph when getting on the highway but surely at 22-23 mph it shouldn't be in 4th and certain not in 5th at 30mph.When you do need to accelerate, you really need to press down hard to get it moving just to pass.

And when at a stop in the sport mode I accelerated quickly and the engine whines up to 4000rpm then doesn't shift real smoothly. So,after driving it for a month, I love the look but just don't know if I'll ever get used to this transmission.


So now it's been just over a month since I last posted and I am disliking this car more each day. The transmission is still wonky, the other day I accelerated modestly on a city street and the RPMs went up to 6,000 and stayed there for the longest time. Conversly when driving only 25-30 the tranny is in 6th and revs so low you can hear and feel the vibration.
In addition, I have a leak along both sides of the trunk lid. Water ( or in this case melted snow) runs down along the inside ridges to the back of the trunk and down the bumper. Of course it all freezes, something ain't right. Oh, and did I mention the squueeking rear brakes? Sounds like a bus stopping. All and all, this is the least enjoyable car I have owned, compared to the 4 BMW 5 series and a Lexus. I've contacted MB with these concerns and waiting to hear back.

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