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Mazda's redesigned compact car has two big things going for it, says reviewer Kelsey Mays. The 2014 Mazda3 is both efficient and fun to drive. The new 7-inch tablet-like control screen inside is also a big hit, but a cramped interior and poor ride quality mean it's far from perfect, Mays says.

2014 Mazda3 Review



"it's a spitting image of the Hyundai Elantra sedan."

Lets make things clear. 2010-13 Mazda3 was first to market, before current Elantra. And Elantra came out as spitting image of Mazda3.


I was rust-checking my 2011 Mazda3 and I have to say, quality of metal components went down vs my 1998 Protege. I found rust building on the door hinges. And way more rust on the suspension that Protege had when 3 years old. Now I am thinking of some rust encapsulation.


For some reason the review has an emphasis on the negative, while all other reviewers are raving about the new 3.


Here is my negative - will be built in Mexico eventually, and electro-hydravlic steering was great and now it is electric. The price and packaging not as good as 3 years ago.

Positive - better looks, mileage. ride is just fine on 16'' wheels.

For those complaining about roominess, trunk - this is fun-oriented car. If you look for space-oriented car, get Cruze but don't complain that is not the same handling, steering, etc.


This is the sole negative review out there among in a long list of highly glowing reviews. Sounds like an outlier to be dismissed.


The styling doesn't work for me especially the sedan. They tried to shrink the good looking Mazda6 but it just doesn't work with smaller dimensions.


WTF - styling of this... Lets talk in comparison. May be not as goos as Mazda6 - your opinion, but easily best looking car out of all compacts. Very cohesive design. Looks like all parts belong to it


Dash - is another reason to skip this car. You look at it - this is for some kids. I would rather get iTouring with fake tachometer than s-touring with digital speedometer. I believe, analog controls are elegant. And digital are so 80s


Sorry, but looking at the service schedule for the 2014 Mazda 3 it requires a fully synthetic oil change & filter every four months or 5K miles, whichever comes first. With that kind of ridiculously short service span, the 3 is way way off my list.


Lets put this together:
-Syntec oil every 5K
-Dash is crappy (electronic stuff)
-iPod in the middle is crappy
-it is expensive
-it rusts
-it lost zoom-zoom with electric steering
-it will be built in Mexico by unqualified workforce

it is like beautiful woman with 4th stage of cancer. Anyone wants to buy it after all this?


I've owned 3 Mazda's in my life, 2 new and 1 used, and will never buy another. All 3 turned out to be rattle traps and experienced significant problems after just 60,000 miles. Assembled in Mexico? No Thanks you can keep it!


Nope. Don't like it. The interior is another story though.


your talk is rubbish. Just like every other company, Mazda has successful models and not so much. You tell "3 Mazdas" - it means nothing, nada, zero. Ok?
I can tell, I had 2 Hondas and they all were bad. But I didn't say, it was Passport and Odyssey.
Protege and Mazda3 is the world car, it is their best product. my 98 protege @ 60K miles only needed new set of tires and nothing else. I am still on original antifreeze, timing belt, cv boots, muffler, clutch, etc. high quality car. Yea, some rust issues @ 15 years, but it is normal I think.


I had a Volvo which people claim are reliable vehicles. Not!! That '97 960 was junk but strangely enough , I had a '87 760 which you couldn't kill . It sometimes boil down to the luck of the draw.


Everything is good in comparison. Vs American cars of that time, Volvo was good. But in the 90s it became total junk. The technology of Volvo even today is 1990. Otherwise how you explain that Volvo X70 Cross Country weights more then Toyota Sienna AWD and at same time it is smaller, eats more gas? And so on. I don't even say how fast the transmission in this car gets burned.



I just downloaded the 2014 Mazda 3 manual & for US residents normal service The oil change interval is 10,000 miles or 12 months which ever comes sooner - quite liberal I'd say. See Section 6 page 5. You were reading the severe service schedule which is for certain countries & taxicab type operation.

The recommended oil is 0W-20W Mazda or Castrol oil. Saw no mention of synthetic oil required.


Bought the 2014 Mazda3 i GT hatchback. Love the car. Performance and handling are superb. A couple of concerns 1. I am getting 29.7 mpg overall and I'm a conservative driver. It was rated 33mpg overall (still braking it in so I'll report back). 2. The navigational system is a NAVTEC system made by DENSO. Some third party company that has little support and no updates unless they decide to make one and then they sell the SD card for $199US. You can buy Garmin with unlimited updates and traffic alerts for $150. Mazda went on the cheap on the Navigation for this model. Before, they used TOMTOM and you could download an update within 60 days of purchase. The sales reps and service agents I all talked to all thought there was TOMTOM built into the car. This might end up being a sticking point with owners of the 2014 later on.

Tim Jones

Interesting this car is picked #1 by numeorus sources with far more experience then Kelsey Mays maybe she just had a bad day.

Greg perkins

Wayne Garmin also uses maps created by navteq(now owned by Nokia) and puts them in a device with a garmin logo. Tomtom uses teleatlas maps. Denso is the 2nd largest oem parts manufacturer in the world. Denso is specializing in electronics which are in 70 percent of Asian cars. For an update to cost whatever will be up to mazda to decide. Mazda designed there infotainment system using arguably the best maps available.

Tony the child molester

I like to fondle little boys

Tony Brishit

What a Perkins! What about iMazda3? Made in biterland of 3 scrap metal in Kent! Love the niche logo and those chip and beans on 3!


Please do not buy a Mazda car. I have a Mazda which was bought brand new and is 11 months old and already beginning to rust on the boot. It is only 11 months old. Worst bit is Mazda is refusing to repair this under warranty claiming it is external damage. My first Mazda, 11 months old and rusting... Please do not buy this.


You guys sound like a bunch of illiterate xenophobic weirdos. Mazda 3 is a great little car if you keep up with it. Dont drive too crazy and you won't end up with a huge maintenance/repair bill...simple as that.

Let's see, new Mazda3 just named to Car and Driver's 10 Best Cars list for second year in a row. I've never seen such idiotic uninformed comments in my life...typical for readers. Oil change interval is 7,500 miles and yes, 0w-20 synthetic oil is recommended. If you do your homework, ALL new cars are coming from the factory with synthetic oil because it's BETTER in every aspect! The 3 runs circles around EVERY other car in the class. If you want to drive a boring dork car, feel free to buy a Civic, Corolla, Sentra or Elantra.

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